SombraD - Player Report: (not)Molly, Synth Guidelines

SombraD - Player Report: Molly, Synth Guidelines

What’s your BYOND key?

Time of incident:

Your character name:
Elder Defender KV-560

Accused BYOND key:

Accused character name:
Molly (mistakenly)

What rule(s) were broken?:
Synth Guidelines

Description of the incident:
During a very contested round when Nexus was being breached, survivor synth set up a gamey deathrap electrifiying the chapell doors next to a turret and using himself as bait to get xenos killed by closing the door when they got in range. This is quite a nasty thing to do since there is no way to know, prevent it or survive once it’s triggered and it’s a very dishonest workaround the intended behaviour of synths synths in combat. This happened more than once, and from my point of view falls far from the supposed framework of self defense/last resort combat the synths are supposed to follow. On top of that, the synth took pride on herself and this very fair and funny feat of gaming.


(click links I’m too dumm to upload them proper)

Hi I think you are confused because Molly did not set up any doors or take pride over killing xenomorphs.

They were not even present at the scene of your death - and this is confirmed by you dying solely via a sentry turret, two marines and slashing of barricades.

Your death was most likely caused by other players, but primarily positioning.

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First pic, check the first messages

She was on the corner where the chapel meets central Nexus, behind a cade, and she DID kill me with the door by closing it on me as soon as I went over it, being killed while on the long stun while she stood right there. So no, I don’t see how I’m confused.

Second pic, chat reads “Two for one with the door”

Hi, below is a video of Molly during the timeline of the alleged guideline violation. There is no interaction with the defender KV-560, and no guidelines being broken based on the video(they walked 10 meters and back). I will let the senator know of this report so they can conduct an investigation of their own.


Okay I may have mistaken one synth for another as the culprit based on the chat between them while trying to figure out the report afterwards, my bad. Apologies to Molly.

Hey man, got told about this report so I just want to clarify that it wasn’t the synths doing the door gimmicks but rather me (character Brad Ward), I was using a remote control to close them when xenos went inside, that’s kinda it, I did tell Molly I was doing that so can understand the confusion.

If anything the only way to avoid that as a player is to melt any doors you suspect are tampered with or break the area’s APC.

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Based on the video evidence it appears the allegation is unfounded.