shepti - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - shepti

What’s your BYOND key?

What’s your Discord ID?

Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?
Johannes Busch

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?
Au’te Eaul’Haa

What clan are you joining?

If minor: Give your clan lore.

Yautja Character Story:


Been a mentor for me when i first started playing CM, and they’re well known in the community. They can be trusted with the wl.
Stories a bit standard, but its good enough.

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+1 Good player, story is good. Will be awesome to have another pred player with some degree of mechanical skill.


+1, long time player. Knows what they’re doing. They’ll do fine.


you reached out to me with your story and asked me for my opinion, which is a nice sign
you’re a long time player, and a competent one to say the least
you’re very well known by the old and the new, but in my honest opinion you should start showing your rp side of things so you can prove that you can play a character
the story itself is nice, i liked the setting of 18th century predator, the inclusion of memesky’s predator is neat and the formatting is cool
overall it shows that you put effort in,

tl;dr +1
(still u should roleplay a tiny wee bit more and play more high profile roles :slightly_smiling_face: )
best of luck to you


mmmh great story, see this is what a good pred app looks like


Shep is a fascinating player, both in terms of gameplay and roleplaying. I will be happy to support him and his endeavors. +1


+1 This guy is legendary, funny, and just a net positive to the community. He has a good story and from my experience, is not only a great fragger but also a good roleplayer when he has time to spend away from carrying the team he’s on.


To attain the Predator Whitelist, in my eyes, these things are required:

  1. A great grasp on the game’s fundamentals, both its mechanics and in ability to communicate, to understand fully what your options are in each scenario, be it in combat or in dialogue, to appropriately show the dreadful spirit of what a Predator is in-game, to be visible in-game.

  2. A degree of fearlessness, the ability to simply do what one wills or must without hesitation. This can range from hunting what you wish without being swayed by the pitiful cries of your prey, to punishing those that attempt to take advantage of the honor code, to having the ability and will to engage in Yautja banter and insults, to simply knowing that running away from every encounter in fear of death is rarely if ever the appropriate move.

  3. In contrast, the ability of restraint. To know when to rein oneself in, where the rules and laws, written and unwritten, mark borders. The appropriate amount of force one must display in situations such as gear recovery, dishonorable prey, or the threat of an Abomination.

  4. Possibly the most important (to me). To have charisma and strength at once. To work within the confines of the Honor Code to tell a story. A story which does not require, necessarily, purple prose, but rather a story about the hunt of your prey. Something that is an interesting and unique experience for the prey, witnesses, observers, and you, in order of importance. While, of course, knowing when to cut loose - very often, prey need to be taught a lesson.

ShepTI shows all of the above in spades. He is thoroughly well versed in the mechanical fundamentals of the game, to the point where he is seen by many as the best player on CM, Xenomorph or Marine. While he is not, in-game, a man of many words, this is in fact not a problem for the Yautja Whitelist, if anything, the opposite, as he clearly knows how to leave a mark in the game without words. Even so, he does most definitely know how to navigate his way around a conversation, and I have no doubt the banter and taunts as Au’te will not disappoint.

He is most certainly fearless, as his extreme skill shows, he has killed countless Queens and marines even in risky situations by carefully weighing his odds and observing his entire surroundings to know if he should push, or retreat, with a baffling rate of success, even alone. Simply put, he has excellent awareness.

And for restraint, I think his note history shows that by itself. Despite his extremely long playtime, he has, to my knowledge, an exceptional administrative record, but more verifiably, has been involved in little to zero actual community drama. Although Predators have to hold themselves back mechanically in ways other roles do not, I have no doubt he will deftly navigate through this as easily as the actual rules of the server.

And charisma? His raw, sheer killer instinct already write stories in almost every round he plays, from his single-handed wipe-outs on the Almayer as a lone Warrior, multiple counts of above thirty kills on either side, I have absolutely no doubt that a sizeable portion of rounds in which ShepTI is a predator will become record-worthy as he leverages his extreme CM skill towards the third, simultaneously most and least impactful, faction.

The story is very good. I appreciated the details of a white-on-black font and background, the menacing red of the translator, and the sheer sense of danger the story had throughout, alongside a memorable and characteristic display of Yautja being high-school bullies towards each-other.

The only person, in my view, through a combination of the four factors above, that deserves the whitelist above ShepTI is Pierce Jackson, and he has already given his +1.

Let him in, and let him strike terror into the hearts of every CM player.


+1 this guy is great all he needs to work on is roleplay, positioning, aiming, clicking, game sense, weapon loadouts, honor code, map awareness, communication and getting kills


I can vouch for this player’s combat ability, and they have a long standing reputation. Would be a good addition to Yautja.


The Council has voted, and your application is to be accepted. You should expect permissions soon, and welcome to the Whitelist.

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