squidqueen - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - squidqueen

What is your Discord ID?


What is your BYOND key?


Total Ban Duration

7 days, 6 maybe at start of appeal.

Reason for Ban

You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines - Official for Banned for rule 10 posting a gif of two black men kissing - cropped porn expires from record 13/09/2023
You were banned in SS13: Colonial Marines - Official for 7 days. | As warned
(these both came through at the same time)


I was banned from the cm discord after I had gone to bed, giving me a right shock if I’m honest. Anyway here’s what happened:

I was chatting with people in LRC as you do, and I was doing an intrusive gay thoughts joke, figment of someone’s imagination.

Then I posted -the- image of the two african american guys pecking eachother. The one that I’ve seen posted on every discord ever.

I get into bed, see a notification I’ve been banned. I was quite upset reasonably so. I’d like to consider myself a model member of the ss13 community, in my entire time of playing the game I’ve only ever been banned twice, I have never repeated the same mistakes with notes, and I act in good faith even when I make a mistake and I own it. People here who are old enough to know my Karen synthetic application know that I’m not exactly the most well versed with memes, I didn’t even know the Karen memes when I applied for the name. I just wanted to make a ginger synthetic and picked one of the most common names in america.

I feel hurt and misunderstood that I was banned for this gif, if I was warned I’d have taken it to heart and never ever have done it again. Now I’m sitting here like ‘fuck man’, one of the most ubiquitous memes on discord just got me banned INSTANTLY.

I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again.

Lifted already.
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