SmellyHippie - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - SmellyHippie

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Mack Darin, Biff Gordon(CL), NUR0

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Mentor: Mentor Application - SmellyHippie
Mod: SmellyHippie - Moderator Application

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Dean is often stated to have a “can do” attitude. Whether taking orders, or coming up with something on his own, chances are he’s already got a plan in motion, but he’ll gladly follow yours instead.

The Dean’s were created to handle/maintain weapons and munitions, From handguns to nukes, Deans know it all about weapons. An odd thing for a synthetic whose programming does not allow them to harm another, or even fire a weapon, no? Well, Dean’s creator thought so too. A huge fan of the oldies (Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra to name a few) he took it upon himself to hide entertainment subroutines into nearly every Dean model. Furiously, W-Y recalled most Dean models and replaced the subroutine, but the function still survives among some.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Having served alongside the United States Military for most of his lifetime, Dean learned quickly that excellent officers prefer getting things done as opposed to standing around and being brown nosed. As such he opts to forego formalities unless required, such as events, or when called upon to report directly. In an effort to not beat around the bush, you’ll hear him say “Boss, Chief, Top” instead of “Major, Captain, Lieutenant” etc.

As for the enlisted men, Dean would happily offer to inspect their guns, and if he’s impressed he might even offer them a song.
“Hiya tiger, you got your safety on? Jesus. . . That rifle is sopping wet with oil Marine. Come on now.”

“Opening up your own mom and pop gun store? Guns sure are dangerous! Consider buying yourself a Dean unit to take care of those pesky little things. He can’t even fire them, safe as could be! Perhaps you’re one of our many military contracts. Dean can organize your division sized armory alone and keep perfect paperwork! To those weapon manufacturers with Class 22a Licenses we even offer discounts for our brand new “Super Safe Shooter” rooms, no more need to get your hands dirty with weapons function testing, just send your Dean on in there and he can pull the trigger for you!”
*Disclaimer,The Company isn’t responsible for any accidents that occur inside of the Super Safe Shooter rooms.
**While Dean models were created to be the best possible weapons maintainers ever seen, The Company is not liable for any mistakes or mishaps.
***If you are an owner of a Dean model without the v1.02 firmware update, you are liable to receive said update, The Company does not tolerate unforeseen factors put in place by Synthetic Designers. Dean units are first and foremost a weapons maintenance unit, NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT. This gross oversight was conducted in secret by Dean’s designer, who is no longer employed with The Company.
****Certain Dean unit owners may be entitled to an exchange discount for an entertainment unit from our catalog. Apply today.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

For me, the answer is simple. Before I came to CM, I was a synthetic main on other servers. I would only play a cyborg unit, or AI wherever applicable. I believe it’s past time to return to my roots. Not to mention I find myself about to go overboard as a SEA, trying to do everything (engineering, medical, REQ) but not being allowed to due to our Mentor Code of Conduct :slight_smile:

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

Without a doubt, Round 17862. I was the Queen, and Malcolm was a survivor synthetic that chose to surrender to the hive after all his survivor fellows fell in battle. With an invitation from myself, we “captured” him and plopped him down into our hive. He taught the younger xenos much about the talls, including evil communism and how tasty “Souto” was. Once it was time to assault the Tall’s LZ, I freed Malcolm, and sent him back to the talls as a harbinger, proceeding our assault. The last I heard was that he made it back to his people. It cannot be doubted that the hivemind learned much from his efforts that day.

Another enjoyable interaction, albeit a short one, was the first time I met River. He said my headband was “groovy”, we exchanged a small dialogue, and I returned the favor by saying his whole getup was “far out”

Synthetic Character Story:

Dean: Cloud Storage

Dean’s Side Gig: Cloud Storage


Dean’s Side Gig

(edit: added google docs links)



I’ll be the first to admit that cadeline theory is my weakest aspect of all the support skills. I have my own mindset when it comes to them, and I find it hard to execute when faced by all that open space you sometimes find at certain FOB’s. That being said, I know how to build everything on the metal sheet build menu, I know how to set up comms, power, apc’s and SMES’s. I also know how the new reactor’s self-destruct works. (not that I’d be enabling it as a synth.)


I’ve played a bit of SO, and ASO, and have run a few Operations. I know how to start an operation, ensure that there’s a briefing, ensure that there’s people to build the FOB, and lastly ensure that there’s at least ONE supply drop. After the ball starts rolling I typically allow everyone to murderball, as I find it hard to herd cats.


Medical has been my most recent enjoyment. I like everything about it, except for research. I know chem pretty well, and I very much enjoy “hobo tool” surgery. I’m often amazed at how fast Synthetics are allowed to go through the surgical steps with seemingly no cooldown. I’d say I’m at the point where the only way I’ll get faster at surgery is if I’m a Synthetic.


I wrote a guide on this, I don’t think there’s more that needs to be said about it other than I don’t play it much anymore.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Marines are in a scuffle with a mostly lone queen. There are several marines down, however the queen is currently over them. While it might be within my programming to whack her until she gets off them, I find it would be prudent to allow the marines to handle the situation, perhaps attempting to drag away the wounded.

