Survivors- bad blood preds

This would be a rare survivor spawn seperate from the normal survivors of the round consisting of predators who have (lore wise) broken the honor code. They will get some predator gear, as defending xenos with bats and spears is a little difficult. However the gear is low functioning due to wear. My idea is that there will be a falconer pred, hound master pred, and a blazer pred.

Falconer has access a mediocre plasma caster which can fire low power stunning shots or damage shots. Can stun t1 and slow t2. Falconer also gets falcon drones that I need ideas for. In the games they swoop down as a swarm and deal big to a single target. Maybe it can just be a resprited smart disc you can control.

Hound master spawns with 2 hounds, which are player controlled and must obey their master. They deal decent damage and can heal by resting. Hound master also gets a long range whip like in the games.

The blazer predator gets broken millitary gear from when where he deserted. He owns the blazer weapon, which is a modified plasma caster that shoots fire.

What do pred survivors do?

They survive xenomorphs, as well as the predators if it is a pred round. After that, they can cause chaos… apart from killing medics and unarmed, they can pretty much do whatever they want since they have such shitty gear, as long as its not too crazy… Or maybe thats a bad idea, idk lol!

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one issue (among many but this is the biggest one)
Pred is whitelisted, and if it’s rare (and whitelisted) then you’ll basically never actually see it in game. Whitelists also mostly require you to play a specific character, and playing them as a honor code breaker generally wouldn’t make sense, so even less people are gonna play it, because they’d have to make up a new character entirely for it, maybe three for each of the types if they’re particularly dedicated to the RP.

i only support this idea if it means that preds can call in Hydra’s and Blazers to kill the deserting blazer.

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I don’t think that anyone should have to explain how much of a terrible idea it would be to have bad bloods running around.

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And what if xenos get a predalien? Which would be considerably easier as there’s no marines yet, and the pred is severely under equipped. That would have a big effect on the roundflow

As others have stated, this is an unbalanced suggestion. Not only are preds very powerful in their current state they can also be very influential to Xenos if they get a cap like Beagle said, if Xenos get a pred alien before Marines even land it’s gonna be hard for Marines to get a foothold.

Also, there’s the issue this would have to be whitelisted and thus survivors wanting to play that round would be cucked and prevented from playing Survivor.

They dont have to be overpowered and busted like our current preds. They can still self destruct, they can get hunted by the normal predators, like cat and mouse. They shouldn’t have to take up the normal survivor slots. In fact the point is that the bad bloods and survivors can interact with eachother at the beginning.

Just because a pred can SD doesn’t mean they can’t be captured, adding them with weakened gear is just ASKING for Xenos to get a predalien early.

And interact how? If you mean Survivors and Preds teaming up that probably has so many issues I can’t list them all.

You’d have more luck reworking Predators as a concept for the game than adding a Predator survivor.

Pred survivor capped by xeno, predcord flooded in and bomb entire hive for the predalien.
Pred survivor died to marines, marines looted pred gears and get bombed by gear recovery preds.
Great idea.

If xenos get a predalien thats cool, makes the round more fun. Aslong as its on the same rarity as a nightmare insert, then I’m all for this idea.


Preds were a mistake.

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I’d support someone completely reworking Predators to be part of a proper game mode.

Wait its actually in the code that predators birth a predalien if they are hugged? I always thougth the things research can cook up are abominations. You know like white xenos, just with predetor instead of human dna.

All Predators are guarnateed to birth a predalien if infected.

The only way you’d come close to survivor Predators is if they had some hardcode exception to giving birth to predaliens and had massive restrictions on gear.

Even then, it is so unlikely to be accepted, and such a huge amount of effort to get em in, that you’d have more luck reworking the concept of Predators than adding a Predator survivor.