Sidearm pouch upgrade

(Sidearm pouch upgrade)
I think sidearm pouch is almost useless for now, because it takes 1 pouch slot and can store only pistol/revolver and… nothing else, while smartgunners can grab a smartgunner belt with holster, engineers can grab a toolbelt with holster, mortar operators have belt with holster, even commander have his own holster at tablet pouch, don’t forget about shoulder holster, shoulder holster can store 1 sidearm with 2 extra mags/speedloaders. This isn’t fair, because you can easily put the sidearm in your satchel and install something better in your pouch slot then sidearm pouch (first aid kits, flares, mag pouches, general pouches etc…). I know about pistol mag pouch, but damn… Someone really wanna pick up this thing? Would be better if sidearm pouch will get 1 slot for mag/speedloader, it will make him more useful than now. (Or just add a sidearm pouch with 1 slot for mag or speedloader for points, or in req).


the sidearm pouch is far from useless, its just that the pocket slot is the smallest one of them all and should carry the least amount of mag/equipment.

This balancing has been somewhat pushed a bit too far, with the medkit pouch giving you an entire medkits worth of supplies, and the large mag pouch rivaling the belt slot in capacity.

Overall its not that the sidearm pouch is bad, its just a bit niche and doesnt have bloated storage like some other more popular alternatives.

Yeah, but it still need a little upgrade. As you says - pouch can hold medkits, mag pouches with 4 mag slots for primary firearm and another cool things. That why many people prefer extra medical supplies, or mag pouch, instead of sidearm pouch, even if they need a sidearm - they will choose a shoulder holster, or sidearm belt with 6 mags, because it’s much better then a sidearm pouch. Marine who need a handgun can get a large mag pouch and sidearm belt, he will loose nothing, or if he need a MD - shoulder holster, or drop pouch.