Squads should now have randomised amount of marines. So no longer should you be able to choose which squad you are going.


Lowpop is always suffering from a lack of marines in some of the squad, example being bravo squad.
Another reason is to balance out the squads, there shouldn’t just be a fuckton of marines in one single squad I.e 20 marines in delta and 10 11 9 marines in other squads.

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This would heavily ruin coordination and team building. Marines that go the same squad over and over build up relations with other marines who do the same. This leads to a community within a squad. Removing the ability to do this would completely eliminate any potential for this in the future. I heavily oppose this.


I’d rather support reducing the amount of squads on high-pop. Removing the ability to select a squad pref would be an anti-roleplay change.

CIC does have the ability to move marines from one squad to another if its needed. This I feel is sufficient to resolve issues of squad disproportionality if needed.


This would not only, as the people before me already said here, remove the possibility of building up relations between marines, but also remove any kind of choice what the marine wants to do during the round. As example, some deltard unga just wanting to unga at the benos in the murderball and rolling bravo would result in the deltard murderballing anyways, and the ex-bravoids now deltards building FOB, with no kind of squad organization.


Yeah, like the post above me said.

The only thing you would do is remove community and communication. Bravo players would still be Bravo, but in blue red or purple.

It’s also different skillsets.

Delta SLs are mainly there to use order commands.
Bravo SLs help build.

Etc, etc.

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I like the creativity. However, I strongly disagree with this. People should be allowed to play the squads they want. Tinker with the idea. I know your heart is in the right place trying to ameliorate the issue with lowpop.

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