Spitballing ideas for new Survivor Jobs on all colonies/maps

Hello guys! I just wanted to post this thread to get your opinions on what survivor jobs would be cool to implement, might be LV-624 jobs only or serverwide. Whatever ideas you guys have I would be glad to hear them.

I can code them in too aswell, already had an idea about adding a Secretary job in the civilian section where botanist/janitor/bartender and normal colonist are (Although I think each of them Janitor, Botanist and Barkeep should be their own surv categories.)

Another idea I had was also was to utilise the USCM (Enlistment Offices?) on Solaris Ridge and make some sort of USCM Representative or like that! Or a Miner survivor on LV-624? Similar to the Archeologist.

That’s basically it, suggestions down below!


I think they have many varied choices and there is nothing stopping you from just slapping on one of those clothing sets and saying that is what you are either, I dunno I think Survivors have alot of great jobs already, didn’t like the skill nerfs and some are less potential than others but that’s just the nature of RP jobroles.

Although Chef with CQC while in any kitchen I wouldn’t say NO to.

That would be pretty cool but I think some survivors have their professions in their IDs, like some civilians spawn in with like a “truck operator” label on their ID which makes it hard to put on like a labcoat and say you were a scientist.

You could ditch the ID but that basically makes you unidentifiable so some marines might just open fire thinking you’re CLF, probably not but y’know things happen…

For Chances Claim add a combat field surgeon with a full surgery vest, and a pistol belt with m4a3 ammo and pistol.

Give everyone a map a Pilot role or at least a landing zone operator, someone who can pilot ships.

Telecommunications technicians


Survivor needs a reimagaing from the ground up I feel. I’d rather see us focus on changing the survivor gameplay loop to be more interesting or at least have an actual objective outside of hiding in a meta spot and dying at the 22 min mark whilst hoping you get revived and marines don’t delay drop to 28 minutes.

Fuck a USCM rep would be really cool to have as a survivor or ship role to contest the CL’s fuckery.

@steelpoint generally the actual goal is keeping power and comms online, maybe add a telemetry objective or some other sci fi colony type important resource that might help the colony’s survival chances?

We have FORECON for Chance’s claim,CLF for LV-624,and UPP for Trijent Dam and technically also Soko. Clearly we need the RMC so that all of the important military groups get survivor representation.On which map? i don’t know.

Fio is lacking special survivor spawns, and there’s a crashed merc ship which could be used, who knows…

Yeah I was thinking that aswell, about the LZ Flight Offices maybe some sort of role would be good! Also a combat field surgeon while I agree is a good idea for FORECON, perhaps round-start getting surgery stuff as survivor might seem unbalanced to the maintainers?


Yes that’s why I wanted to add more jobs, because some people want to dress up as a job they currently aren’t and their ID says “Colonial Marshal Deputy”.

We need some HR role on the colony, like the solaris night mare insert, supervisor

Maybe that’s too much high ranking for every day rounds instead of inserts? I don’t know but I agree that a Colony Director or Second in Command Corporate Survivor will 100% increase the RP shipside if he survives.

Allowing COs, Synths and perhaps higher hour CLs to role as Colony Director would be interesting.

On certain maps, a USCM Recruiter or Rep or even “Marine” (albeit with a amount of gear only comparable to a Security officer or Forecon Pfc so that they don’t become a early round killing machine), would be interesting.

My suggestion for a new survivor type for certain maps where it makes sense would be “Dropship Operator”. Like on the prison map and Chance’s Claim there are grounded dropships. It would make sense someone might survive who actually operated one of those.

I Think they should give the CL the ability to ID namechange like the CIC staff can to just MAKE you what you want to RP as and you can just say, “I GRABBED THIS GUARDS BADGE FOR THE ACCESS” but honestly there is great potential on alot of the survivor maps, its limited by the fear RP of survivors the toughness of the massive skill nerfs lately and xenos often dont drone rush letting us drop a few they defender/senti rush and thats fucking PAIN, although Id loved to see more Fiorina cuz its the best fucking surv map.

Fiorina Science Annex doctor gets a surgery medkit.



Why stop at clowns, the whole Circus is in town, xenos getting slip stunned, trapped in 1x1 halls by mime walls, having multiple items thrown at them by jugglers, firebreathers. LIONS TIGERS BEARS OH MY!!!

I must admit, the notion of the clown annoying xenos enough for the queen to solo screech the clown and gib them is very tempting.


Made this PR, I will make a new one if/once this one is merged with probably a USCM Rep for Solaris and a telecommunications technician for all maps soon hopefully.