Shipside Marines?

So, this is something I’ve had on my mind for awhile, but, I figured with the role bloat issue and a number of other factors that this wouldn’t even be worth pursuing. But I figured it might be fun to at least talk about and maybe get the thinking juices flowing for potential other ideas or heavy amendments or revisions to this one. This is one of the reasons I’ve been wanting to get into DM code for BYOND, so I can push my other shitty, schizophrenic ideas straight onto the github.

The idea is to have a 5-7 slot role called ‘Shipside Marine,’ as the Almayer is a USCM vessel and not explicitly a Naval one, it still might be cool to have a shipside role for people who want to hang out and RP shipside and give more flavor to other roles- i.e. the Mess Technician and Corporate Liaison who are often short on choices for people to RP with or, in the CL’s case, exploit offer deals to. On major naval vessels in the actual U.S. Navy, shipside marines often guard the entrance to the CIC/AIC or other important areas such as on Aircraft Carriers, but again, this is a USCM vessel. Marines on board these vessels are fully within their rights to bust the ass of any sailor performing any shenanigans or that are trespassing. Obviously this would just be a license to grief or be an ass, as there’s a reason MP’s exist- which is why I also suggest that they either only spawn with service jackets and sidearm rigs (or nothing) and whatever accessories they choose, or, just give them access to the squad preps like Foxtrot otherwise.

Further, it might be fun lore-wise that these are marines that maybe got woken up by accident by ARES- or woken up for R&R since they’ve been in extended hypersleep. In my usual lurking as an MT I read through some of the emails in the req rooms personal computers and saw that 1st Platoon was decimated from a previous operation and is pretty much all just walking wounded, which could also be fun as well by allowing them to spawn with robotic limbs or… whatever, really. Again, I’m not a coder, I’m just spitballing. I should probably mention that these marines should probably be explicitly forbidden from deploying- if someone enjoys playing shipside roles, it doesn’t really take away from the greater marine force and gives them another option to roleplay with. Also might be good to have a timelock for this role to prevent new players from seeing it and jumping feetfirst into it.

This would… pretty much only be good as an RP role, as well as being able to hunt the occasional shipside xeno or pred, but that’s about it. Shipside can either be somewhat stimulating or boring, and this could at least open up more opportunities to provide more stimulating RP shipside that doesn’t just include outright griefing as an MT or whatever. I was mostly spurred on by this idea and motivated to put it to a post after seeing a combat technician and someone else literally form a black market shipside and sell things and unique items to shipside personnel, and was genuinely one of the neatest things I’ve seen someone do of their own volition.

Let me know what you think, I guess. Criticism, as always, is welcome. Just don’t be an ass; pretty please?


The way I see it is that we wouldn’t need a mechanical change to put this into effect. If you simply spawn in as a rifleman and laze around the ship you would probably get away with it, but might still need to deploy if confronted by the MPs or an officer.

I can get not wanting the restrictions being an MP comes with, and how you might not be able to roleplay the way you want as a rifleman due to military law, but I still think you can accomplish this with a different rifleman play style.

This is something I had considered before posting, but I think a dedicated role would still be neat and add a lot to the shipside aspect, since I rarely see marines actually doing this- a role specifically for it would encourage more roleplay overall and for people wanting a break to the gameplay loop, in my opinion. Otherwise, revamping actual shipside roles- like MT, which has been a glorified janitor and OB loader for the longest time now, would be another expedient solution- though I don’t see that happening any time soon.

I like the idea particularly since the CL/Research nerfs. Doing half a thousand deployments back-to-back as deploying marine main really runs out of mileage, which leads to Gramps doing a few insanity rounds a year. Being able to stay on the ship and use things like the 45pt powerloader certification to help req without being harassed by MPs would be swell - especially if I could also help DCCs or POs with ammo or the like from their printers.

Such a role might be actually nice for roleplay, but it will probaly end up in people who didn’t get the MT slot to greytide, antagoize everyone aboard and then deploy like an UNGA with maybe FREE SERVICE JACKET. I don’t think adding roles which in fact have nothing to do would increase roleplay much, not even if you write “dedicated RP role” on the wiki. Edit about the deploy with permission: Just roll rifleman if you want to deploy, no need to become shipside marine and deploy anyways.

Seems like a cool role idea. Just make it so they can’t deploy without aCO permission or something like a deploying doctor

Seems neat. I like how you brought up the CL and similar lacking RP options.

One round that comes to mind is when I was playing as a ship side doc and minding my own business and hanging out with a marine that hadn’t deployed yet. He ends up having some back and forth with the MP’s and such. I eventually abuse the rank of 2nd lieutenant to say that I ordered the marine to assist medbay. Which bails him out of trouble for a bit.

Another thing I can think of is Chances claim rounds. As the CL, unless you’re actively doing something and heavily pushing for your RP encounters. You sometimes end up doing absolutely nothing. As there isn’t any survivors you have a company relation to act on. And sometimes req, engineering, and medbay etc. end up being too busy or understaffed to actually talk. Other times there’s zero staff on to reply to your faxes and you’re out another RP thing. I might just be a shit CL though.

Coming at this from an MP perspective. Having some shipside marines just “around” would liven up the ship more. MP’s usually end up either dealing with nothing because everyone deployed and nothing happens shipside, or having a 30 minute hunt and gunfight with a pred or loose drone/burrower/whatever. Pulling marines up from the ground to help is a thing that doesn’t really happen often. It’s usually just cryomarines that late joined or people that came back shipside for medical or supplies and stuck around to finish the threat.

Interactions would be like talking to the MP’s that are chilling but without having to deal with the tie-on that comes with being an MP.

I think it would be a decent addition to at least try out and see how it goes. 5 people going for this role over rifleman isn’t going to kill anyone or be a detriment to the operation.

I think it’s neat.