SeedyJatz - Commanding Officer Application

Commanding Officer Application - SeedyJatz

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Player Name You Use Most?

A.J. Acosta

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:

Mentor Application - SeedyJatz - #11 | Approved

Rest over a year old or on old forums and link don’t work

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?


If so, why?

No Job bans

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

I’m pretty familiar with all command positions
CMP(Chief Military police) Job is to Uphold marine law ship side and command MPs as well they can help with command if needed

RO(Requisitions Office)(Now QM)Job is to Equip and supply the marines with everything they need for the operation and to command CTs around

CMO(Chief medical office) Job is to supply the marines with healing and medical equipment as well to watch over research and do chemicals for marines and medics

CE(Chief Engineering)Job is to fix the ship reload OB, set AA sometimes and watch over MTs and OTs as well helping with command if needed

XO(Executive officer)Job is to be your sidekick as CO their job is to watch over the marines and to give out orders, callout flanks, where to gather, set LZ

SO(staff officer)Job is to split up the Job of XO and CO as well as command squads as well as letting XO have less of a workload

SEA(senior Enlisted advisor)Job is to overwatch ALL roles and Departments to make sure they are running smoothly as well as to set up and teach new boots for the command to throw at the bad guy (it works 50% of the time)

ASO(Auxiliary Staff officer)(New) Is the head of all req, engineering, hanger and Intel, their job is to order around DP/POs, CT, QM/RO, IO, CE, OT and MT making sure they all run smoothly and don’t run into any hiccups

I know how all CIC works, I know how to use broadcast how tac map works AA, OB, setting up a flank ordering marines to watch flanks and or flank themself, tech tree, calling evac, Send Distress Signal, lifeboats and so on

Hours in XO:


Hours in SL:


Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

The corps is a life that fulfilled A.J. Acosta, Before joining the army he tried for a family for something to die something to love for but life didn’t give him the chance so he put his effort into something else something his dad wanted, The USCMC and he loved having something to die for he has always been a leader of marine’s, the marine force is his family and he will not back down to a challenge towards him and he saw the commanding officer as the top challenge the hardest place to be so with years of hard work (and maybe some connect) he is now at the door, still has the burning passion to leaded his men and women into glory CO gave him the ability for marines to look at him as a beacon and not just another Captain

How did your character attain the position of CO?

A.J. Acosta was promoted to major after many years of being in serves within the corps, with his father being a high-ranking officer he was able to get more recordation towards his promotions, Not only that but he himself wanted it, so he started trying to outshine other candidates, being more risking with his own life-saving marines, spending hours awake studying tactics, land and so on, with this he was promoted to major after a hard-fought battle that lasted months, This drain him but he still showed how he could lead under heavy pressure of his mind and the watch of all his marines

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

Pardons are a powerful tool to allow a prisoner guilty of a non-capital crime to return to their work
I wouldn’t give out pardons to many people, I would always consider a pardon as long as they show intent in helping as well and I believe they would not take my pardon as a get-out-of-jail-free card to do the same crime if the pardon is taking up my time as a commander and CIC duties I would be denied it

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

An engineer has been running around turning APCs off and breaking lights, I would call this Damage to Government Property and Hooliganism even though they are minor crimes I would still not give a pardon as they went out of their way to threaten the ship at the round start/mid/end and can piss off people trying to do there Job everyone has a right to enjoy the game

We are low on doctors and one doctor has shot a door down(somehow got a gun) to get to a marine who is crit or dead (OD, FF, and so on) I would pardon them as they did it saving someone I would take the weapon off them tell them to ask for someone with access (if the person wasn’t dead) to open the door next and be on my way

A marine has broken into medical and engineering many times, Stealing should be punished as they Know what they are doing but don’t stop doing it I would maybe pardon the first time if it was for the op (medvender, tool vendor, and so on) but second time yea no (just ask)

A Marine has killed another marine in Self-defence and defence of others, I would pardon this as it was in the best interest to remove the threat before it became more of a problem, this would also be appealable

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

A BE is a powerful tool it can pull a person out of the game as a marine (unless ERT) BEs should be used very rarely it is something not to be used like throwing someone in jail, BEs would primarily be reserved for ground side marines that repeatedly and Intentionally disobeying orders giving to them or endangering others and the operation as well as preventing me from leading, There will always be another thing you can do before BE don’t look at it like its second after a warning it will almost always the last thing crossing my mind Unless they are Killing Jones, Active shooter, trying to kill me and trying to overthrow me

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

I wouldn’t BE a Spec for shooting an AP rocket into Marines (if the Sadar said CLEAR and was going to fire at a T3 or Queen I believe it would be the dumb Marines’s fault for getting in the way) I would tell the Sadar off but I wouldn’t BE one of the main players of the game as well people can miss clicking shooting someone meaning if a marine shoots me well trying to kill a Baddy I won’t BE

I wouldn’t BE an SO for miss-firing an OB killing like 5 marines We all mess up sometimes I would warn them to maybe jail if it’s awful, but if they have been told not to fire on them or they are old cords and they fired I would demote if not then jail

I have deployed for a flank on caves only to be flamed off by a Pyro as I push in with marines cutting us off from the rest and leading to marines to be capped If this was the first time they Cut us off a warning if I see it happen again It would end in a BE as this Pryo don’t help with the push but hindered it and is getting people killed

