SuprisedBaby_ - Player Report: Zabin Luar’ke, Ra’kaid Loxzil, Predator Honor Code

SuprisedBaby_ - Player Report: Zabin Luar’ke, Ra’kaid Loxzil, Predator Honor Code

What’s your BYOND key?

Time of incident:

Your character name:
Jeramiah ‘Butcher’ Jenkins

Accused BYOND key:
Moonshanks, mistermoon

Accused character name:
Zabin Luar’ke, Ra’kaid Loxzil

What rule(s) were broken?:
Predator Honor Code

Description of the incident:
While I realize I am not the one effected by the actions of the accused, I am a member of the predator whitelist and I also see it as part of my responsibility as a WL holder to hold others accountable for their actions. Originally I sent the video to a member of the council and he advised that I make a player report. I was observing the round to watch the newly WL’d predators and how they acted when the following video happened. While I do understand that the hivelord made themselves huntable by attacking Zabin first, the Loxzil interfered with the fight between Zabin and the two xenos by LPCing the hivelord and dragging it within the lodge directly onto a trap. The Loxzil then closes the door, completely preventing the hivelord from attempting to escape. The Loxzil then proceeded to start attacking the hivelord without the hivelord directly engaging him first, and as the hivelord is a drone caste, this is a breech of the honor code. Zabin then assisted the Loxzil in finishing the hivelord off, with both of them stabbing it to death in the end. These blatant honorcode violations to me on their first day of the WL shows that they never should have received the WL to begin with.



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I am Ra’kaid in this situation

One thing you have completely failed to note is how the player in question was participating in a lodge raid, they had melted the top side door, sticky resin’d the area around the north side but nowhere else, was placing acid pillars and tail stabbing the door. This qualifies as an attack on the lodge itself, making them a dishonourable opponent, and should be treated as such. They lose their unhuntable status when they preform dishonourable acts and is fair game.

This would not even matter though, considering they had attacked me early on in the round, infact meaning they have already lost their unhuntable status by this point


I apologise for the fact you were stunned. It is not something I realised at the time as I couldn’t see.

Had I realised at the time you’d been stunned I wouldn’t have attacked.

I believed you were a dishonourable target for a number of reasons:

You and the runner had attacked me without provocation. And had also done this earlier

You and the runner were attempting to Cap/Infect me. I took this from hearing you shout “POUNCE” at the runner repeatedly.

You and the runner had been attacking the outside of the lodge door, which is why I opened it in the first place.

There is evidence for the fact that I wouldn’t have gone for you was I aware you’d been stunned as earlier in the round a similar situation happens. I walk away from that situation and inform he other pred I want no part in it.

I apologise. I should have paid more careful attention to see you on the ground when I walked in, and recognise where the sound was coming from.

My goal never is to get revenge or punish other players, I was at the time under the impression you’d entered the lodge, not been dragged in.

As for attacking you at the same time.

From my perspective I had stepped out, been attacked by the runner and yourself, moved back in and the other pred had begun to step in.

It isn’t fair that you were taken out of the round in this way. I am aware that failure to notice someone being stunned isn’t a good excuse to have still stepped in when another predator is attacking them.


TL;DR: I apologise for my involvement. I wasn’t fully aware at the time you had been stunned, but a lack of awareness doesn’t excuse moving to a 2v1, even if I thought it was valid due to your dishonourable status.


I was the hivelord, I was dishonorable for many reasons, I don’t know what more needs to be said.

@Moonshanks I wasnt stunned, I rested because I was dead, even if I was somehow stunned, you could kill me anyways because of my dishonorable status


Report handled. The issue was cleared up.

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