Skateboreding - Commanding Officer Application

Skateboreding - Commanding Officer Application

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?
Pablo Excavator#4325

What is your timezone in UTC?

Player Name You Use Most?
Alexei ‘Crusader’ Trofimov

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:…=Skateboreding

Accepted–Job banned for saying a LRP announcements about Xeno Space lag.…=Skateboreding

Denied–Same as the top one…=Skateboreding

Accepted–Did some marine stunning as an XO with the stun backpack.LRP and Grief

Accepted-- Same as the top.…=Skateboreding

Denied–Same as the top…=Skateboreding
Denied-- Flicked comms switch alot.Got mad that the staff member gibbed me told him to F of in death chat, he says he told me in PM but I couldn’t find the PM anywhere.

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?
I know it like my room. From OW to armoury to CIC box.

Hours in XO:
79.4 - XO 63.4 - Staff Officer

Hours in SL:

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?
Alexei decided to become a CO to continue his father’s journey who was also a Commanding Officer in the past. The reason being that he was intrested in his fathers story’s and was taught by him from early ages due to his mother not being there for him. One thing that Alexei remembered from his fathers story was ‘Comradeship’ and he also wanted to develop one and hence he embarked to become a CO.

How did your character attain the position of CO?
The captain engaged in multiple operations under different commanders. witnessing their mastermind plans and coordinating abilities. Celebrating and laughing just to hold a funeral for them after a single mistake in their plan. Captain Trofimov had built up alot of resilience and courage over the years as well as a reputation to finally be contacted by high command, and recieve a ‘pinning up’ ceremony. Holding the fate of the men and women that will fall under his command.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?
When the situation is dire or the prisoner gives me a good reason why I should allow him a pardon.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.
Would = Theres not enough doctors, medics need the chemline, not enough engineers.

Wouldn’t = The guy doesn’t really care about what he did just wants to be free, talks alot of trash or doesn’t quite listen to what others say.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?
When someone contionously ignores my orders after being told multiple times

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.
Would = If they’re placing someone in danger. Continously not listening to my orders.

Wouldn’t = If they’re just trying to have fun I.E. Disrespecting MP’s , New players, accidently did something they didn’t intend to do.


Have you read the Code of Conduct?

Have you read the application process page?

Do you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

Do you understand you cannot advertise or promote this application on any platform, including Discord?*

Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?*

Do you understand that you represent the CO whitelist and that while playing CO as any character, you must adhere to the CO Code of Conduct, Server Rules, and Roleplay Standards?*

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I am going to ask the obvious question. What have you learned since your BE by J.D.?

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A lot of the newer COs or people that haven’t played much recently haven’t seen the great improvement from you. Compared to when you first started playing and now, you can see effort has been given to improve. I wanna see how you answer Cagliostros question first before I throw up my +1 or -1


The BE was for disturbing the briefing, although I do think that it was unneccessary for a BE. It was still within the Battlefield Execution and I’ve let go of my toxicity for it. But from what I’ve learned is that you can be BE’d for thing’s like being a care free character example being, me. Escalating the situation which led me being chased by an MP and later on being BE’d. Major reason being that I didn’t listen the first time when I was being told to stop spinning on the chair. But yeah that’s pretty much all I can remember from the BE that happened last month.

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As an XO. I think you’re pretty okay. You’ve put in the effort to improve is always a fantastic thing. I’m glad you’ve let the BE situation go because should you get into the whitelist, you’re going to be held to expectations, a lot of which may not align with being a carefree character.

I am not at a +1 with you yet. But I do acknowledge you’re putting in the effort and I’ll keep observing you.

You’re walking out of CIC you overhear one of your SLs say to an SO that “If the CO continues this shit, im gonna shoot him in the head!” He stops when he sees you, the duo look at you.

What do you do…

Well I’ll wait to see if he makes the first move considering that I have one of the most deadliest pistols sitting in my belt. If he tries to kill me I’ll just have to BE him at that point. If he doesn’t then I’ll continue moving to the destination I was going to. I won’t arrest him for DASO, unless he continuously insults me.
Overall I’ll act on the severity of the situation. If other marines have the same opinion as him, then I’ll confront him about it, as there’s a possibility of a mutiny to happen.

