separate queue/preference for different hives

before larva queue this wasn’t an issue since it was random, but since we now have to wait 10-30 minutes minimum to spawn as a xeno due to 1:1 cap rate, i think it would be nicer to not have a 99% chance of not being in the time frame to spawn as corrupted.

All this would change is adding a preference to “spawn as alternate hives after unrevivable death” preference identical to how it works with the main hive so that people who don’t want to spawn as a larva trapped in cades can instead play as the hive they want instead of waiting 30+ minutes for another chance


Good to go if you get someone to code it :+1:

That is literally what people call the “you don’t like it, code it”-attitude.

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looks like its time to put my 2.5 years of covid-tarnished coding lessons in upper school to use/j

Ha-ha-ha, got ya… XD

As my friend Beagle says, “When you code it”