Steelpoint - Player Report: Kate'Eleven'Shark, Rule 10. Lethal Force, Rule 2. Roleplay

Steelpoint - Player Report: Kate’Eleven’Shark, Rule 10. Lethal Force, Rule 2. Roleplay

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Alan Bentway

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:


What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 10. Lethal Force, Rule 2. Roleplay

Description of the incident:

I was captured and infected by the Aliens, I was eventually rescued by the Marines. I was approached by a Corpsman, Kate Shark, who scanned me and started to move me away from the fight.

They asked me if I was ‘hugged’, I stated I was infected and I needed urgent medevac. At this point the player pulled out a shotgun, reloaded it, welded it and fired, killing me. At this point they dragged my body across the map before proceeding to medevac me. This was done with no input or communication from the player. They made no effort to render any further kind of medical aid to my character.


Included is a video recording of the entire event, from when I was rescued to after I was executed. If further footage is required I can provide it. After the footage ends the player simply stood by and waited for me to be medevaced.

If the link does not work/is not good let me know

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I sent a DM to the player in question for their response, if they fail to respond I’ll resolve it based on the video evidence.

They responded to me via DM on discord and they admitted they made a mistake, they believed that hugged players should be shot if they believe there was no hope of getting them to surgery. However I explained the rules to the player, and thus a warning note will be issued against LemonTea

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