Sign my petition or I'll kill your dog.


Signed and liked.

Bob did what what we’ve all wanted to do. Deep down inside us, the urge to kill your fellow marines for all the friendly fire they’ve done to us festers and sits. Like an itch, it waits to be scratched.

Bob did the right thing and is a good man… Nay, he is a paragon, a patron saint, a deity to be respected and revered! It would be a disservice to call him anything but that. Someone of his class should not even have to appeal a ban. Instead, the admins should serve him his appeal on a golden platter, adorned with the most exquisite jewels.


Unfortunately we live in an unjust and uncaring world, a world that has turned away from what is right and have hardened their hearts. Bob has been disserviced by those in power and has unfortunately been mocked. What has happened to him is a complete and utter failure of our justice system.

Admins, I call upon you to do what is right. Open your hearts and unban this man! Put aside your petty qualms and prejudices against Bob, do what is right. Do what is right for the people, for the country, for CM-SS13, and most importantly, for Bob.

“It’s never too late to do the right thing.” ~ Nicholas Sparks

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Free Bob. He is a hero of the USCM.

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Stand down. The order to stand down is given. Rover One is free. I repeat Rover One is free.