Staff Officer Vendor changes

Weird idea I’ve been having of putting more stuff in the staff officer vendor, to reduce the amount of req/Med/engineering looting and reduce prep time for deploying SOs. It doesn’t currently make much sense but that’s kinda the point of this forum right?

Items potentially compacted into cases (similar to spec cases) such as an engineer case or corpsman case

What do people think of this?

Might make a JTAC kit and normal Pfc++ kit, with these items and the ones below being in a custom vendor in the armory to prevent SOs grabbing these loadouts roundstart)
Leaves your person full of medical items and leaves room for magazines and a laser designator.

  • corpsman backpack
    • Inside: MAYBE 2 advanced aid kits, MAYBE 2-3 defibrillators (not so much concern as they can be grabbed from Medical), laser designator
    • You’re supposed to take it off and grab things from it
  • fully stocked lifesaver bag
  • Extra bicaridine, kelotane, tramadol pill bottles, health analyzer and a stasis bag for your belt
  • light/normal armor
  • equivalent corpsman helmet
  • medical pouch with brute/burn lines and two Epinephrine injectors
  • webbing
  • Large magazine pouch?


  • technician welder backpack
    • Inside: materials, whatever else makes sense
    • You’re supposed to take it off and quickly grab things from it
  • Toolbelt
  • equivalent pouches (tool/construction and large mag, maybe other pouches)
  • webbing
  • light/normal armor
  • other normal engineer stuff


  • Likely the webbing and large mag pouch to carry ammo
  • M39 with extended mags
  • Pulse rifle with extended mags

Excellent idea. Keep up the good work.


I think adding all this gear might lead to SO’s becoming distracted from doing their actual job. I.e. paying attention to what the squad is doing and keeping them focused on their objectives.

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I would just like a service jacket added to the SO vendor.

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I agree, if IOs can get a service jacket from their vendor SOs should get them as well

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In my opinion there should be a limited number of the jackets added in the SO locker in their bunks. replace the useless backpacks and swap them for the jackets.

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Thank was my line of reasoning as well.

SOs a junior officer who’s pretty much fresh. They’re not gonna be dripped the fuck out trying to be a self insert. Also adding more gear to be PFC+, -1. Metagaming in CIC with a bunch of gear that a normal SO wouldn’t take is already a big issue. Do you really need a radiobackpack, medbelt, medbackpack, just cause you can take it?

Apply for CO if you want to be the ultimate PFC+.

great idea, would be good to see all the senior vendors get more too
RO needs some love (he only has a stamp)
CEs weapon choices are awful
POs options are basically a joke
SOs need more

as for other roles that need revamped vendors:
OT, MT, doctors (need more deployment focused gear), SGs (old and WAY out of date choices), ect

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Disagree. I just want a service jacket for the SO. CE does not need anymore weapons.

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Let deploying SOs be able to get a JIMA backpack PLEASE


Command pack??? Basically all the funny bags rolled into one (flag, phone, and potentially a nerfed bell) but only one spawns (its for deploying command staff i guess)

this idea is probably completely ridiculous but im putting it out there

Why do SOs where there are always PFC++ issues when deploying need a kit with three defibs (That’s better than many medics, a full engineering kit (Similar to a real engineer) and a PFC++ kit turning the PFC++ SO into a PFC+++ SO who is just murderballing?

If that gets approved by the devs, I would also like a SADAR/scout cloak/flammenwerfer/full-auto-shotgun filled with 200-buckshot-rounds magazine and atleast 3000 RPM-kit combining all good weapons for SOs, to murderball like a boss.