SmellyHippie - Synthetic Application

get person knows what he is doing +1

I gave a jovial reply because I suspected Hippie would be a shoo-in. If that is not the case then let me give a more acute assessment. I am not a synthetic player nor am I qualified to be one. With that said, Hippie has my highest recommendation for any role or position on the server. He is immensely knowledgeable, thoughtful of the players around him, and has fully invested his time on CM into improving the community. He is still one of the most active mentor-help responders in spite of now being a moderator, and he has double-downed on his community contributions with log diving and administrative discussions.

He is on a very short list of people whom I am comfortable giving anything to during events because I know he will use those items/ characters in a way that makes the game better for the people around him. He is a phenomenal role-player and a credit to the community. He makes mistakes, we all do, but his strength of character is irreproachable, and every one of his actions (his admission of guilt in this case) is a testament to that.

On an OOC level they’ve been very prompt, friendly and quick both as as mentor and a moderator. ICly, I haven’t really talked significantly with their characters, but they still gave me the time of day and have been a good help in the roles they play. Things are made more positive by them.

From what I’ve noticed of synths, the time they spend roleplaying with others suffers a bit due to the work they need to do but I at least know for SmellyHippie, they’ll have the former fine when there’s time for it and their experience in support roles, which has been very evident to me due to the variety I see them in, is certain.


Had a question, ahelp’d with first an unclear hey and then a clear response for my actual issue immediately got a helpful friendly response and after a few days being jaded with moderation in general it was a good interaction +1

i have had a lot of different interactions with hippy and they are one of the better Moderators to work with and they are pretty cool so yeah +1

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Here’s my updated playtimes. I put about ~20 hours in doctor, ASO, and comtech. Got a bit of QM, SO, and corpsman in. I probably wont be able to play as much for the rest of the week, my best friend wants to play some WoW.