Staff reacting

Give us the option to react to staff on the forums. Because some of you need some love reacting, and I don’t see a reason why tou shouldn’t be love reacted.


Yes, I want to be able to like staff for having good ideas, for being funny, for banning people I don’t like and so on

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There’s been a few times where in reports staff have done really long and detailed log pulls, I wish I could heart those just to show respect for all the effort they put in to that since I’m sure it takes a long time


I agree, I wish to :nerd_face: on Mcshackers posts.

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For some of the goofiest reports.

There’s been a few PRs where the logs pulled and the evidence staff had to dig up would’ve literally taken at least an hour of fluoride staring at BYOND’s god-awful interface. I don’t envy doing that shit for free :patrice:


The loss of my reacts to my guides has been disheartening. I feel it’d be better if we disallowed reacting in reports/ban appeal threads instead of just disallowing reacting for staff posts.


what do you mean? how did you lost them?
if your talking about old forum it’s there.

In relation to posts and guides made on these forums, not the old forums. All the guides I have written on these forums have had their reacts removed/hidden ever since I became a staff member.

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I’ve got a tool I used for log cleaning, it’s old and there’s no way it isn’t outdated with something way better out there already. I’m not even sure if it’s usable on modern byond servers or CM, but I’ve attached it here just in case someone wants to try it.

Useful for going through round logs, grabbing who attacked what, forming a timeline of events, etc.


Sadly this isnt really an option with the way discourse and the plugin we use for reactions work.
Either it makes all posts reactable, non staff posts reactable or none of the posts reactable.
And tyou guys did, as a whole, start using the reactions in inappropriate ways on some staff posts. Thats why it was removed initially.

It also makes me sad that I cant farm Gigachad reactions but thats just the way it is. If you want to show appreciation to a staff member you can always call them out for being a great staff member on the discord or on a forum post. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

EDIT: Harry changed it again and made me look like a fool!!!


Please thank the admin/maintainer/host that allowed me to atleast react to the admins here. Thanks for the treat!

as a small alteration to what clairion said - i’ve changed how staff reacting works now. staff can declare individuals posts as being “staff posts” which disables reactions for that individual post, but you can generally react to all other posts made by staff members

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if people are bad with it it goes back!!


Does this mean that earlier reactons got deleted (example being @Steelpoint earlier guides and such)?

From what I can see older reactions are still around. Or likes are at least.


This is a good change.


Excellent change Harry. Continuing to prove he is the man.


Wew, harry allowing people to like admemes is about to reach more likes than forest banning beck.

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