Some cool ideas for marines.

Got some ideas for humans.
1 - New trait - Fast metabolism. All chems in your blood purge 2 times faster (healing rate stays the same), you must eat 2 times more because your hungry level rises 2 times faster. Blood generation increaced by 50% (standard blood generation without food or something else). if you have a fracture and this part have splint - after some time your fracture will be gone (20 minutes for legs/arms and 50-60 minutes for chest/head, if your splint is gone - bone regeneration process will be reset.
Larva growth increaced by 30%.

2 - In good shape status. When you doing 100-150 push ups you will get + on your endurance lvl, that means you getting half of next lvl (not next lvl), if you knockout someone in boxing you get + to your cqc lvl. Example: 1 cqc lvl gives you +5% to disarming, and your stun will increase by 1 second, and + some damage for your punches, “+” will gives you +2.5% to disarming chance, 0.5 (half) second to your stun and very little damage from punches.

3 - Intelligence Officer 2 lvl endurance. They’re officers, most of them working on the battlefield, they have special tasks. IO job is very dangerous and very important at the same time. Without IO’s - marines will not get extra budget, OB shells, cryo reinforcement and another important things, don’t forget about the research, without IO’s researchers can forget about stims. They’re getting very important information about EVERYTHING, top secret docs, important items, disks, computer terminals.

They have unique and expensive gear as expedition backpacks, experimental new armor, new helmet and even super unifrom (IO uniform very expensive and made to order for a specific person a few days).

As you already understood - they are extremely important people who work in dangerous areas, and USCM did almost everything to help them in their job, but why IO’s doesnt have advance physical training? I think they must have advance physical training program, USCM spending big amount of money for people who really important (SL’s, XO/CO…), IO’s belong to the same category.

4 - Gun condition. Gun oil completely useless and i think firearms must have their condition. When you shooting - gun condition decreasing. If your gun condition is 70% - weapon starts to misfire and after that you can’t shoot 1 second, 50% - weapon can jam and you must manually do unique action to return the weapon to working condition, it will take some time. 0% - Gun will be destroyed because it’s not self-cleaning thing. Gun oil can increase weapon condition, but if weapon condition if very low - it needs repair kit.

5 - Infection. Marine probably have super-immunity like predators (I wonder how zombie virus can take them) , because they cannot take any infection from claws, bullets and burns, ointment completely useless ( i know about ointment buff, but it still useless because you have kelotane and burn kits), marines must clean their wounds (strong alcogol, ointment, burn kits, lighters, or simply water).

6 - Universal recored in loadout, pen, diary. Maybe marine wants to record his thoughts from time to time, or write them in a diary, some RP.

7 - Anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids for points in Automated Closet. They’re increasing endurance level and cqc lvl to 1. You can use only 1 AS in round. After 1 hour AS effect will be gone and your endurance lvl will be decreased to 0, same with cqc level (hello CL endurance level). Cost 45 points.

8 - Push ups upgrade. Damn, regular marine can do only 15 push ups (without armor and backpack - 17), i think all marines are physically heavy disabled guys, 23 push ups - their max.
I think marine must do 30 push ups at least in armor and backpack, and 50 without armor/backpack (regular marine with trained endurance), marines with lvl 2 endurance must do 50-70.
And this is only 1-2 lvl endurance, humans with higher endurance 3-5 must do 100-200 push ups (they’re have very-very-very-very good physical training). But when i doing push ups in the game and after 15 push ups marines screaming TOOO MUCH OOORAH!!! When i can do 60 push ups IRL - that weird… With the current push-ups logic - most of CM players have 3-5 endurance level IRL and they are not military, they are not special elite forces, but they have elite forces physique as VAIPO or MARSOC???

9 - What about coffee in MRE? Or meth pills (no game changes you just taking message after pills - you don’t feel tired, you’re good or something else)

10 - The ability to choose a blood type in character setup. Balance will not break after that, maybe i wanna set my personal character blood type for RP or something else.

11 - Socks. Marines don’t wear socks, that’s weird, that’s really weird, it will be cool if you can choose socks and their color like on other SS13 builds.

12 - prescription pill bottle change. Now you can open it, it can store ~3-4 pills, doctor/corpsman can give you some meds. Example: marine have lungs damage or heart damage and he need peridaxon, now he can ask a corpsman for some peridaxon pills and store it in his presctiption pill bottle.

