Setting Up Cameras

  1. You need a Camera Console, in the hangar bubble there are two Cam Consoles set to the Alamo & Normandy DS Network, disassemble one- install it in FOB, this is how people groundside will watch the Cams

  2. You need to go to an Autolathe; build a Camera Assembly; this is what you need to build a camera. Wrench, weld, wire, screw

  3. In the first dialogue box put Alamo ( This is the camera network the camera will show up on, Alamo places it on the Alamo’s actual dash cam as well as the Camera Console we borrowed/stole )

  4. In the second dialogue box you name it- for example, for FOB cams on LV I like to do FOB SOUTH EAST JUNGLE then FOB SOUTH JUNGLE then FOB WEST then FOB CARGO- by naming them all FOB, they will be grouped together making it easier for CIC, POs, et al to use them

  5. Another good set of Cams is to install three on Almayer, one by Alamo- medbay, one by Alamo’s west door, and one by its south door- These cams will allow a PO doing transport or who is otherwise swamped to check and see who is waiting for Transport on Almayer

*edit I’d just like to stress that building these three cameras around alamo is super easy and will only take 1-3 minutes, and they help out POs & DCCs a lot

  1. Another good use is installing the Camera console beside the mortar- this way mortar can get coords for each of the Cameras, and instead of having to fire off a Camera flare, they just reference the camera console- you can even use signallers to build a bolting door trap for them, and if something runs into said trap mortar operator can bolt doors trapping them in the killzone of the mortar coords

Here is an example of cams set up for LV


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Oh no, we will get lots more powergame people covering the entire colony with cameras soon. Might as well just link colony cams to CIC.

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Couple of issues with that logic-

A cursory glance at Solaris cams will reveal that while some cams do work properly, most are at some level of disrepair, which causes them to be over-zoomed, blank, and so on- some cams work sure, but if you wanted proper access to its cams someone would need to physically repair each camera. Further, if you wanted to skirt around linking the camera network, it takes about one minute to land on Solaris LZ1, walk to NE LZ and uninstall its camera console and just physically bring the thing up, but meh.

A bigger problem is that, while mappers have been diligently adding Security Camera Consoles to every new map, if you actually open any of these consoles you’ll immediately realize that there are in fact 0 cameras built & set up on these maps.

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As an aside, since this is a camera guide, I will mention if you wanted to change a Security Camera Console’s network, what you do is:

  1. deconstruct the camera console and remove its board
  2. Get someone with Security access
  3. They have to swipe their ID on the board
  4. Use the board in-hand and you can rename its camera network

I don’t know the names of any networks, other than the Alamo one

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Here are the camera networks:




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