Sval Komtaree - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Sval Komtaree

What is your BYOND key?

Sval Komtaree

What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Irvine ‘Grandad’ Adama - Lenore Adler - Kaylee ‘Shygal’ Muise

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

None prior applications submitted.

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Holdiay’s quirk is that she is highly expressive and incredibly talkative.

Holiday is a Psychological welfare worker (primarily) and as such she is extremely interested in people and conversing with them, both professionally and informally. Engaging in conversation with people with such a high frequency is intended to help her learn as much about the people around her as possible in order to understand an individual(s) and befriend them with the hope that this will make them more open and receptive to psych treatment as that bond of trust has already been established. As this would imply I intend Holiday to be incredibly friendly, positive and informal (when appropriate). She’s everyone’s best friend and everyone’s shoulder to cry on.

I understand that this quirk could be critiqued as somewhat generic but I view this as a positive in that it’s very malleable and adaptable for RP.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Holiday is a transfer from the HMS Churchill (Forgive me if that isn’t the proper term for 3WE ships I could find no source material for it) and as such she is already very familiar with a military setting and as such she will offer everyone the respect and privileges that their rank provides them, as she is programmed to do.

Regardless of a marine’s position, Holiday will interact with everyone in a very casual manner and attempt to talk to said individuals about their personal lives as a disguised method of psychological assessment to discover if there is any underlying trauma that may suggest the need for psychological treatment.

Particular topics of conversational interest to Holiday outside of inquiry into the lives, thoughts and feelings of others are; The different approaches in psychology, famous historical figures concerning psychology of the early 18th-19th century, religion, morality, her service amongst the 3WE’s IASF.

To provide the golden standard of support and assistance for long-deployment vessels of the Royal Navy. Holiday’s primary objective is to provide top-notch psychological support to active service members, which it accomplishes through dialogue, breaking down barriers, and attempting to connect with them to ease treatment.
This model is an excellent addition to any support network for any active-duty vessel and is guaranteed to be the strongest chain of that vital network. “Building the strongest chain by helping the weakest link!

  • In my headcannon she’s specifically marketed towards 3WE military and her military allies, rarely seen on colonies that aren’t on the frontier as I associate inner colonies as having much better access to amenities and healthcare than frontier ones which would necessitate a synthetic that could provide that crucial support.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

In all honestly i’ve wanted to be a synthetic since the very moment I realised it was in CM but I never had the courage to write up a story and I found my mechanical and RP ability lack.

I primarily want the position as I personally see it as the most interesting WL as in my personal view it is the perfect position for meaningful and interesting roleplay, I have a set pre-defined character, I will be held to a high standard, and the nature of being a synth presents would present me with a wide array of scenarios to find myself in and RP in. I’ve grown tired of the combat of CM and I just want to have interesting interactions.

Mechanically I also feel that I reach the high standard of a synth, I’ve practised all the relevant support positions and I am quite proficient in them all.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

My most memorable interaction with a synth was as a colony survivor, a colony synth realised this was clearly my first round as a survivor showed me the basics and protected me while I was trying to find a safe spot to hide. Once we were certifiably safe we spent the remaining 10-15 or so minutes talking to each other; our lives pre-disaster, the friends we lost and we would go or what we would do if we ever made it to safety. I’m sorry to say that this was some years ago and I have long forgotten their name, I do have other interactions with synths I remember with more detail but this is the one that means the most to me as it was by far the most interesting and meaningful time I ever spent just talking to a synthetic.

Synthetic Character Story:



Extremely familiar, I spend most of my time in CM building expansive FOBs, I understand the importance or working with the space that we have available, so my doctrine is based around building as many layers as possible in the limited space we have available, using the 5x5 box method between 2 rows of sidelines to segment the inner space between 2 cade rows into 2 or more independent structures additionally. I understand how best to use our limited metal and plasteel and I attempt to make the best economical use of it. Outside of building the FOB, I remain very familiar with engineering, how to fix an APC, colony lights, restoring colony power, trijent filtration, and constructing computer and machine frames.


Very familiar, admittedly I am not the best at leading it but I am very familiar with it nonetheless; I am familiar with CIC itself, and I have a solid ability to interpret the information relayed to me by Marines and the information I observe from their cams into executable orders that save lives, push ground and keep the marines informed of the tactical situation so they can best make their own independent decisions.


Very familiar, I see Doctor and Corpsmen as my comfort roles, it was my primary before Engineering. Recently I created the character Kaylee ‘Shygal’ Muise and I have used to return to medical for most of my rounds these past 2 weeks. Admittedly I had a very poor start when I first dabbled a few years back with medicine but time has been an excellent teacher and I have improved. I am extremely conservative with my supplies as I understand that resupplying my medicine is time-consuming and takes me away from where I am needed most. I have etched all of the surgeries into the very fibre of my being and I am quick to perform them, to save time I can confidently operate on multiple parts of a person at a time and I have no use for a body scanner, though I will still use one as a precautionary (I don’t know if they’re hugged). I am also able to handle extreme pressure very well and I do not let it cloud my ability to remain focused on the patients in my care.