A crusher has unwittingly been trapped behind cades by a marine, and is stomping all over the patient I was working on. The Alamo is on it’s way to land, and we’re nearly about to evacuate. Everyone’s backs are up against a wall, and there is nowhere to go. I believe it would be within combat programming here to whack the crusher.

Marines have mutinied command, and I have chosen to side with command staff. The marines are nearly through to the CiC. They haven’t begun firing upon command staff yet, so I would first attempt to disarm them, (and if deputized, cuff them). Unfortunately the marines have escalated their attack, thus I have no choice but to disengage.

I am the only person around with the means of obtaining Orbital Bombardment/Mortar strike Coordinates. An officer has even ordered me to do so. While I theoretically could since I’m not the one pulling the trigger, this somewhat conflicts with my programming as I would be ultimately responsible if something were to happen to the marines. In this scenario I would respectfully decline acquiring the coordinates.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Thanks to Lagomorphica, Tater, and Brad for helping out with my application. Here’s my current human playtimes.

its mack darin +1


Easiest +1 of my life, Mack is an excellent player in all aspects and would be an asset to any WL.

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Mack is consistently demonstrating a positive attitude, strong understanding of the game, and high roleplay.

I can’t think of a player I find more suitable to offer a +1 to.

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If anyone ever fulfilled the RP and mechanical skills required for the WL, it’s Mack. Plain and simple +1.

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+1 yes yes yes i love mack darin

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+1 Seen him in almost all of the support roles, can vouch he’s extremely competent mechanically and a great roleplayer as well

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Such a great and well roleplayed SEA he’s been called boring before. Also it’s Mack. +1

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I think I’ve seen this player around every once in a while, they play a squad leader or something. +1

Great mentor and has a great knowledge pool and skill. To boot he can RP very well and a easy dude and super friendly! +1 from me!

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Smartball gamer: +1

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Characters are well known due to strong roleplay. smellyhippie is also an excellent mentor/staff and clearly has a deep knowledge about the server and game mechanics. +1

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I would +1, HOWEVER… Mack Darin used to be a req main so +2 is the least I can do.
He will make great synthetic.


GOD YES I NEEEED ROBRO +1, but in all seriousness it would be a great addition to the game

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It’s great to see the community backing your application which is awesome but I personally would like you to see you play support roles. Ex. Comtech, Medic, Doctor, Req staff and CIC staff.

I understand you may get busy in real life which is why we have a 2 week+ process to determine the final result. Good luck!

I’ll add a +1. First want to say that Mack is a top notch RPer and is easily one of the people I like to interact with the most. I’ll also attest to his skills in a few areas -
Requisitions - Pretty much one of the main RO/QMs and I’ve always had good responsive service from him or his team on the ground. His crates are well balanced based on the needs of the round.
Medical/Surgery - Seen him in this role more recently and he’s very good in all areas relevant to a synth - chem making, medical treatment, and surgery. Further, from what I’ve witnessed he’s both fast and efficient with all three areas.
Comtech/MT - This is the area I’ve seen him the least, however I have seen that he knows the basics of FOB design, cade building, and power/comms.

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It is Mack Darin. Easy +1. Consummate RP’r. Has the skills.

Again, great person IC and OOC! Whatever WL this man applies for, he gets it - as he should!

Best of luck!!!


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There are two things I want to bring up

A: Your character’s story, how come you aren’t using Google Documents? If you can take the time to fix this issue and post reply links to your synth’s story using Google Documents, it’d be appreciated.

B: Something happened last night and I find it quite confusing you would go out of your way to assault someone over a Military Law break that didn’t even involve you. For clarification, you were playing ASO and I’m assuming your buddy was playing the Quartermaster role. He ends up being arrested over a DASO charge for insulting a Staff Officer. This didn’t involve you and the best way you could have done in this situation is to take over Requisitions while they’re gone but instead you took an M79 grenade launcher with a baton slug, went straight for CIC and shot the SO who made the report which then you immediately went to Brig to be arrested for Assault being fully aware you broke ML.

So my question is why? Officers are held to a higher standard than a PFC, you are also trusted to become a moderator and you’re breaking server rules. Acting like this, why should I trust you with the Synthetic WL?

For the ASO incident. Something profound happened to me in real life a few days ago, and I am still reeling. It was a gross lapse in judgement. SO Ben and I were having disagreements about supply drop locations, and I began getting heated ingame and in real life. I wish I would have stepped away as I have never felt this way while playing CM before. In hindsight, I could have challenged him to a boxing match, he could have had the option to say no, and I could’ve simply walked away, or he could have said yes and I could have still gotten my cathartic release. Or better yet I should have never started anything with him at all. I’m glad I was able to apologize to Ben, and we were able to come to an understanding. All I can say is that it wont happen again.

As for not using google docs, There’s no way to not give out your gmail adress, I’ll try and make a throwaway and get the files copied over for you.


Dean’s Side Gig