Stoner 63 system for the TWE

The TWE being focused with advancements and technological powers while not using laser guns and shit, should still be using something that isn’t a non pulse rifle and weapons unable to take on a single UPP on their own.

I believe a system like the Stoner 63, and being able to deeply modify your rifle (to give those custom heads the scratch they need) with barrels, stocks, magazines with attachments to boot would give the TWE a more tactical and unique feel to them. Balance and gameplay wise as a ERT they’ll be forced to have their guns be RNG made. though with some coding and generalization they can be made to have some basis with the weapon system their given.

In short, A in depth weapon system like the Stoner 63 would not only make the TWE stand out with their weapons but flex their technology to the UPP and other foes they will run against.

Frankly now As well looking into the F9003A1 Rifle for RMCs…It’s terrible, only having a 30 round cap with a max range of 24. All the while sporting a RFM of 150, making the F9003A1 a worse weapon to even the common M41A. Which in a gameplay and lore standpoint for the TWE, makes no sense in my eyes.


Now an actual good idea is to give them the FAL because its the best weapon the British ever used and is still better than what they use today

how about it becoming the TWE’s DMR, I don’t think a Stoner System could be able to make a good DMR.