Shiva_The_Deceased - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Shiva_The_Deceased

Shiva_The_Deceased - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Shiva_The_Deceased

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:


Your character name:

Rafe Redmann

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

I think the RoundID was what I entered above, at least this is what the saved chatlog reads in its filename. Anyways …

Recently returned after a year or so hiatus from the game. I was playing a drone while waiting to evolve. Building resin traps and other structures. Hive later ordered walls, so I started building walls. Of the 19.2 hours I have as a xeno, only 0.4 hours have been spent as a drone or anything that can build (usually play spitter/sentinal), so I don’t know the absolute meta wall placements but still give it a go. Get admin messaged seemingly out of nowhere. Log reads as follows:

MorrowWolf: Heeeeey whatcha up to
Me: building you?
MorrowWolf: So what’s the thought process here, just trying to get a vibe check
Me: hive said build wdym
MorrowWolf: Well it was pretty blatant you were attempting to block the hive’s fall back with walls there until I bwoinked ya
Me: not sure what you’re on about mate
MorrowWolf: OK, well I’m gonna be applying a xeno ban because to be frank, what I witnessed was incredibly shitty behaviour.
Me: nice admin work typical
MorrowWolf: Yeah, anyways, I hope you have a CM day.

The ban reads as:

You have been jobbanned by morrowwolf from: Queen, Xenomorph. The reason is: Xeno ban - Player joined as xeno and immediately moved to attempt to block the queen and build in the hive’s escape routes with walls. Player has enough time to know better and the attempted grief was blatant.

Like I said, I don’t have much xeno playtime, but my extensive playtime as a marine was used to justify the ban. I also did not “Join as xeno and immediately move to attempt to block the queen and build in the hive’s escape routes with walls”, as I’ve explained above. From this, I can conclude that I have been wrongfully banned permanently for being inexperienced at a T1 role and have a ban message that outright lies about the situation in an attempt to misinform any other admin who might review my appeal.

Based on the above exchange, this ban seemed predetermined from before the first message. Since relieving this ban would require a senior moderator to admit fault and based on the biased, condescending attitude of MorrowWolf, I honestly don’t expect this to go anywhere. That being said, I’ll at least submit this to make a record of MorrowWolf’s admin abuse. With admins like MorrowWolf, its truly a mystery why the size of this community remains stagnant.


See above box, not really sure how you would have liked this separated.

I have chatlog and playtime screenshots if required.

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Hi there, would you mind updating your post to fit the required standards for a staff report? You’ve put your own CKey in place of either party’s Ckey… if this is about Morrowwolf, it should be Morrowwolf not your own ckey.

Additionally, if this was about your actions as a Xeno, you’ll want your xeno name during the action as well.

Well you didn’t give us any correct information on the form, so it is going nowhere.