Skibidi dop dop dop yes yes (changes the xenos sprites for skibidi toilets sprites)

skibidi png Skibidi toilet, dop dop yes yes. “Skibidi dobuli ni ni. Skibidi dop dop dop yes yes. Skibidi dobuli ni ni. We ain’t here to hurt nobody. Skibidi, skibidi, skibidi. Wanna see your work, your body. Skibidi, skibidi, skibidi”

We all know that for a long time Roblox was the main source of new Colonial Marines players. However, with the passage of time, Roblox children are getting older and stopping playing CM, Time to expand our audience.

The proposal is to replace the xenomorphs 121 sprites with skibidi toilets sprites for at least one round and publish a video on YouTube with a catchy title for children such as: ARMY VS SKIBIDI INVASION.

Expected results are that CM servers reach at least 300 players or even 500 players.
with this proposal CM will reach a new audience beyond Roblox, making this game more popular.

It’s not that difficult from what I imagine, all you have to do is change the xenos sprites to skibidis without changing the name of the sprites. So a Crusher (XX-12) will be a Crusher but with a skibidi sprite that has the same functionalities that a crusher has but with a specific sprite for skibidi, in this case a skibidi Crusher sprite


this is one of the suggestions of all time


No…Just no


please lock this thread

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