Should Non-Combatives get Geared?

With all the debate surrounding civilians wearing armor and being strapped, what’s everyone’s take on it? I personally think it’s appropriate. Saying it’s “out of character” or “LRP” is complete nonsense to me. So long as the character is not purposefully throwing themselves into combat, I see it as taking appropriate precautionary measures.

“But they don’t know how to wear armor and shoot!” Says who? It’s your character. Assuming that every single civilian can’t tell one end of the gun from another and can’t take the time to put on armor is unrealistic. Some might know, some might not. And for realism, why does the chef spawn with a gun. He isn’t a combative, nor is he an officer. Why not doctors? They are much more likely to deploy than a chef.

Anywho, those are my thoughts. Please share yours down below


Like who are we talking about?

Survivors or like the CC/CL?

It’s a big idc on both.

Like I’m not all for giving the CL an issued uniform and pulse rifle. But I’m perfectly okay with him having his vest for and a pistol.


The Mess Technician is a Marine private, the Doctors are Marine officers, neither are civilians.

Personally I’m fine with the CL having a weapon but if they want to dress up in armour and pulse rifles they can play as a Rifleman.

Burke from the movies never bothered even getting a pistol or armour even as the Marines were overrun. That’s your lineage as a CL.


Wait are people actually upset the cook gets an m4a3 pistol?


No I think it’s great. I’m just pointing out how in RP standards it doesn’t make sense.


I am fine with a doctor, a CC, a CL or literally every non-squad role deploying grabbing armor (But please the special armor for non-combat personal, not the normal model with marine uniform) and a pistol, but rather don’t gear up like an unga with armor, helmet, combat boots, pistol with lots of ammo and attachements and pulse rifle with lots of ammo and attachements. As you are probaly speaking about the CL staff report drama (I don’t understand making two threads because you were not happy with the outcome of your report either and literally critizing staff on every non-existant problem on every occassion, but that’s outside the scope of this thread and not on you), I don’t think CLs should be geared up like this, requesting lots of ammo and attachements literally indicates that you want to shoot benos.

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This is a military vessel, far away from protection or home and can be raided by CLF at anytime.

Each member should atleast have access to a pistol and a code red light armour in their lockers.

With some training in firearms and endurance.

Medbay should be transfered back into military instead of civilians. So should the other departments.


How so? You’re part of a crew. You’re trained for combat. You’re issued a small firearm. To be completely clear here.

You can’t argue RP standards on this server. Given that MOST answers you’ll get from people will be varied and usually vastly different. Very little is held to account in all practicality.

For non-combative people getting geared, the same as I said earlier. Once red/Delta alert comes along, getting more gear, then a sidearm is ideally A-OKAY. Historically speaking, we’ve had armed contractors working for us before when things got dire. (Provided you know. They were willing to fight.) If people have a problem with that, the problem is the people complaining.


Assuming it’s known the colony is full of XX-121, fine, hell yes. Take a rifle, take heavy marine armor, we have tons of the stuff. I’d rather some equipment destroyed and a life saved than a dead civilian or doctor.


I personally disagree with it, though my views on a lot of things are different from the norm.

I try to equate roles with what they were from the films, if applicable.

Survivours are Ripley. In Aliens, Ripley never went to Req, got her meta loadout then played as a marine but with extra steps.

So no. I personally disagree with it.


Personally, I’m mostly fine with docs gearing up in armor and taking a long arm to deploy, but when I see someone in full battle gear on the ship, it becomes quite silly.

Docs carrying a pistol with them is cool but when they start wearing the full marine kit I generally put a stop to it.

I have other issues with docs taking armor to deploy to FOB but that’s more because I don’t believe armor is as good as people make it out to be, it’s also mostly bald docs wearing it so it’s a bit of a warning sign.


That’s a horrible equivalence.

Ripley never had to deal with swarm after swarm of aliens she couldn’t hurt. She could make use of makeshift weapons to fight successfully. Hell, she even mixed a pulse rifle and flame thrower once. She was playing as a marine and the protagonist without the double shotgun chugus.

I would never call it wise to hold the game to the film. There are significant fundamental differences between the game and the movie itself.


She mixed a rifle and a flamethrower after most of the actual Marines had died. For most of the film she was sitting in the APC.

She wasn’t playing as a Marine, she was in a blue jumpsuit for most of it.

I believe that as an Aliens server we should try to adhere to the films as closely as possible.
(Don’t even get me started on the PMCs not wearing Dogcatcher uniforms or the “MK2 Pulse Rifle”.)
But I fully admit my views are controversial. Survivors lived because they were lucky, they hid and they ran. They are not super soldiers.

If you want to go and run’n’gun, we have a role for that. It’s called Marine.


How so?

Because out of all people, why does a cook spawn with a gun? Again, back to my previous argument, they’re much less likely to deploy than a doctor… sooo why don’t they spawn with guns? Why doesn’t every non-combative spawn with a pistol? I just can’t see the reasoning for every non-combative not receiving the gun, excluding the chef.

To reiterate, I have no issue with the chef having a gun besides RP-wise. I think it’s enjoyable because it makes the occasional lunatic chef that much more dangerous and fun.

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Your on a military ship patrolling a sector that has hostiles in it.

You could be invaded by cloaked hostiles, be threatened and etc.


Medbay is quite literally Military and has been for quite some time. Doctors are 2nd LTs.


Yes, but that doesn’t mean they need to wear armor. By and large, unless they are deploying, they are akin to doctors onboard a secure warship conducting a routine search and destroy operation on land.

Yes we are patrolling a hostile sector/sector in contention but by and large, the USS Almayer (a patrol-transport) does not face near-peer threats to the actual vessel to such a degree that the entire crew - civilians included - needs to be armed. This is why, in our CM lore, stuff like USS Cole situation ( a CLF bombing of a USCM warship) is so noteworthy.

*That’s not to say there aren’t threats to the ship that are plausible - just that they are so exceptionally rare and unlikely we don’t base our SOP around them. We base our emergency protocols around them. For example, a UPP BlackOp, WW3 situation involving a UPP vessel, a well armed and large pirate/CLF flotilla, or something from our twilight zone gamemode we all love and hate: a xenomorph hive beating the entire marine complement on the ground and then hijacking our dropship and crashing into the USS Almayer.

On the other end, you have simple logic.

Why should a MT, CMP, MP, CT, RO, XO, SO, Doctor etc be running around armed like a Pfc if they have a shipside role, are actively doing said job shipside, and there is not even the hint of a potential threat to the crew and vessel itself?


would almost make more sense if they had some sort of light pressure suit on in case the ship was bombarded or otherwise depressurized, the chances of being boarded should be pretty slim for a military space craft.


Maybe add lockers with such spacesuits around the ship, just for the spaceship feeling? There are already spacesuits in the airlocks, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.