Sprdy - Player Report: Prime Empress, 2,3

Sprdy - Player Report: Prime Empress, 2,3

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Prime Empress

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Sooo I went roundstart drone to do awesome shit like weed and find a cool spot to build. Queen says something like “NFT go frag survs” and then (iirc) doubles down, calling for an “NFT” to frag survivors again. I see a luh queen eye on me so I question if she’s talking to me, letting it be know that I don’t know who NFT is, then I get instantly banished and fragged and round removed :-1::-1::-1::100:


I’ll wait for some awesome ass logs brooo

Reporter / Sprdy
Reported / Ecstaticgamer
Player A / Involved
Player B / Involved

Ticket 1

ADMIN: Ticket #1: Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)): hi can u put me in another hive so i can frag this queen shes trolling me

Ticket 2

ADMIN: Ticket #9: Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)): Can I get queens ckey so I can report them later or is that not needed

ADMIN: PM: NessiePendragonSprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)): You don’t need Queen’s ckey for reporting them! All you need is round id.

ADMIN: PM: Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102))NessiePendragon: ok awesome

Banishment & Situation Aftermath

ADMIN: Ecstaticgamer(Immature Queen) Word of the Queen: Help at marshals

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : Break the tower

ADMIN: Ecstaticgamer(Immature Queen) Word of the Queen: Get the survs

GAME: EVOLVE: Larva (976) evolved into Drone (976).

ADMIN: Ecstaticgamer(Immature Queen) Word of the Queen: Help at garage!

SAY: Immature Queen: Little drone (CKEY: Ecstaticgamer)

SAY: Immature Queen: Stop planting (CKEY: Ecstaticgamer)

SAY: Immature Queen: Go help at mgarage (CKEY: Ecstaticgamer)

HIVEMIND: Drone (F-976-I5) : Queen can i get leader

SAY: Immature Queen: Get the fuck out of hive (CKEY: Ecstaticgamer)

HIVEMIND: Drone (F-976-I5) : I am paying the drone tax

SAY: Immature Queen: Fuck the eggs (CKEY: Ecstaticgamer)

HIVEMIND: Drone (F-976-I5) : Queeeeeeeeeeen

SAY: Drone (F-976-I5): Leader please

SAY: Drone (F-976-I5): Mother

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : Go

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : Help

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : At garage

HIVEMIND: Drone (F-976-I5) : Wh

HIVEMIND: Drone (F-976-I5) : Am buildin

ADMIN: Ecstaticgamer/Immature Queen has banished Drone (F-976-I5). Reason: GO HELP AT GARAGE

HIVEMIND: Drone (F-976-I5) : Ok

SAY: Drone (F-976-I5): OKAY

HIVEMIND: Drone (F-976-I5) : Okay

SAY: Drone (F-976-I5): PLEASE NO KILL

SAY: Drone (F-976-I5): Yes

GAME: EVOLVE: Drone (F-976-I5) de-evolved into Mature Larva (976).

GAME: EVOLVE: Mature Larva (976) evolved into Sentinel (976).

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : NFT

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : Go help with survs

HIVEMIND: Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : Ummm?

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : Go help with survs

HIVEMIND: Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : Dunno who NFT is

SAY: Sentinel (F-976-I5): Weed

ADMIN: Ecstaticgamer(Immature Queen) has banished Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)). Reason: Help with survs

HIVEMIND: Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : YEEEP.

HIVEMIND: Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : Oookay

HIVEMIND: Larva (438) : Whaaaat

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : Listen and no banishments

GAME: EVOLVE: Larva (438) evolved into Defender (438).

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : GO around

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : To caves for weeds

SAY: Mature Drone (NTF-102): Whatever broo (CKEY: Sprdy)

SAY: Mature Drone (NTF-102): Yeep. (CKEY: Sprdy)

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) : Go for it

SAY: Mature Drone (NTF-102): Kill yourself (CKEY: Sprdy)

SAY: Mature Drone (NTF-102): Thanks (CKEY: Sprdy)

SAY: Mature Drone (NTF-102): Yeep whatev er (CKEY: Sprdy)

SAY: Mature Drone (NTF-102): Freak ass queen bro. (CKEY: Sprdy)

SAY: DEAD/Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : okay

ADMIN: Ecstaticgamer/(Immature Queen) Ecstaticgamer(Immature Queen) has created a Word of the Queen report:

ADMIN: Ecstaticgamer(Immature Queen) Word of the Queen: Attack from caves for weeds

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : L fuck you

HIVEMIND: Defender (ZA-438) : Agree

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : For not help with Survs

HIVEMIND: Defender (ZA-438) : Queen youre (ret-rd) NTF is the number one fragger

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : You can

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : I dont mind banishing more

HIVEMIND: Defender (ZA-438) : (ret-rd) queen

HIVEMIND: Defender (ZA-438) : Do it

HIVEMIND: Defender (ZA-438) : Banish please

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : Ok

HIVEMIND: Defender (ZA-438) : Fuck you queen

ADMIN: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress has banished Defender (ZA-438). Reason: Requested

HIVEMIND: Defender (ZA-438) : Im waiting

HIVEMIND: Defender (ZA-438) : Hate these banish hungry queens mane

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : Only one been killed

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : I rather have a small listening hive then a shitty non compliant hive. its a team

HIVEMIND: Sentinel (F-976-I5) : Sistas when their queen their entire purpose is to serve actually commands them

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : Report if you wish

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : I cant stop you

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : Sisters dont listen and get banished and we got screamers in hive


HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : I banished for not helping

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : In the wrong place

EMOTE: Defender (ZA-438) : stares

EMOTE: Defender (ZA-438) : swipes its tail.

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : Is that a request?

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : Im asking

SAY: Defender (ZA-438): OH MY GLOB

EMOTE: Defender (ZA-438) : swipes its tail.

EMOTE: Defender (ZA-438) : stares

HIVEMIND: Ecstaticgamer/Prime Empress : If your not requesting then stop bitching and get caps

Deadchat Salt

SAY: DEAD/Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : weeelp this is an awesome queen

SAY: DEAD/Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : i got banishe roundstart for building caves instead of fragging survs

SAY: DEAD/Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : AWEESOOME

SAY: DEAD/Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : yep

SAY: DEAD/Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : she banished like 3 xenos already

SAY: DEAD/Sprdy/(Mature Drone (NTF-102)) : defender was banished for calling her (ret-rded) for banishing me

Added report:needverdict and removed report:pendinglogs

Hello Sprdy and all,

After reviewing the logs, it is quite evident that you consciously chose not to follow the orders of the queen. While you are an excellent and feared xeno player among the marines, the queen always retains the authority to command her hive, even if you believe it’s less optimal. Without delving too deeply into this matter to avoid escalating frustrations further, I will simply state that this queen did not violate any roleplaying rules or community expectations. I apologize for any frustration you may have experienced with this queen, but this report is denied.

Added report:denied and removed report:needverdict