Sorry for spelling mistakes (too big text)

  1. meta
  2. boring way to say ‘increase endurance level by 1’, everybody would do this
  3. ok (just a very minor balance change)
  4. boring mechanic which punishes you for shooting a lot
  5. we already had and removed this (it has basically the same effect as bleeding and massively punishes marines for not immediately healing themselves)
  6. sure if you want, you can code and add it to the game (nobody else will do it because nobody else wants to use it)
  7. you’re massively overestimating the usefulness of 1 level of endurance, and this is pretty much pointless
  8. nobody wants to waste their time doing 60 pushups IC, it’s just a silly gimmick which shouldn’t take so long
  9. sure, code and add it
  10. meta AB+
  11. nobody wants this
  12. meta bicard/kelotane bottle

1- Dont see any meta here, regular blood generation is too slow (+1% of blood per ~5-7 minutes), bone recovery? Too slow, but it can be exist, you can just visit a doctor on FOB and fix all your fractures at 1-3 minutes, it’s just a little bonus, it will not break game balance.

4 - Maybe, but gun oil is free and you can just clean your gun sometimes and avoid future problems with your firearm.

7 - If you have better endurance - you getting up faster from the floor, you can see a decent difference at level 3, and you have better chances to avoid serious traumas as fracs, organ damage and IB.
If marine wanna buy this thing and use it - his choice.

8 - You can stop doing push ups at any moment if you want, i just wanna see a real USCM physique, they’re trained soldiers (IRL average marine must do ~40-90 push ups, it’s not advance super training, it’s a standard Physical Fitness Test normative).

11 - Why not? Just some extra underwear in character setup.

  1. Where is meta? I’ve never seen when marines runs out of blood in blood dispensers, doctors always using universal blood type. You can just get MRE and eat, it will restore your blood fast (or just take iron pill).

12 - 3-4 pills isn’t meta, you can use injectors 3 times and refill them, they work faster than pills, it is more profitable to take them. Only corpsman/doctor can share you with pills from regular pill bottle (ID lock). New prescription pill bottle can just make your life little easier.

  1. the fact that you can say regular blood generation is too slow shows how everybody would take this

  2. can’t clean your gun in the middle of a firefight, and it’s just another annoying little thing to make marines struggle in an extended engagement

  3. ok

  4. then everybody would stop at ~20 anyway

  5. because it invalidates the need for blood packs to exist anyway, AB+ can receive all blood types and if everybody is the same blood type then it doesn’t even matter for donations anyway

  6. because they’re essentially 0 medical autoinjectors which can be extremely easily handed out

sorry the formatting screwed up the numbers

  1. It’s just a +50% to blood generation speed, as i said - regular BGS is too slow and +50% will not make you blood production factory. Don’t forget about the hunger, you must eat 2 times more, that means 2 times more protein bars, 2 times more MRE’s etc… Chemicals purge 2 times faster, 1 bicaridine pill heals 75 brute (15u), with thit trait 1 pill will fix only 37.5, need more pills, injections, more meds (peridaxon gonna run out 2 times faster), experimental stims from research too. Don’t forget about larva growth speed +30%, marines have ~15 minutes after they hugged before they gonna die from larva.

2 - Gun cleaning takes 3 seconds, and this is a military guns, they’re reliable, their condition will decrease slowly, not just like - i shot 3 times and my rifle jammed.

4 - Yes, but some people maybe wanna do 50 push ups. For now - push ups looks pathetic, too little.

5 - 100% of doctors always using universal blood type. Another blood types useless. It’s just a little option in setup character, more character customization, maybe i wanna set B- blood type for my character.

6 - Yes, but you will not find peridaxon in injectors, only pills.

  1. wondering if a trait balancing system would work (basically, take bad traits so you can take good traits), self-fixing fracs are probably not good but the rest seems okay

  2. marines have probably trained for several months before deployment, doing pushups in one day wouldn’t have much effect on its own (although you could stuff this into a potential trait tradeoff system)

  3. yeah ok

  4. make it happen super slowly, it would be an interesting sight with the Mk1 (in-lore, it’s well known for jamming)

  5. make it rare but treatable using a trauma kit, and have it apply only to bleeding limbs or something

  6. this but let marines wipe it from time to time so it doesnt get ultra clogged up unless they want to

  7. could be niche powerloader pamphlet stuff going on, idk

  8. make push ups slightly random for RP competitions?

  9. yes

  10. this seems fine, but block off O- and AB+ so marines don’t metagame that stuff (give it a random chance or something)

  11. yes, it’s the last line of defence from when a delta rifleman steals your shoes

  12. maybe

8 - I wanna much more push ups, or mini-game with QTE (press resist button when it needs), and when you doing more push-ups - the faster you will need to press the button in time, your stamina level decrease after every push up and if you successfully pressing resist button - stamina level increase slightly, iif you fail - stamina decreasing more. More endurance level? - More time to press the button
It would be really cool.