Survivor Respawn for Delayed Deployment RP

What I am suggesting is allowing those who have picked the survivor role to respawn if they die for the below reasons:

  • Primarily to encourage more people to play the role so that it gives Xenos more people to fight at the start of the round.
  • Secondarily this allows the USCM to take more time before deployment and engage in RP and not to rush to save those on the ground as they can simply respawn and not be made to suffer for it.
  • The more time it takes for the USCM to deploy, the more time the Xenos have to set traps, which have frankly been lacking in recent times.
  • Makes the colony feel populated, both at the start for those there, and when the USCM arrives, to see the carnage that has taken place and signs of battle.
  • This adds more of a story to those who find the spread remains, as survivors will as a result of being able to respawn, focus on RP related elements as opposed to simply being robust or be removed from the round as a human.
  • To stop survivors being able to live long enough to be found by the USCM, dying much later in the round and then respawning, survivors should be made to leave the round as that character after having given their reports to the Commander/CMP/CL etcetera. Or otherwise have their ability to respawn taken away after a certain time.
  • By encouraging more unrobust survivors, Xenos will (potentially) have more hosts.

I like the idea to allow survivors to respawn, as currently only people who really like survivor and want to become xeno later, want to become xeno anyways or just want to shotgun through the colony before having to leave play survivor. This would also make surviving somewhat easier as more survivors would be around, however this might cause problems with metagaming, as example if the not-anymore-survivors take a quick look around, make a list with all fortified locations and see the hive location before respawning as XO or SO.

I don’t like the idea of survivors being able to respawn if they simply died on the colony.

That’s your character, you should be making your best attempt to survive. If you are able to respawn you care less about surviving, and I’d be worried survivors would use the role to dive the hive more while they’re evolution locked because they could care less if they died.

I would be for allowing survivors to respawn if they manage to cryo on the ship and want to play a marine role.

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if you die as a survivor your only respawn should be xeno

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kinda ruins the point of survivor, i personally don’t support this change

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Counter point, if survs are killed, they can respawn as marine role, if they are capped, they have to be xeno. It’s only fair. And it forces xenos to attempt to at least cap them, rather than “haha they died, now they will spawn as burrowed larva”

No. If you died as survivor that is your used human/USCM role. Playing Xeno is your recourse. Survivor is supposed to be hard. It does not require more hand holding.

As surv main, heck no. This ruins the whole point of surviving, survivor is a unique role and not a secondary role which people should be rolling who will already be PFCs.

We already have an issue with 1-2 locker hiders per round who cuck you over, having the respawn is literally just 0 risk lockerhiding, and I absolutely dont like it as it removes teamplay, and the actual need to survive. Its already frustrating enough to play with people who dont use their radios, who lie to you and kill you with FF when they obviously dont need to and making the role such carelessly “secondary” since you can respawn as a marine will most definitely make this a bigger issue…