Survivor changes.Yes.

All this week and half of last week I played for the survivors.And besides the next nerfs (removing some special equipment, IB, etc.), I did not notice their fabs.Although the field is extremely large for them.My suggestions
1-Take out hostile survivors in a separate subsection, as a synthetic-synthetic survivor.Add to it the ability to choose a suitable role for yourself (Soldier, medic, engineer).Just add CLF bullets to the survivors, as well as the usual ones.For some reason, they spawn WITHOUT ADDITIONAL ammunition, although there is a place for them.

2-Add homemade protection jackets to the survivors.I’ve practically finished the sprites for them.This will be a redesigned CMB card with metal inserts.In terms of protection, it will be approximately like CLF armor, but without slowing down (and with protection for armored limbs from sentinel spitting.Enough of this abuse dear friends)

3-Adding a homemade turret/flamethrower to engineers.
According to lore, we survive for 2 weeks alone or alone with xenomorphs.During this time, smart people can collect what will help them survive.And although it is undeniable that this will be worse than combat analags, the very fact of their existence will already make the lives of survivors more interesting (And will give the same time on RP that you are all talking about.Are we an RP server?

4-I have just started the alteration of the CLF ship, at the moment it is just a big mass grave, because the fog will not allow you to escape for up to 30 minutes, AND BEING AT CLOSE RANGE TO the highway makes your life MUCH more fun.Cartridges run out to approximate3, then only throw knives.
I will increase the number of weapons and ammunition, also improve the defense and add turrets.Well, with a cherry-I want to try to add protection from grass in the selected area for up to 30 minutes.This will not allow the CLF to aggressively attack the highway, but will make the xenormof think about the appropriateness of the attack of this fallen metal bird.

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i dig it plus it gives ship side a higher chance of survivors and there for sillier hijinks.

Currently, survivors have an absurdly high survival rate as long as marines launch at 00:20, where it gradualy goes down from there. And with some maps, like LV (the most picked map), you are almost guaranteed to survive as long as you stay inside the secure dome. And i can back this up, since I have too played a lot of survivor after being a xeno main, and see how much you have to do for the resources you want.

So no. Unless theres an incomming survivor nerf that makes surv NEVER survive, then they are better off either unchanged or nerfed.

I will say though, maybe MAYBE add these things on highpop, since right now, it is downright impossible to survive on highpop without coffin hiding.

A way to counter some highly armoured tankers like defender should be nice, maybe a flamer or AP. Or maybe even the CLF sadar weapon that only spawns on fiorina

The only map that dosn’t spawn a flamer, or a way to make 20+ fire nades, is kutjevo. But instead you spawn with 300 mats in LZ2.

Thats all cool and shit, but what are we supposed to do with all that when a defender can easily break through the 300 metal cades that we don’t have time to use up cause theres only 1 engineer (Sometimes but still a lack of them)

On other maps, the flamethrower MAY not be triggered.As for example on Solaris.

the key word is at what online.At 60-80 you can get impudent and run around getting everyone.At 80-100, difficulties already begin when 6 xenomorphs begin to be lazy at the same time.100-150 is a big problem.But slyzhennny work will help you.maybe.

Surviving is too easy right now, the only way its hard is when xenos abuse the meta-strats and I dont need a counter for every single situation, sometimes as survivor you are meant to lose. Although on that note, I’d like for the devs to stop babying the xenos, they have so many tools at their disposal on almost every map, and anytime they die to a thing then it gets removed. Just remove survivors as a whole because it just seems you don’t want xenos dying.

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remove survs, bring back shipside fuckery (CLF, UPP, unaffiliated, just shipside traitors).

Not honestly a fan of Almayer at all, id rather WO style base and planet was last resort evac sucks and makes marines put half their heart into the round.

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I agree with the last half about evac sucking and the morale disincentives. A USCM ship IS American soil. To abandon the Almayer is tantamount to sedition, treason, dereliction of duty, etc., IMO.

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Yeah it should be MPs shooting people at escape pods while the rest of us rush the DS landing until theres only one xeno or one marine left. one MP in every pod with a tac shotty to shoot evaccers.

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Lorewise the chance of your escape pod being recovered is so laughably low that unless you’re in the CL’s pod, which will likely be picked up by the Royce, trying to leave on one is basically just a guaranteed death.

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Give each class a unique weapon or piece of gear to make them strong, but not so much they can solo

for example, survivors could get ripley’s pulserifle flamethrower combination

actually why have we not made that yet that would be cool as fuck

The new skills class is basically this, survivors lost most of their chunk but almost each has it’s perks, Some suck more than others granted but I do agree there should be more and maybe some MORE items because those exist too.

The only changes I want to see with survivors is giving “Vehicle Drivers” the ability to craft folding barricades. More often then not you’ll get multiple drivers and no Engi’s, really annoying when you pick “Engi” and nobody actually gets one. Also adding more AP to maps to deal with Defenders as they’re impossible to deal with if you don’t have any Flame/AP on a map. Either way your idea is cool in a way, more survivor love is all I ever need.

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I want rail flashlight back also.

Back? When did they remove the rail-flashlight? You can just make one if you screwdriver a flashlight.

It doesn’t emit light while on your hip/back and is therefore useless.