Very familiar, I had excellent teachers. I am able to quickly service a REQ line without delay, locations for equipment have been memorised and I am able to operate the ASRS console to buy anything the Marines may need or request. I also understand that the needs of Marines do shift with time, initially, i prioritise mats for the FOB as they need the materials to create a secure perimeter and I will eventually reduce/stop mat drops (unless requested by marines) in favour of ammunition and other consumable like flares, flashlights etc. I also switch on all squad comms for brief periods so I can directly ask each squad what they need, take into account what I have already sent and what the budget permits and do my best to accommodate. Lastly I am familiar with the usage of all the squad launch pads. Ultimately I feel that req just comes down to common sense, don’t blow the budget on being silly, ask what the marines need and make sure you stamp all your sheets before you send them back down and it’s a relatively calming department.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

A synth is doing surgery just behind the frontline, no marines are around, a synth is permitted to act defensively and attack xeno that may be slashing the unconscious marine but should only do so to ward off said xeno. They should make zero attempts to pursue or continue their attack once it is out of sight and should instead retreat to a safe position with the marine. The synth would only be permitted to re-engage if the xeno keeps coming back to attack it or the marine.

A synth is assaulted by a marine but as they are protected by marine law may only make an attempt to subdue them non-lethally.

A synth may potentially engage a xeno that is dragging off a marine into the hive in order to preserve the marine’s life and make the xeno retreat so said synth can recover the marine.

A synth may choose to engage hostile humans such as CLF or UPP as they are outside of marine law, however, they should not actively hunt them and should maintain a “violence only in defense” posture as a synth being a murder machine is a no no.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Thank you to Bruno for his criticism of my synth story, his help was invaluable.
(He was the only one I was brave enough to show it to, I was nervous leave me alone okay it’s daunting)


I forgot to mention my playtimes, for those who are interested, so here they are.

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Happy to vouch for competence.


I know the player plays a lot of engineering especially as bravo, I never get to see the full FOB personally as a delta player but from the other people’s opinions that I hear of they’re pretty good at it, so they get my vouch there.

Between the first two characters, I never expected them to be playing both of those as the RP for them, both how they’re done, the speech and their characteristics were so different that I was actually surprised and impressed when I knew they were played by the same player. With that said, not only did that happen but the in game RP that I’ve experienced and seen from the player has been very satisfying, so they get my vouch there.

Maybe it’s with their third character that I never noticed but I didn’t see them playing a lot of shipside roles, such as doctor or req so I can’t say much about this part, but play times show they definitely did some time there though I recommend a bit more experience and time in req in case they were needed to solo req as a synthetic should this app be accepted.

I’m personally interested in seeing how this synthetic will be when played, as I have high hopes of the kinds of RP they may provide. Overall they get a solid +1 from me.

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I am happy to +1 this. Man is competent and has the required RP level. Also a good community member. Do the corps proud.

The new Day synth model very cool. If Morrow says you’re good then I’ll give you a +1

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After reading your story, mainly the dialogue, I’m pleased that your focus isn’t to be a generic NPC with basic responses.

But there’s some problems I want to address. One thing being your name… How do you misspell your Synth’s name, like c’mon!! I’m being sarcastic but it is an issue and I do hope you won’t show spelling errors if this application is accepted, I understand it is a “oops” moment but it raises confusion as well.

Onto my main concern, your attitude. I’m hearing mixed messages about your OOC behavior being quite rude to people. Hell you were even rude to me one day about an issue I won’t bring up here. My question is this, “how can the synthetic council trust you won’t cause shit OOC/ outside the game.” I understand your comments towards me were months ago but I don’t know if they’re still an issue to this day.

Side note, I can vouch your engineering so I do suggest you play more medical and command roles. It would be easier if you stuck to one character but that’s just me.

+1 awesome person,amicable, cool
the story evidently has a lot of effort put in it, i like the synth and its personality too
good luk

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I am aware that I miss-spelt Holiday as Holdiay a few times. I don’t know how else to excuse it other than an “oops moment” like you said. Goofy mistake. I don’t have any legitimate answer for you here other than that I type pretty fast and just messed up with that particular word. Rest assured it won’t be a recurring thing going forward.

Regarding your concerns about me OOC, I was a shitter when I first joined the server for about a year (I joined about 2 years ago) because I was on the receiving end of some very bizarre staff enforcement so I was just being hostile to people however I haven’t had any negative OOC interactions with everyone for at least a year now.
I don’t remember the specifics between me and you but I do remember it happening but that was just me trying to get a rise out of you I would assume. No excuse for it regardless and as such I will apologize for that. I’m not really interested in being a cunt to people anymore OOC.

It’s occurred to me that everyone already knows Grandad and can vouch for my engineering so… yeah I’ll try to play a lot more Doctor or Corpsmen as you suggest for the remainder of this observational period. I would stick to 1 character like you said but they’re both very distinct personalities and I enjoy the variety I get from playing both plus I just like having different characters for different roles in the game.

Edit: After checking my chat logs I have discovered what I said to you. You were removed from the staff after being accused of harassment and I just made light of that fact.


I never had a real reason to make an account before, but I created one just because of how competent this player is.

I fully trust their ability to roleplay, and competency to act upon orders as a synthetic while upholding a character and staying true to the rules.

The most shocking thing was learning that he plays Lenore. it was stated above, but it is genuinely surprising how different Irvine Adama and Lenore Adler are from each other.


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Had my fair share of experiences and will say they know what they doin, got my +1

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To my understanding, these things usually only last a few weeks and I have a busy schedule for the next day or two so I might forget to check here before the decision is made and the thread is locked.

So I will say thank you to those of you who supported my application, I didn’t expect this level of support and whether or not this application is accepted or denied I am grateful for it. Thank you all.

Hi SvalKomtaree, and thanks for your interest in our Synthetic Whitelist.

We are pleased with your roleplay ingame and several Synthetics including Council members have vouched for your expertise in comtech/engineering. We also felt that your medical work was good, but you could probably become an absolute expert in it as a Synthetic. Overall, the vetting coupled with your reputation and application give us confidence in your abilities.

Welcome aboard, Holiday! :mechanical_arm:

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