Sniper custom magazines

Allow sniper to put multiple different types of rounds into a magazine. Because firing an Incendiary followed up by normal rounds is far more effective than firing consecutive incendiary rounds. Or add a magazine that has an incendiary rounds every third shot.

Or make the sniper rifle apply the different types of ammo like the smart gun and have a standard ammo.


I think the Flamethrower Spec/Smartgunner approach is probably the best.

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Would be quite difficult to code in, plus the devs already have alot on their plate. maybe when theres a gap in shit they need to fix or finish they could work on this but… Chances are, unless you work on this yourself, it aint ever gonna get implemented.

Snipers potential would be near game breaking if they weren’t analog when it comes to using different ammo types.

Skill issue

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The correct take. Good on your sir.