swagger123456 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - swagger123456

What is your Discord ID?

What is your BYOND key?

Total Ban Duration
perma its been around 2 months since then.

Reason for Ban
Rule 1 infraction, 18+ content; discord ToS violation: posted a photo of someone in a BDSM body suit with sexual pumps on their body.

I can not find the original photo but it was sourced from a tiktok sent to me from a friend with the as mentioned picture with the background saying “I think my uncle has covid” which was meant to be a joke on them having a condition that is somewhat minor but is in a hospital bed and looks more severe than it is. In a somewhat medical looking (they seemed to be on a hospital bed with the pumps looking like iv’s to me at least)

Although not intentionally showing the 18+ content, I had posted a picture that was inappropriate for a volunteer to post and went against everything I had applied for the role for. Endangering the younger members of the community, and overall not being profressional. This has shown to me that, despite what I would like to believe, I was not ready to be a volunteer and too childish for the role. So I have decided to give up on regaining or pursuing any roles pertaining to moderation and whitelists, and focusing on becoming a better person within the community and player, from being dewhitelisted to both of my removals from the volunteer role. I have proven to be a shitty person and player and I do sincerely apologize to those I may have harmed with the photo or just my actions as a whole. And I do hope one day I can regain the trust if any I had in this community starting with this appeal.

I’m not accustomed to this new forum system so I probably messed something up.

Assigned to the discord team for review :slight_smile:

You were already permanently banned from the discord once, then you were permabanned again. The discord team believes that because you’ve already been banned twice, you do not deserve another chance to come back to the server. Until further notice, we will not be accepting you back into the discord server.