Specialist Sidekicks

The Idea is fairly simpel. Give every Spec a sidekick like the Sniper has. The sadar almost has one, its just not really implemented well, like at all. He just has an extra box with armor really.

Sniper and spotter show kind of why this would rule. A good spotter can help a sniper imensly. More then just Spot. They can carry extra supplys for the Spec as well, and it generally is just a cool thing. The Spec knows that there is always someone they can count on if they need any help whatso ever. And the “sidekick” can make the spec a lot more powerfull by how well they play.

Of course this has some problems. Mainly being Scout. Im sure you can come up with fun sidekcick ideas for Demo, Pyro and Sadar, but Scout is a very lone wolf type gameplay. You have to be stealthy and quick, if your sidekick gets you spotted its infuriating. And it would be just a tiny bit unbalanced to have two fast cloaked marines running around the map. Scout is honestly the main problem i see with this, being that its gamplay doesnt mix well with being a duo. You cant bring the sidekick with the scout because it would be either be imesnly unbalaced or an imense danger for the scout.

Other then Scout, the Demo, Pryo and Sadar should have pretty fun possibilitys:

  • Sadar practicly has one already, just needs to be implemented better.

  • You could give the Sadars and/or the Demos Sidekick a “Tool belt” wich allows them to craft rocket or grenade casings groundside. In echange they would trade there belt slot, wich is fair i think. Each side kick can only make explosive fitting for there spec. Both have extra bags/pouches to carry more spec ammo. If you make the Demo and Sadar sidekcicks mobile explosives builders, it migth be a good idea to just give them welder bags as well. Aka: Mobile Reagent tanks. That way they have the ability to carry around the explsoives reagents. Dealers choice if you make a fancy new bag for them or just use a welder bag.

  • The Pyro sidekick could have armor that makes him fire proof but not abel to be fully burn proof like pyros ability. And maybe like a flamer trower side arm? Pyro i dont have any ideas for to be honest. But i feel like the side kick for pyro should be abel to trow some flames as well.

Thats it really. As usual this post is mainly to give the idea a bit more spark so others can come up with fun stuff too. Ideas are best shared and build upon after all.
If any scout veterans see this post i beg of you to say whatever comes to your mind for a scout sidekick.
But in general, i would LOVE to hear what others would come up with for Spec Sidekick ideas.

Also, sidenote. This post is basicly ripped from Gusmals post about Sadar having half a kit for a loader. I just wanted to make a proper post to expand on there idea where its more then just a pamplet and Sadar. Dont know if the full new post was the proper way, but i felt like its better for the whole idea to grow. Either way, i give Gusmal credit.

Not all specs need side kicks.

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Agreed, while sniper-spotter works nice, I don’t think discount flamer running off with his badass armor should be added. With the SADAR and grenadier sidekick, I don’t think would be really fun to run after some spec carrying around ammo. On that SADAR reload system, never tested it but it is probaly faster to literally reload the SADAR yourself instead of telling your slave sidekick which ammo you need and then having them search around in their fancy toolbelt before finally loading your gun.

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Sniper spotter became a thing because Jarhead is a cool movie.
Not all specs need a sidekick, although it would help with specs not going off alone(they’d have someone to save their ass).

The last spec that should get anything for a sidekick should only be Sadar now.

Everybody already states how they can have a loader.

The RPG loader is already fully implemented, the loader loads the rockets faster than the RPG spec can load his on his own, and the RPG kit comes with a huge backpack plus the armor.

Demo does not need an assistant grenadier.

Pyro does not need an assistant.