Stop giving marines nuke

Stop giving marines nuke as a round-breaker tool. They have means to get nuke on their own via techwebs. If they spent all points on foxtrot, it makes no sense to grant them nuke nonetheless. Especially stop doing that when there is already FOB siege ongoing. Either give xenos AA-boiler since they don’t have round-breaker mechanics, or give something to both sides to spice up things.


Sending a squad of 4 Weyland-Yutani ( SL, 1x Spec/SG, 1x medic, 1x rifleman ) with an objective to kill a T3 xeno and extract it’s corpse would be infinitely better for midround admemery.
Giving a free nuke or sending a wave of hostile humans directly to the Almayer is ham-fisting a win.

Defenders advantage is real and it can hurt you