A Marine of any rank has called for a mutiny and has started to shoot/hurt MPs that I have sent to arrest him I wouldn’t try to reason with them as they have shown that they are now a threat if they don’t calm down or turn themselves in or start to Get more marines involved I would BE them and maybe even the ones who rise with him

A Marine of any rank has been nothing but a threat to the operation (taking FOB Mats and not using them, leaving cades open, blowing up a wall for Xenos to flank with, not listening to Command and nading cade lines and so on) and has purposely been a threat I would warn, then send MPs if that fails I would do a BE if planet side and prema jail or normal execution ship side (all crimes add up to 1 hour meaning I can execute, crimes are Damage to Government Property 10 Insubordination 10 Failure to Follow Procedure 10 Disorderly Conduct 10 Neglect of duty 15 Subterfuge 15 with a total of 1:10)

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links to old forums should all work fine, any instances where they don’t can be brought up

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Hello there and thanks for applying. Looking at your previous CO app from the old forums, it stood out to us that back then (about 9 months ago) you applied with a XO playtime of ‘around 50 hours total’ according to yourself - with 40 prior to playtime recording and 10 since then. The same can be said with SL, in which you cited SL hours to be 18-25 hours.

Looking at your hours in this application, I can see you’ve not really done the work. You cite 56 hours of XO (which would only be 6 more hours in the span of 9 months) and 36 hours of SL, up from a max of 25 hours.

That’s not sufficient, man. I’ve rarely seen you in-game myself and so this does sort of hit me as though you applying out of the blue without putting in the effort. What we need is recent playtime primarily, not playtimes you accrued 1 year ago, when CM played differently and since when you could have easily lost your groove in CIC.

I’ll leave my judgement open for now so as to offer you a chance to maybe explain what’s up. Please understand that we enforce playtimes for a reason, though.

Apart of you not seeing me would (my guess) different timezones, as for hours I did what my playtime shown me as of now, if I add my guess of how many hours before playtime it would be 70+ atless for XO same for SL

What we need is recent playtime primarily, not playtimes you accrued 1 year ago, when CM played differently and since when you could have easily lost your groove in CIC.

This is why i add what my playtime hours are not my over year guess that could be wrong, I did what my playtime said not what i think i had(unlike last time) This is a fault on my end

I would say 20+ hours I have gotten over the 3 months and still in the counting i don’t believe i would of lost my groove within that time, I try not to play XO to much or burnout will happen real fast, I always try to play when i am 100% free and know i can lead without goofing up something small

posted playtime: Screenshot - 1c74ac11aad0f4b6427772be5fa8065c - Gyazo

I hope to show that i am willing to put in the time, it is the problem of what time the majority of people are playing and when i can show my self off as a XO(sounds weird)

I’ve seen your name but if you asked me to say a single thing or attribute about your character from memory alone, I think I’d come up blank. Could be a matter of timezones, but your hours are also pretty God damn low. I know our requirements are comically low as it stands, but the lack of time investment, especially recently, in these roles, comes hand in hand with a lack of recognizability.

Other notes, your character didn’t join the army, they joined the marines, and while these distinctions can be annoying to point out, they’re the kind of things that a CO has to get right as one of the most HRP roles. Story is okay, but a few small errors give me a similar feeling as annoying, but not exactly make or break.

I don’t wish to assume whether or not English is your first language, but here’s the deal. We all slip up spelling and wording from time to time, I myself fumbled an entire operation once by ordering a movement east instead of west without realizing it. But the application you have all the time in the world to polish up, run it through grammarly or whatever else as many times as you want, ask for advice not just from the council, or even regulars COs, but just from people you trust.

I think you’ve got some hunger here, and with time and polish you probably will get the WL some point down the line, but this application is insufficient in my mind.



general feeling among COs is you’re no where to be seen. Nothing wrong if something else takes priority over CM, but most COs haven’t seen you around while your apps up. Are you gonna play some more so we can get an idea of who you are, or are you just too busy?


I have been busy abit but sometimes I do join and miss out on XO role, sometimes even on high it has been take from me, I do wish to play under more COs aswell but I have been missing some of my chances too

So it’s been roughly two weeks and we’ve let this application sit for a while now.

First off, let’s start with the positives. You’ve been appraised by COs and Council to be good at multitasking and regulations, and think overall you’re a competent officer and commander…

…that is, when you’re seen as an XO. The main problem Council has had with this application and the primary reason for the verdict we give is that we simply haven’t seen you play enough. Yeah, the XO roll is competitive, but that means that you have to stretch out when you can or can’t play before looking to apply for a whitelist with exposure as its #1 requirement. You simply haven’t played for enough time for many people to be able to vouch for you or your abilities and the role of CO is one of trust, trust which has to be earned through seeing you in action.

So, unfortunately, I’ll have to deny this application for the time being. You’re very close and have the traits needed to make it to CO, you just need to showcase them more. I’d recommend making yourself known more as XO (simply playing the role more often is more than enough) and ask for feedback from people if necessary – it can just be a simple “how did I do as XO?” question in LRC on the Discord for example.

Application denied. You can reapply after 30 days starting October 24, 2023.

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Added co:denied and removed co:waiting