Skateboreding - Commanding Officer Application

Commanding Officer Application - Skateboreding

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


What is your timezone in UTC?


Player Name You Use Most?

Alexei ‘Ramius’ Trofimov

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications: 15…=Skateboreding

Accepted–Job banned for saying a LRP announcements about Xeno Space lag. 15…=Skateboreding

Denied–Same as the top one 15…=Skateboreding

Accepted–Did some marine stunning as an XO with the stun backpack.LRP and Grief

Accepted-- Same as the top. 15…=Skateboreding

Denied–Same as the top 15…=Skateboreding 1
Denied-- Flicked comms switch alot.Got mad that the staff member gibbed me told him to F of in death chat, he says he told me in PM but I couldn’t find the PM anywhere.

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

EORG but don’t think that counts

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

I know OB’s I know supply pads, I know announcements I know alot of stuff about CIC. I know what should be in the armoury, and alot of others stuff.
Basically I played so long that I memorised the CIC.

Hours in XO:


Hours in SL:


Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

Alexei decided to become a CO to continue his father’s journey who was also a Commanding Officer in the past. The reason being that he was intrested in his fathers story’s and was taught by him from early ages due to his mother not being there for him. One thing that Alexei remembered from his fathers story was ‘Comradeship’ and he also wanted to develop one and hence he embarked to become a CO.

How did your character attain the position of CO?

During his deployment to operation canton, Alexei proved to be a steel minded Executive Officer, during his coordination of the staff officers and their squad while their commanding officer was being treated due to foreign metalic objects during a groundside Anti Air missile launch on the ship. His tasks were swiftly executable however a bit rough due to a mediocre casualty loss due to a lack of proper grounside communication. He was offered a letter of recommendation by his commanding officer to the high command, during the battalions fall back to recover and get reinforcements into their ranks.

Provide a short story of your CO.

(I don’t know if we’re allowed to reuse the same story but I’ll post it anyway)

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

During a lack of crucial roles or a trustfull relationship between both party’s.
When a marine has been injured by accident and the victim confirms it was an accident.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

During low pop rounds where there is a lack of doctors, this is appropriate to give a pardon.
During the admittance of the crimes and there’s more than 3 of the crimes them and his role isn’t crucial to the operation I will not pardon them.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

During crucial events where there’s no MP’s to arrest the person.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

Attempting to make the marines to not listen to me is a valid point to BE someone, this would also count as a mutiny attempt so better to prevent it, before its happens.

A marine distrupting a briefing while my presence is there and there is atleast a single MP in game, I would not BE them.

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As per usual for my personal reviews of Applications, I’ll run this down bit by bit before going into a bit more detail at the end.

Mind that my personal style and preference in these is to remain blunt and direct, because I don’t like to sugarcoat my opinions, and believe that this way you’ll get a better understanding of what needs doing. Don’t take it personal.

This is, to say the least, a bit concerning. And these are JUST bans, mind you. The Council is well aware of your note history - one particular, REPEATING issue that seems to stand out with you is LRP. To say that this is a slap in the face for your attempts in this application is putting it mildly. Not off to a good start due to past conduct alone.

I don’t think anybody here cares too much whether you’ve memorised the CIC as a room. That’s easy and takes, like, 1 or 2 rounds to do. Tops.

We’re asking what your competences are as a commander, i.e. XO or aCO. How do you lead? How competently do you do so? Can you easily fit into emerging situations where needed, such as filling in at Req even if you’re the XO?

This would have been easily apparent if you had asked anybody about this app in #whitelist-app-help or even just looked at previous approved applications.

While good, I cannot for the life of me tell who you are from your in-game character alone. When was the last time you ACTIVELY played the game, continuously? That is to say, not on a on-and-off basis, but repeatedly every day or so? I don’t know who your character is, as I haven’t seen them at all.

It is - but that doesn’t mean blindly copy paste without making any changes where they would be necessary. Not only did you NOT fix grammar mistakes in this, but you didn’t even edit ‘Captain’ to the now up-to-date ‘Major’. Low effort.

Passable, but I’m not all too convinced because you’re just too brief.

Wrong. If a Marine was injured by accident then the charge can be dropped by the victim via the ‘precarious prosecution’ clause in Marine Law - meaning the offender goes free right away. If a Marine is already brigged, a pardon ALSO seems out of place, because an appeal would be way better suited. Just get the victim to chime in and testify that it was an accident and that they wish to drop the charge.

Lack of ML knowledge.

Can be. Can also not be. You mentioned “if there is a trustful relationship” just a few lines above this, yet don’t mention it here at all? If a Doctor is brigged then that’s probably for a valid reason, given that Doctors TEND not to get into trouble unless deliberately choosing to do so. A reoffending Doctor means you, the CO, goes to Brig too.

Terrible grammar which I have a hard time untangling. Judging a pardon based on “how many crimes did they stack?” is obviously very silly though.

I don’t think you could have been ANY more broad and unspecific if you tried.

Again, bad grammar.

That aside, this CAN be a legal BE, but since you explained it really awkwardly and frankly quite briefly, I can’t be sure. This could just be an upset Squad Leader talking over you in the heat of the moment to get nearby Marines to follow him to a flank - are you going to kill that guy or warn him?

Also no, trying to get Marines to disobey your orders to instead follow their own isn’t technically a case of ‘mutiny’, but sedition. Semantics, but mutinies are handled quite specifically in-game.

Totally subjective. A MP being present doesn’t mean Marines aren’t trying to disrupt your briefing and slander your authority and get people to ignore your orders. Again, you could have been more specific here - but you chose to be brief, as usual.


  • Your grammar is either bad, or you just didn’t try with this. I cannot tell you which, only you can. I also heard these grammar mistakes were in your PREVIOUS Application, and you didn’t edit them out at all, which brings me to…
  • You literally copy pasted an old, denied application and thought you could sorta get away with it? Uhhh, I’m not sure why you would think that. Especially with answers that are THIS brief, and not even correct half the time.
  • Your ML knowledge is, judging by the answers here, lacking. I would not trust you, presently, to uphold acceptable Pardon standards and regulations.
  • You do not seem to have a good grasp on when or when not to utilise a round-removing BE on people.
  • Your story is low effort and littered with typos/grammar mistakes. You didn’t even give it a read YOURSELF, given that you didn’t edit ‘Captain’ for ‘Major’. Youch.
  • I don’t know if you have been active in-game at all, as of late, but it seems to me - and some others I’ve asked - that people don’t know your character very well. At best it seems to be a “yeah, I think I had him once as XO, but I can’t recall.” You need more activity, and exposure.
  • You didn’t really approach anyone about this app of yours beforehand. Getting stuff filtered through proofreaders prior to actually applying is a free, awesome way of improving your chances of success. Your app came out of nowhere.
  • And finally, your track record. To be brief: it’s sub-optimal. The Council can choose to ignore recent bans and notes, but we have a hard time overlooking it given it’s chiefly for stuff like LRP. Why would we dignify you with the Whitelist that REQUIRES HRP, when you can’t even act in-character as a Doctor, MT or SL?

I would recommend you to withdraw this application, wait the 30 days, and then reapply with a properly reformatted, remade application from scratch instead of just pasting an old thing you don’t care for.

-1 from me.


I wanted a bit more feedback from different people however i wont have time for the whitelist the for the next few days so I’ll withdraw

Withdrawn at request