T3 Drone Caste - Augur

Opinions and ideas incentivized and appreciated. Feel free to tear it apart with criticism or praise it as the greatest thing ever…


I really like this idea. Its about damn time we add something new.

My only concern is that the “enact will” ability will be too boosted. Perhaps “nerf” it a bit.

Thanks for adding something cool with that much detail !


Sounds… AWESOME.

Same thing as previously mentioned, enact will sounds too OP, especially when it could be used on a marine throwing an OT nade or a marine might walk into a SADAR.

With the enact will ability, this sounds like a T4. Having control over what other marines do is very powerful.

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I dont know, maybe im thinking too on the surface or im getting the wrong idea, but I feel like this wouldn’t have a place in CM. I feel like this is something that TGMC would have, this feels a little “over the top” even for CM in my opinion.

Useless outside of hallucination. Extremely aids to play against. And hallucination itself would be extremely toxic with people essentially griefing others shooting at things that dont exist.

Sounds pretty awesome but I think being able to control people would be a bit problematic. Think of all the player reports that people will make when they get gunned down by a team mate only for it to turn out they were mind controlled. Or you could even have griefers shooting people and then saying “Oh no I was mind controlled it wasn’t me!”. Also it just sounds pretty OP, marines have way higher DPS than xenos so being able to make marines shoot each other is kinda crazy.


While the finer balance could do with work, I feel like a pulsing purple aura around the victim of Enact Will could help a lot, for both the “The augur bombed the FOB not me” griefers, and for the people on the receiving end of strange behavior. Being able to tell someone is being mind controlled would help explain some behavior, but it still wouldn’t ruin the effect of running into fire, shouting ‘medic’, or tell you which sound effect was the fake one.

With that being said and alongside the Zombies game mode: I - the HRPer - love it. However, without a dedicated section to the Augur in the Rules page I see a lot of trouble coming from this: Unless a distinctive Joe Baldo begins firing against his own will! message is implemented with acts like shooting under the influence, and without a limit on the ability, it may lead to a meta of gunning-down infected marines and sending them away for extraction in interest of preventing damage.

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Amazing idea, honestly having more representation of the crazy hivemind the xenos have is pretty good idea generally. Because rigth now its just that the queen is a comms relay. But there is so much more to it.
Also, its really just inviting players to giref. Big problem with that. My idea would be to let the player thats being controlled have a seaizur after wards. Shaking, passed out, foam in mouth. There brain been fucked with hard, so would make sense if they just have a breakdown from that. Wouldnt be as usefull as other ideas here but ehh.

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is that xeno cannon in the alien unviers?

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First, cannon explodes things and canon is what devs cite when they need a reason to merge dumb nerfs. About the beno, I found like nothing about it, so I doubt it is, but we shouldn’t limit ourself too much because lore.