StrongestTea - Player Report: Janie McDonough, Rule 6.

StrongestTea - Player Report: Janie McDonough, Rule 6.

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Aurelia Laroux

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Janie McDonough

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 6.

Description of the incident:

While I was running CAS, Janie was giving flare names without looking at the fire mission console and with no obvious in game forms of commutations. Examples being him giving a rapel flare without asking, knowing a queen was on an obstructed flare, and knowing there was an UPP dropship inbound.


Sadly round ended before I could screenshot the dropship thing but it should be in the logs

I apologize for the delay in logs.

Finding logs for the existence, or lack there of, of meta is a bit of a guessing game. Below is say and game logs from the round, put in order of the events reported, establishing a chain of information or lack there of, between actions and requests/speech. If you believe anything has been missed please contact me.

I have selected a number of flares based on the criteria that they were mentioned in the report (the X drop flares) or they were part called out by Janie during the time both Janie and Aurelia were awake. Some flares like Alpha 82 have been included, but were not used for a fire mission or any unit drop.

Flare DELTA 76 is activated:


[2023-06-25 01:44:55.460] GAME: Flare target Delta-76 flare has been activated

The user who activated the flare then says:

[2023-06-25 01:44:58.626] SAY: Ali Amir [1]: West 2.

[2023-06-25 01:45:00.581] SAY: Ali Amir [1]: West 1.

Aurelia Leroux launches a fire mission on the flare, presumably knowing which flare it is from the radio logs, of from their camera

[2023-06-25 01:45:11.127] ADMIN: StrongestTea/(Aurelia Leroux) launching Fire Mission ‘Strafing Run’ onto Delta-76 flare at (50,142,2)

Janie McDonough then says, presumably knowing which flare it is from the radio logs.

[2023-06-25 01:45:19.425] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: Delta-76 (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)

Flare DELTA 77 is activated:


[2023-06-25 01:45:55.685] ADMIN: Flare target Delta-77 flare has been activated

The user who activated it then says:

[2023-06-25 01:46:02.021] SAY: Ali Amir [1]: Another flare is up. Delta-77.
Aurelia Leroux then asks:

[2023-06-25 01:46:08.589] SAY: Aurelia Leroux [1]: Same dir? (CKEY: StrongestTea)

The user who activated it replies:

[2023-06-25 01:46:09.676] SAY: Ali Amir [1]: Fire 5 north when you can.

Janie McDonough then says:

[2023-06-25 01:46:22.123] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: Delta 77 (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)

The firemission is launched.

[2023-06-25 01:46:23.153] ADMIN: StrongestTea/(Aurelia Leroux) launching Fire Mission ‘Strafing Run’ onto Delta-77 flare at (49,139,2)

Flare ALPHA 82 is activated:


[2023-06-25 01:54:03.116] ADMIN: Flare target Alpha-82 flare has been activated

[2023-06-25 01:56:06.789] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: Alpha 82 (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief



[2023-06-25 01:55:26.357] GAME: Flare target Bravo-86 flare has been activated

[2023-06-25 01:55:53.347] SAY: Joey Albright [General]: COMMAND PLEASE ANNOUNCE THAT WE NEED A RAPPEL FLARE OR LASE

[2023-06-25 01:56:00.521] SAY: Mack Darin [Whisper]: Wake up CAS.

[2023-06-25 01:56:02.435] SAY: Fenris Paradox [JTAC]: Lase for rappels

[2023-06-25 01:56:20.506] SAY: Unknown (as Braiden ‘Big’ Willey) [General]: Drop a drop flare!

[2023-06-25 01:56:26.791] SAY: Marlowe Flores [1]: Which flare

[2023-06-25 01:56:28.225] SAY: Joey Albright [General]: WHICH FLARE

[2023-06-25 01:56:34.380] SAY: Joey Albright [General]: WHICH RAPPEL FLARE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BE USING

[2023-06-25 01:56:42.766] SAY: Joey Albright [General]: JTAC WE NEED ANSWERS

[2023-06-25 01:56:42.984] SAY: Unknown (as Braiden ‘Big’ Willey) [1]: WHAT FLARE!

[2023-06-25 01:56:49.724] SAY: Fenris Paradox [JTAC]: JTAC what flare for rappels

[2023-06-25 01:56:50.674] SAY: Felix Beck [General]: COMMAND GROW A FUCKING DICK AND NUTS AND GET A RAPPEL FLARE.

[2023-06-25 01:56:51.497] SAY: Joey Albright [General]: WE HAVE LIKE 10 GUYS HERE READY TO RAPPEL

[2023-06-25 01:56:53.386] SAY: Kate Juarez [1]: Just pick one and we’ll all land

2023-06-25 01:56:59.693] SAY: Emiix Aegadan [1]: Tell them to flare for foxtrot rappel

[2023-06-25 01:57:05.163] SAY: Fenris Paradox [Command]: CO, can you flare for reinforcement

[2023-06-25 01:57:14.102] SAY: Joey Albright [General]: COMMAND WE NEED YOU TO GET US A LASE OR A FLARE TO RAPPEL ON

[2023-06-25 01:57:15.843] SAY: Unknown (as Braiden ‘Big’ Willey) [1]: Fuck yall im going alpha.

