Synthetic Xenomorphs

Exactly as the title says, synth xenoes. They are a concept i’ve thought about as a middleground between greenos, and research doing nothing. It would essentially be T1 xenomorphs with a silver and metal carapace, that cannot revolt against marines. They can’t even hurt them if they wanted to. But the sucker is that you can only make up to a certain amount depending on pop (like 1 for every 15-20 xenoes or so, with one to start). It would all have to do with either the current research chemicals, or the disks and such thats on “long term” github. and of course, it would be the researchers making them, so they get to chose what T1 caste they get.

But they would be better then their organic counterparts, the same way synthetic humans are just generally better.

So the drone would be able able to “eat” metal, and make them the same way as humans, but either much quicker, or at a discount, like 4 mats instead of 5 etc. They could also give inaprov and trica to marines, as a very first aid medic.

Runner wouldn’t change much, but it would be the only one who could “eat” downed marines to recover them, or just generally drag dead/downed marines. could also give them the backpack that greenos can have to make them a sorta saint bernards dog.

Defender, i don’t have much to say about, except making them the tankiest it can be, or do more knockback effects to bully xenoes. But it should be the one who should frontline, and activly be on the frontline.

Sentinel however, should either be able to “eat” slugs and be able to spit them out on xenoes, doing a small stun and maybe having IFF (BIG MAYBE)

The deciding factor in making these not that OP, would be that they need plasteel to make, and make them a permanent slot lost if they get gibbed by queen (I think they should be able to be revived infinitely like synths maybe, as they are a big asset that shouldn’t be lost immiditely).

But the amount of HP, damage and armour is up to admins and such, as i have no experience balacning this game and i’m not gonna try to.

And just to clarify, it SHOULD cost a lot of research points to make them, while having level 5X. It should be an “either we go greenos or we go synthetic”.

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by “synth xeno” do you mean Xenoborg or jeri the synth that looks like a xeno?



More xenoborg. I just imagine some big ego WY director saying “Oh you think xenomorphs are the superior species!? Well i’ll make one and make it better!”.

So they would “behave” similar to xenos, so they wouldn’t pick up non-bodies/ammo/metal.

The only thing i might want “enforced” would be that they could either only talk very simple, AKA working joe, or only through gestures, as they would only speak robot.

And if given the goahead from an admin, i’d probably both sprite and code this thing in myself

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Sounds more like a drunk research TL, directors would probably be more interested in the money side.


cool idea, i dont mind making them better than regular xenos but they shouldnt be nigh immortal, welding metal plates onto a person doesn’t make them immortal.

Making a synthetic with the capabilities of a xenomorph is also a cool idea. Imagine eve but with healing pheros or adrian with claws that can tear down resin walls and the like quickly, or Yin with literal acid instead of rhetorical acid

In order to revive a synth Xeno you would have to bring it back to research and drop it i. The machine that made them again and spend plaststeel to repair it. Or something as punishing.

Because I don’t want a major commitment to be thrown away just because the player was a bit bald. At least let the marines recover it a bit.

I could see the idea of a customizable synthetic that could be moulded to appear like a xenomorph, could be a interesting concept to give to research to meddle with. More as a fluff thing than something I’d expect to make a major impact with the round.

I mean, it’d be a lot of coder effort for something of dubious impact

So the jeri xeno synth?

I personally want it to be a bonus at the same level as stimms and greenos. Not something OP but something that would help marines after they got enough points for it. It would also make for a decision between masses of greenos or just a pair of synthos.

That and I think at least 40% of the players would love to play robodog.

robot dog