Shipside Roles going Groundside.

The main reason for the making of this is to discuss the rules of Shipside Roles going groundside, as I believe there are varying ‘rules’ depending on the staff member.

Firstly, with the introduction of the Chaplain TM, there are no actual rules with it. Which is problematic. By introducing a shipside role that has no rules, that allows both staff and players free-reign over what they want to do. There are no restrictions mentioned, so a player could actively fight as a Chaplain and go un-punished for it since there is no rule against it. Further, this also allows for staff to dictate what they feel the rules should be.

Recently, I played Chaplain, and I was running around to various medics, welcoming marines back after they were revived. Keep in mind I was not seeking combat, and was actively running away from it. Regardless of this, I was sent an admin message

Admin PM from-MorrowWolf: Back to FOB. Stay in it.
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Following this message, I responded asking

PM to-Admins: Why o I have to be in FOB? I am not seeking combat, or actively fighting.

To which I was then A-Slept, and teleported to FOB. And the ticket was closed. Seeing as this was inconclusive, and I had no idea what had really just happened or why, I sent another message.

PM to-Admins: Can I have an explanation?

The response I was given is as follows.

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from-MorrowWolf: The TM was not well thought out beforehand but there is no way in hell you are going to stand right behind the frontline which is the same exact restriction on every other shipside role with a single exception of combat reporter. Stay in FOB.
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In regards to this message, I stated that other shipside roles do not have that restriction. During that round the CL was actively at the front, running between marines for seemingly no reason. Further, other roles such as the CE, SO, MST, MTs, and even sometimes MPs are allowed to actively go to the front.

PM to-Admins: That doesn’t apply to every single shipside role. CE, CL, CC, SO, MST, and even MPs are able to go near the frontline without reprocussion. And if the TM was not thought-Out beforehand, then it should be removed, and polished before it is introduced. The CL was just at the front line as well, and they are not being forced to the confines of the FOB.

Following this I was given

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from-MorrowWolf: I have zero plans to argue with you. Feel free to go and cryo.
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I’m not sure how this is trying to argue. All I wanted was an explanation of W H Y but that was never given. Further, they admitted the TM was poorly fleshed out prior to introduction, which when adding a new role, rules should be one of if not the FIRST things to be established for it.

In conclusion, please establish rules for each shipside role on their groundside permissions. Being ASlept when asking for an explanation and teleported into the FOB is excessive, and wouldn’t be needed had there been ANY role-specific rules established.

The person who TM’d it was spoken to about not having instructions set beforehand because this is exactly what happens.

You were directly behind the line with xenos on screen. The only roles that are allowed to be that close to the frontline are CC and CL and it has been that way for quite some time. To assume you are allowed there is wild and when an admin tells you to go back to the FOB you do not run back into the xeno line as a brand new roleplay role.