Requests to command, FTLs and other channels for a flare or laz continue in this manner until Janie McDonough says:

[2023-06-25 01:57:57.792] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: Brovo 86? (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)



[2023-06-25 01:58:46.431] GAME: Flare target X-89 flare has been activated

[2023-06-25 01:58:48.217] SAY: Cash Flores [Alpha]: Drop a green flare or laze. pyro spec and alota reinforcements ready to deploy (CKEY:) (JOB: Executive Officer)

[2023-06-25 01:58:58.157] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: X89 drop (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)

[2023-06-25 01:59:12.214] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: Drop x89 (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)

This was said on all squad channels but there is no mention of flare 89 being the flare to drop on between this request and Janie speaking.

X90 Queen Flare:


[2023-06-25 02:00:26.120] GAME: Flare target X-90 flare has been activated

[2023-06-25 02:01:09.773] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: Qruee there (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)

[2023-06-25 02:01:13.422] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: X90 (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)

[2023-06-25 02:01:52.728] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: Nice hit (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)

[2023-06-25 02:02:20.045] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: X90 again (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)

Janie is the first person to mention that the flare, X90 has the queen on it. Including Dchat logs.

The CAS run is launched. At Bravo-67 NOT X-90.

ADMIN: StrongestTea/(Aurelia Leroux) launching Fire Mission ‘Strafing Run’ onto Bravo-67 laser at (27,45,2)

The CAS at Bravo-67 run hits the queen:

[2023-06-25 02:01:45.760] ATTACK: StrongestTea/(Aurelia Leroux) blew up /(Prime Empress) with a mini rocket stack in Shipping Valley (26,45,2).

UPP Mentions:


[2023-06-25 02:05:25.082] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: Russia moment (CKEY: Katuy)

[2023-06-25 02:07:41.517] SAY: Janie McDonough [1]: Russia drop ship (CKEY: Katuy) (JOB: Dropship Crew Chief)

It is hard to say what caused Janie to say this, there is one other mention of russians within the round two hours before this which appears unrelated. Scouring say/announcement logs hasn’t turned up any other matches (related to this one) for UPP, Red, Russian, Commie, Soviet, e.c.t. Nor do say logs around the time of this indicate that anyone else alive mentions UPP or Russians.

While I am unsure of a UPP event going on in this round, staff were at the time spawned in as UPP personnel, if required I can pull logs on which UPP were present/track the arrival/existance of the reported shuttle.

In all there is a clear line of information to action in most of the actions taken by Janie McDonough. However, some actions do not have an established line of information. Obviously, there is little I can say about where information can’t be found other than, I’ve checked extensively using Notepad++ and couldn’t see anything. I may have missed logs but I have made sure to check line by line say logs from five minutes before and after each event to attempt to find any mention of the flares requested, what they are for, or the UPP dropship.

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Heya so for the metagaming stuff I did look at the TGUI logs just to be sure.

It does seem like the DCC was actually looking at the cameras to find the flares and calling them out as they spotted them. So I dont think there is any metagaming going on there.
Just for transparency sake I’ll post one of the instances I looked at but since TGUI logs are long and a mess I’ll only post one instance.
But trust me when I say that for every single case of them calling out a flare they are looking at the cameras beforehand in a similar fashion.

TGUI logs

[2023-06-25 01:45:09.897] katuy (as Janie McDonough at 101,135,4)

  • Using: /obj/structure/machinery/computer/cameras/dropship/two [0x2017c3e]
  • new CameraConsole fancy 1

[2023-06-25 01:45:13.142] katuy (as Janie McDonough at 101,135,4) in tgui-window-1

  • Using: /obj/structure/machinery/computer/cameras/dropship/two [0x2017c3e]
  • Action: switch_camera {“name”:“Delta-76 flare”}

[2023-06-25 01:45:24.218] katuy in tgui-window-1/close (suspending)
[2023-06-25 01:45:24.219] katuy in tgui-window-1/close (suspending)

Regarding the Russia stuff I also dont see any mention of UPP stuff at all throughout the round. A staff member does briefly do some stuff with turning someone into a UPP member. But that is after the russia comment is made and also seems to be outside of the marine play area.

Anyways I really dont see any indications of metagaming so I’m going to be denying this report and no action will be taken.

I am still going to thank you for making it though since its always good to double check when something suspicious is going on. I can totally get how this could come across as metagaming so its always good to ahelp or make a report when you really do think metagaming is going on.

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