shipside death warning system

so you know how xenos can do funny shit shipside now, there was this one time where two researchers got killed and ended up going perma because nobody ever checked, i think ARES should have an announcement where it just alerts if anyone dies shipside (similar to people dying in brig), it could have a delay or something to let the xeno escape

point is, random people shipside getting round ended is not fun, get ARES to automatically dispatch medical people

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I don’t know of any way in which you can have this system, and not have it still active during hijack scenarios. Because then it would be going off all the bloody time.

What does need to happen is ARES making an announcement as soon as a fully grown Xeno is aboard the ALMAYER, and then people need to be smart enough to assign someone to actually look at the crew monitor for the vital signs to see if anyone dies. As it does give the location.

i reckon when the first hijack deaths start rolling in, ARES could overload or something with the amount of deaths and default to saying [a LOT] of people are dying

i dont care if this doesnt work during hijack, its just a random round-end prevention thing for shipsiders

As I said, simply having someone monitoring the crew vitals should help with this. Also, if an admin is feeling generous, command are always able to ask ARES to perform certain scans. Such as when looking for Jones the cat, or a missing command tablet.

I do not believe an automated scan such as this would work for reasons I’ve said before, nor do I think the staff would want to.

I’m also not certain that an automated death alert by ARES is given when a prisoner dies. As I’ve seen someone die and no alert was given. Perhaps that was also just an admin giving the notice because no MP’s were there to see it. Or they have since disabled it. We never used to have Wardens so maybe it was back then that there was an automated response.

its not automated, an admin does that, but a similar format seems fine

I don’t believe there should be a system hand holding marines for that. If there is a confirmed xeno shipside, it’s medical/command’s duty to continuously check for dead personnel shipside.

Adding a system like that would also remove a lot of the tension shipside when dealing with xenomorphs. I distinctly remember a round as CMO back when it was still a civilian role where I had to take over CIC because all of the staff was killed by a shipside lurker. Disasters like this makes the game memorable.

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