I’d like for shovels to do more stuff.

Hit me with your wildest ideas!

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Decoy shovel man; Get a shovel, get some dirt, place shovel in dirt to keep it up. Grab uniform, Helmet, and some sandbags. Place shovel in ground, place dirt around it, put the uniform on it with sandbags, and place the helmet too. Looks human enough to trick xenomorphs.

LARGE SHOVEL; A Comically large Shovel that was (As usual) made in texas. Self explanatory. Possibly does more damage?

Flying Shovel man; Whenever you have faster than normal walking speed, you deal extra damage. Bonus points if you fall from a dropship or get blasted by a explosive into a xenomorph.

flamethrower shovel to clear snow and shovel dirt

trenches, make us able to do trenches and make us able to fill them with water for defenses, trijent dam bonus points too.

Let us make mounds and make us able to place stuff on it. You could also make mounds comicaly large which allows us to shoot over other marines, maybe a little movement penalty on top of it. Make it cost like 30-50 dirt to make 1 tile of a mound


Dig dirt roads: Unleash your inner base builder by letting people make roads between areas. Also allow people to make ‘dirt paths’ over metal tiles if you dump dirt on it.


I think with xenos able to make spikes and sticky resin a shovel could do something similar for marines. Trenches with a small slow, can be collapsed, mostly for outside cadelines. And maybe pitfall traps for chip damage for anyone walking over them. But those could make FOB sieges even more annoying.

“Roads” could be a cool idea off Steelpoint. Maybe a small % buff to move speed for shoveled pathways, which also can show newer players where the front is. Similar to fast resin. Maybe could use shovels on water tiles to turn them into dirt too.

Throwing the stuff on a shovel onto acid pools, since extinguishers do nothing. An extension of my better sandbags post. Filling a shovel takes a good amount of time, but outside of sandbags there’s nothing to do with the material dug in the shovel. Anything giving marines more reasons to use the shovel or sandbags is a win IMO. The “use shovel to fill tunnels” was a big W in item utility already, but marines still have to justify the space given reduced ammo slots available without req.

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Allow the bored techs near sand to make sand castles.


Not many people know, but etool has decent melee damage.



It’d be cool if there was a way to clip them onto your backpack.

It would also be nice if they dug snow faster.

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Shovels give concussion or same effects as tail stab with a RNG chance.

Give them the same damage as a knife, I wanna go soldier style from tf2 into battle

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maybe give shovels ability to pry open doors

also make it so that collapsed shovel is actually small and not the same size as the fully deployed shovel


Shovels are good, just cumbersome. It’d be nice if they were easier to carry.

Some ideas:

  • Create un-weedable tiles (This is a bad place for a garden!)
  • Allow dirt/snow/sand that is picked up on a shovel to be splashed on something to douse fire and acid.
  • Take away the ability for a bayonet to be used like a pry bar and give it to the shovel (Please make the shovel easier to carry if you go with this).
  • Allow it to function as a ghetto retractor for the sake of surgery.
  • Quickly pat out fires (If the dirty/snow/sand suggestion doesn’t tickle your fancy)
  • Take away some of its damage but give it a short stun effect on hit instead.
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Burn pits, for all the trash at the FOB that you don’t need! Basically disposals except it deletes items after 30~ seconds.
Foxholes? Maybe this could prevent crusher charge & getting run over by a vehicle from doing anything to you, decrease incoming damage, lessen weather effects like cold, but takes about a second to get in/out of and makes you totally stationary. Makes it harder to hit you, this could be useful for HvH.

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I like the burn pit idea, it could also be something that temporarily debuffs xenos while they’re around it.

Burn pits good. Roads to boost MS good. Patting out fires good.
Defensive applications bad. FOB surrounded by slow fields or anything of that sort would be aids.
Maybe some timed resin wall break ability so you dont have to click with a machete?


@Morrow since we can make camp fires now, why not use the etools to prepare the ground first then make and place the campfire?


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Add more earthworks. On snowmaps you can make snow cades, you should be able to make them out of dirt/clay as well. Would give the ability to make impromptu cades for holding areas or the place of first contact for the xenos to run into for your fob.