Soomis - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Soomis

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Reason for Ban

You were banned in SS13: Colonial Marines Official. | Permanent discord ban - Coordinated harassment and acting in a manner promoting atrocities and conflict.


I’d like to address my ban to the best of my ability and with my knowledge of what I was banned for, that being harassment and condoning conflict and atrocities

To the best of my memory I have never promoted or endorsed any type of real world conflict, the only thing that comes to mind is that I had a ‘z’ in my nickname as a joke, which I can now see was in really bad taste and I would like to apologise for that as it was too far.

I’d also like to address the “coordinated harassment” of discord user @MobiusWon. I would like to say sorry to this user for if they felt they were being harassed but that truly was not my intention, I with the others was posting the stupid gifs with other members of the discord before he even joined the conversation and it gradually escalated with Mobius pinging discord staff and saying we ‘support fascist orcs’ before sending wikipedia links to atrocities such as the Holodomor, at the time I thought nothing of this, but after reflection I believe we should’ve stopped the second someone felt uncomfortable with our jokes and it won’t happen again.


This appeal has been assigned to the discord team. It will be handled in around 72 hours.

The discord team has chosen to deny this appeal.

Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting