Szymonalex1231N - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - Szymonalex1231

What’s your BYOND key?


What’s your Discord ID?


Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Randy ‘Outlaw’ Pratt / GB-###

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?

Ce’urka Loxzil

What clan are you joining?


If minor: Give your clan lore.


Yautja Character Story:

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I accidentally have the name on “Szymonalex1231N”, its supposed to be without the N :+1:

Edited the post few hours ago, the “Szymonalex1231N” didn’t get fixed for some reason…

Due to lack of community support and the recent 7 day ban im going to deny this on behalf of council.

You can try again in 30 days. I suggest you try to make yourself well known because before your ban all the predators who have been discussing your application have no idea who you are.