Blackbriar here:

I’ve seen you in a few rounds, and even had the pleasure of having you as my XO in a couple.
First off the good: You seem to have a general understanding of the role and its purpose, you have even have improved leaps and bounds from when I first saw you. Also… I heard somewhere english is not your native language? (apologies if this is incorrect) If so you are doing excellent from what i can see since it’s not super apparent to me at least?. And you seem to grasp most situations quite well.

That said; The less good:

You seem weirdly inflexible on somethings? Like as an Example, as my XO a while back you seemed hung up on what I meant by just having the marines “sweep east through the colony” and kept asking “east to where” even after I explained that I wanted them to just search the area east of the LZ.

You also at least to me? Seem to get overwhelmed easily when squads start sending heavy radio traffic (not sure if language barrier?) and slow down rather heavily and start to lose control of relatively easy to correct situations.

I would also like to know a little more about your pardon and BE answers:
More specifically: “what is a good reason someone could give you” for you to pardon them?
Like do you want them to pay you 500 dollars? Promise never to do their crime again? etc.

And as for the BE: You say you’d execute people for ignoring your orders? What would that entail exactly? An SL Disobeying orders to assault a position? Or just a dude oblivious to you yelling for him to do a task? Or maybe even just a conversation where the guy doesn’t respond?

Also would a guy blowing up req for fun, for example be exempt? You say you wouldn’t BE people for having fun.

I eagerly await your reply.

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Hello, I’ll begin with the pardon questions. A good reason for a pardon would be something on the line of, I’m the only staff of the department like requisitions or I’m the only medic on the front. Something that sounds real important(but who wouldn’t want some bribes).

On the BE answer, I was thinking something about an Squad Leader refusing to follow an order and proceeding to do their own thing and go of task. Also obviously I’d BE a guy blowing requisitions. However, I don’t like using BE’s and I’ll prefer to use them as a last resort like if there’s a group of MP’s on the ship then I’d obviously use them and not go for the BE. Since I don’t really like the BE’s, they don’t give a fair fight and make you wait till the end of the round. To get back in the game.

Thank you for the feedback.

Given these answers i’d say you’re well on your way to becoming a CO. Good luck and hope to see you around.

I hope to see you succeed. +1

So we’ve looked over this app and your performance as of late and I will say that in the rounds we’ve seen you in you’ve been pretty competent in command.

That’s the thing, though – in the rounds we’ve seen you in. We haven’t actually seen you play all that much and the few times a CO Councilor (or even an advisor) sees you in action, it’s not sufficient for us to gauge your abilities well enough. Your moderation history is something to speak of too, though I will say that you’ve made progress in improving your behavior on that side of things, so I will give you that.

The application and story themselves are fine – you don’t need to amend those.

While we don’t doubt that you’d make a good CO someday, I think you need to spend a bit more time honing your abilities. Here’s what you need to work on:

  1. Your playtimes. You should play XO more often – not necessarily all the time, but at least in the days before and while a CO application such as this is up. That way COs and community members can gauge your abilities and see if you’re a good fit for the whitelist or not. Currently, we don’t see you enough to be able to do this accurately without jumping to conclusions.

  2. Recognition. I’m not saying you have to have, like, insane strategies or unconventional methods to distinguish yourself from everyone else. I think you have to engage with people more – roleplay with them, get them to know your character more, build up a personality so you don’t seem forgettable. CO is far from a popularity contest these days, but applicants still need to make themselves known in the community (CIC players or SLs in particular) so that you leave an impression on people.

Additionally, one of our CO Councilors has witnessed you OB the FOB. While I understand this is an honest mistake, you have to be more careful and look at supply vs. OB coordinates more often. When in doubt, don’t fire an OB. Trust me, marines would gladly take an OB that never fired over an OB that strikes the FOB or plenty of friendlies. Consider having JTACs call out coordinates specifically mentioning them as supply or OB coordinates (“103, -21 for OB dial and hold”), and confirm to them if their coordinates are for OB or supply drop, and where those coordinates are at.

You’ll have time to flesh yourself and your character out in due time. For now though, unfortunately, Council has moved to deny this application. You may reapply in 30 days on May 23, 2023.