Survivor Guide [5/5/2023]

[5/5/2023] : Survivor Guide

You have somehow ended on this sesspool of a role on CM, arguably the worst and the best. First thing first:

Starting Out: Before doing anything, go to your preferences and select your desired survivor class in your special roles. The following are available:

  • Civilian Survivor
    The worst of them all, you start off with little to no gear and often lacking the bare minimum. Do NOT pick unless you are planning to die (or you understand the risks and want to be a bartender or a salesman for whatever reason)

  • Medical Survivor
    Decent choice, provides you with the skill to use complex medical equipment like trauma and burn kits, allows you to defiblerate and save your dead fellows.

  • Engineering Survivor
    On par with being the best survivor, you get the ability to shock doors which stun xenos, make elaborate cadelines which will be completely invulnerable to t1’s and t2’s, and you most of the time start of with a nailgun.

  • Security Survivor
    On par with being the best survivor, you start off with good armor or a jacket and typically spawn in with molotov’s and a powerful rifle.

  • Corporate Survivor
    Just a Corporate Liaison, often times you wont get any skills other than leadership so do not use this on lowpop.

  • Hostile Survivor
    Spawns you in as a CLF guerrilla, typically spawning in with subpar armor and sometimes a good kevlar headgear.

Pro tip, be sure to ready up as soon as the countdown on the round begins as to assert psychological role priority dominance over other rollers.

What is your favorite survivor role? Pick one or up to two, hopefully this gives new players an understanding on what people go for if they are confused.

  • Hostile Survivor
  • Engineering Survivor
  • Security Survivor
  • Medical Survivor
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Pick your role wisely, the only ones you should avoid when first starting out are;

  • Corporate Survivors

  • Civilian survivors

  • Hostile Survivors

Spawned in? Now what?
Unfamiliar with what you gear is? No worries!

  • Survival Pouch Contains all your basic medical and engineering supplies, a roll of 10 pieces of gauze, tricordazine pills, crowbar, radio, and a flashlight.

  • Satchel Dont be fooled by this! This may hold unseen secrets, check it after spawning in and you may be pleasantly surprised to find some nice items which may come your way like a nailgun or a kickass revolver.

I dont have a gun? What do I do?

  • Fear not my friend, guns are easy to find as a survivor. Your preffered option should be a shotgun, as it will easily stun and kill xenos in only 1 or 2 shots.

Why cant I put my gun on my waist?

  • You lack a gun compatible jacket most likely, construction vests and CMB jackets are preffered but Wey-Yu and soft bodyarmor are also acceptable.

Your equipment:
Green: What you start with
Red: What you dont start with, but should get

Blue: Optional gear, but useful

  • Radio: No specific keybind for speaking over this is needed, your shortwave radio will pick up all speech so just leave it on and speak generally when you need to. It is highly recomended to announce yourself and your location over the radio as you spawn in.

  • Shotgun: Shotgun should only be used for a maximum of 3 tile range, as anything beyond that will do jack shit for damage. Try to PB (pointblank) xenomorphs in order to stun them and follow up with a second shot.

Shotgun Ranking: Custom Shotgun > Sawn Off Spearhead Rival > Spearhead Rival > M37 Pump Shotgun > HG Pump Shotgun

  • Rail Flashlight: Use a screwdriver on a flashlight to turn it into a rail flashlight, mount it on a shotgun/item mounted outside your bag/holster.

  • Nailgun/Welder: Your teammates will thank you, and you will thank yourself. These are surprisingly rare once you stop looking for them, so its good to pick up a nailgun to easily repair cades (hold metal in one hand, nailgun in the other) or to weld them fixed!

  • Fireaxe: Fireaxes deal an absaloutely ridiculous amount of damage, might seem counterproductive to get that close to a xenomorph but fireaxes are worth it if you practice your CQC. But please… Give it to a synthetic, cant use guns so this is their second best bet.

“Ok, im completely lost what do I do?”
Dont be no baldie! Ask questions over the radio. We WILL show you where to go!

  • LV-624: Secure Dome > SW of the map, SW of Corporate Dome and South of LZ2
  • Solaris Ridge: Literally no common hold spot, its about an even split between mineshafts, marshalls office, and garage.
  • Kutjevo Refinery: NW, LZ2 wooden shack in the mountainside is your bet.
  • Fiorina Science Annex: NE LZ/Survivor Camp

Map tips:

  • Incendieary shells are in the Marshalls armory at Solaris
  • Flamethrowers are avaliable at Shivas Snowball north of Administration
  • Fragmentation grenades are scattered around Fiorina
  • Mineshafts on Solaris provides the best loot for survivors, try and get there if you can by blowing podlocks.

Or refer to the wiki… CM-SS13 - Wiki

Your Medicine
What injectors do I take and when do I use them?
Red: High Priority Injectors (Take if you can, or have limited space)
Green: Low Priority Injector (Take if you can)
Orange: Fuck these injectors throw them in the trash

  • Bicardine : Pretty self explanatory, use it if you get slashed
  • Kelotane: This is more critical than most think, as spitters will deal an insane amount of damage without this
  • Oxycodone: Wonder Drug, will remove all painslowdown (unless you’re near crit)
  • Tramadol: Great to use in pair with oxycodone, lasts almost twice as long and is very effective and will help that you don’t accidentally OD yourself on oxy.
  • Dexalin+: Do not, forget this if you can take it. You WILL get organ damaged, your lungs WILL get fucked by a drone’s tailstab. This will be more important, and you will regret not taking it.
  • Tricordazine Injector: You have tricord pills, but having 15U of tricord in an injector that you can use instantly is extremely useful in combination with the other drugs.
  • Inaprovaline: Classic xeno agent weapon, Do not use this. If you get to a point where you ‘need’ Inaprovaline, straight up kill yourself. Its not worth it keeping yourself in crit and alive to get capped and basically revert all the xeno slayin’ you’ve done by giving yourself as a cap.

Tips and tricks for medicine:
Keep your injectors in a lifesaver belt or in a webbing, so that they are easily accessible on one screen and you can dose yourself with medicine effectively.
If your teammate falls dead, do not wait, run over and give them a shot of tricord and oxycodone otherwise it is garunteed that they will succumb to their wounds.

Advanced Suicide Guide
“its so fucking joever”

Well, the time for death has come, and you are no xeno agent so you wont be giving them a capture. There are three primary methods:

Death by stabbing: Stab yourself on as many limbs as you can, or just stab one limb in particular (unarmored preferably) so you bleed out, or die on the spot

Death by shooting: Use a gun, go on harm intent, and target your chest or limbs and click on yourself, you will PB yourself, this is prefferable since it does not perma you…

Death by explosion: Pretty self explanatory, if you have a welding tank nearby or a fragmentation grenade (m15 is best) prime it and run towards a xenomorph, take one out with you. Dchat will be very entertaining.

Tip: Do not kill yourself by OD, this moreorless garuntees you will never be revived

Thats all I have for this guide, if there is anything else I missed or should add please let me know, this is my first guide but I hope its detailed enough to give some of the newer players a better understanding.

Parting words:

Dont locker hide, locker hide if lame, lockerhide if weak, lockerhide if admit unrobust/xeno agent!




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Didn’t let me vote for corporate survivor. -1


Corporate Survivors are pretty stinky, roll engineer


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I play survivor for the RP afterwards, and the best way is corp surv.