Surgery Modifications

Hello all, I come with two simple suggestions:

One is more quality of life while the other is a bit more meaningful.

Quality of Life: Currently the only way to treat eye damage for medics is IA, which is usually good enough, but there are situations where IA is unavailable. It seems silly that such a devastating effect (blindness) can’t be fixed in the field by a medic without a chemical which can only be gained through standing in the chemistry line. My suggestion is simple, make eye surgery a level 1 surgery. Sure you can halt the symptoms of blindness with easy-access medicine, but IA is plentiful enough on most occasions that giving medics access to eye surgery seems to be little more than a quality of life improvement for those who can’t get IA from the doctors for one reason or another.

Meaningful: Current limb removal does not require the surgery “Sealing a Stump” to stop blood loss. I am suggesting that be changed. A simple change, but an impactful one, and one that makes sense from a realism standpoint. It would elevate the triage requirement of someone who just had an arm lopped off from something minor and requiring a medivac at convenience, to something devastating that requires immediate medical attention. This is certainly a “marine nerf” if you look at the game from that perspective, and it is true that it would further empower the xeno teams’ targeting of limbs, but that should be addressed elsewhere, limb removal should be a devastating medical issue.

That is all! Tear away at all my hopes and dreams.

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I would do that, though the problem is that your ideas are half good, so I won’t be able to tear away all of them.

The reason I think this would be unrealistic is imagine this: You’re a medic, you’re fighting xenos on a planet that you possibly have never visited before, bullets are flying everywhere, blood is getting splattered in all directions, the sky is roaring as mortar shells come down and CAS arrives

Do you think you’d be able to do a surgery on an organ so complicated we don’t even fully understand, under these extreme circumstances?

Reason I don’t really support this too is because nurses shouldn’t be able to do eye surgeries either, from an “experience” perspective - A nurse doesn’t have the necessary training, experience and hand precision to successfully complete an eye surgery.

Although I don’t support your first idea, this one is definitely one I support. I do agree that at this moment de-limbing is more of an inconvenience than danger, “Oh no! MY ENTIRE FUCKING ARM flew off! I can’t use my gun anymore! Oh well, I’m gonna go back to Alamo to get one attached.”. By making de-limbing an actual problem it will make frontlines a little more… interesting. +1


The alternative to the first idea (honestly an idea I support even more) is putting IA in the medic’s vendors. That would make more sense, be easier for everyone, and would solve the problem as well.

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Or you could remove IA and stop head/eyes snowflake treatment. Last I checked there is no medicine that heals lungs, liver, etc. Just extend peridaxon effects to brain and eyes.
Delimb thing’s a nice idea though.


I mean pmc medics get both imi and Alk as separate bottles. I don’t see why Chem vendors couldn’t just carry them too.

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Sorry, but that’s a terrible alternative and sounds like the suggestion of someone who plays one side of the game. People wanting to see doesn’t make them snowflakes lmao.

the fabled one sider… fyi I spent most of my marine time playing without a helmet. I deployed with an imialky pill in my webbing whenever possible and only started wearing a helmet due to damage numbers killing me too fast, not any inconvenience from head organs. I just don’t see why head damage should have snowflake treatment. It’s even less of an inconvenience than chest or groin organ damage so makes no sense.

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The difference between internal organ and eye damage is how much easier it is to inflict. In order to inflict internal organ damage, a xeno needs to target the most heavily armored part of a marine. Also I apologize for the comment about “sidedness” I have edited it to reflect my truer feelings about the statement.

Unless im missing something, it has the same protection as medium armor. I’d wager chest is less protected on average given the amount of light armor users.

I’d have to see the numbers since they’ve likely been wildly changed from when I use to be able to check stats, but the head wasn’t traditionally as heavily protected as the chest was in medium armor.

If medics can do eye surgery then they should be able to do bone surgery and organ surgery. The eyes are one of the most complex organs in the human body so it’s a miracle that we can do it on the alymer and a even bigger miracle that we have a drug that can just fix it.

I would love medics to be able to do surgery since that would add a entirely different subclass of medic but then what would be the point of doctor.