Takemi - Mentor Application

Mentor Application - Takemi

What is your BYOND key:

What is your Discord ID:

What are your IC names?
Muhammad “Takemi” Lee

Why do you want to become a Community Mentor?
As someone who goes in Byond/SS13/CM13 without a friend help directly, I was confused with some of the control that I found unituitive. Thankfully, on my first deployment there was a SEA that helped me learn. Over the course, from using mentorhelp, several members of the community teaching me the ropes, I learned to love the game. As someone who is helped alot, I would like to give and and in turn teach other newbie on playing and enjoying the game like I do.

Mechanics and Troubleshooting Questions:

How do I set a key to pump my shotgun and how do I set a key to pick up my shotgun?
First there is only one shotgun that needs to be pumped and its the “free” shotgun, other shotgun dont need pumps. If you really have the pump shotgun, you need to have it in your hand and use spacebar as the hotkey, or you can go hardcore and press the special action button on bottom right of the screen. To pick up your shotgun you can set up keybind in Byond, but recently there was addition of pickup hotkey that remembers the last 2 things you held, that key can be also used and can be set on the preference tab, edit hotkey.

I was told you can cycle where you’re aiming with the numpad but it’s not working. Am I doing it wrong?
Not really sure on this one because I dont have numpad, but maybe check your numpad lock? Also what I do is set up hotkey to cycle forward or backward on aiming to a key in the keyboard.

When I click on a vending machine or computer the window doesn’t pop up, or pops up blank. How do I fix that?
Try to go to OOC tab, then use the fix interface or fix TGUI verb. Barring that you could try the ye olde CM fix which is close game, clear Byond cache, clear internet explorer cache.

I keep moving in one direction without touching anything. How do I stop?
Not sure on this as I’ve never had this but maybe try to reconnect? Barring that you could try the ye olde CM fix which is close game, clear Byond cache, clear internet explorer cache.

I’ve reconnected a few times and spawned in but everything is black. Is there something I can do?
You could try the ye olde CM fix which is close game, clear Byond cache, clear internet explorer cache.

Marine Groundside Questions:

I’m a smartgunner right now. Which ammo type should I use and what do both do?
Smartgunner use the M56 smartgun drum, it only have one “magazine” but the gun have two modes, accurate and AP mode. Use the normal mode on unarmored xenos like spitter, lurker, runner, and use AP mode on armored xenos like defender and warrior.

How do I rename the APC?
Is this power APC or the vehicle APC?
AFAIK power APC name automatically updates to its location
Vehicle APC (though its not usable in the time of my writing) can be named in the vehicle tab and either check status page or there is a naming verb

[u]How do I laze stuff for CAS, mortars, OBs, and supply drops?CAS: Need laser designator, hold in hand, activate it to see through the distance, control click on the place you want to laze and wait (no skill needed, skill increase speed of lazing) but using laze you need to hold the laze until CAS came, dont cancel it

Mortar, OBs, supply drop: Can use laser designator or rangefinder (difference: rangefinder only can laze for coords but not CAS, laser designator can do both, use alt-click to change its mode red is CAS). Same as lazing for CAS but after you are done you will get a set of coords, copy and paste to communicate it to person on the OB/mortar/supply drop. Also last lazed coords are saved on the bino and can be seen when examining the bino.[/u]

How can I tell if CAS or an OB will be able to hit where I’m lazing?
Shift+click on ground to examine it, read description on the ROOF.
No roof: Anything can hit
Metal roof (but wont stop anything): Can use anything but cant use laze for CAS as CAS cant see it, use flare and communicate direction + offset
Roof (But can stop some) Can only use CAS with flare
Cavern (Can stop most ordnance): Only OB
Thick resin roof (hivecore): Nothing

How do I fix power?
There are 3 states of power, but you can check what tools to use when examining it, steps are:
-Weld (Dont forget to turn on blowtoch and use eye protection if you still want to have a working eye)
Takes sometime but when you are done, click on the power generator to turn it on, it will deteriorate by itself so need fixing time to time.

If power is up but certain area is not “turned on” try to fix apc on the area

Xenomorph Questions:

I keep lunging as warrior, but I don’t grab the guy. Is it bugged?
Lunge only stuns the marines, you need to grab him using grab intent + click or control click on any intent

I’m playing Warden right now, what do the Protect options actually do?
Heal, shield, or rejuvante an allies you’ve selected

What are all the resin fruits and how do I get them?
Not sure about this as I have far more marine experience but I think they are made by drone strain of gardener

I’m new to xeno, what do all these castes do and which one should I play?
There are tier to xenos, try playing the lower tier as the higher tier is more valuable.

There are 4 types on early tier:
-Runner: Harass backline with speed hit and run
-Drone: Build and support
-Sentinel: ranged acid attack
-Defender: frontliner high defense
Pick whichever you like and think the perfect playstyle for you, then after some tries, try to use the higher tier xenos.

This is my first time playing queen. What should I do?
Pick hive location, build spawn pool and some structures, ask around for people to become leaders and help you in managing the hive.

After that try to lead your hive to victory and should the needs arise, try to frontline and use your screech to stun marines and let your hive defeat them all.

Medical Questions:

I just Bicard ODed a guy and his IB isn’t healing. Was that removed?
In the time of writing its usable but the bica would be used to heal any brute first, when brute total = 0 and bica OD, then IB is healed.

What’s the difference between the lifesaver belt and the medical belt. It looks like the lifesaver one is just better.:
Lifesaver hold more medicine but cant hold bigger medic equipment like defib and light ammunition.

This guy is taking toxin damage and he’s not ODed how do I fix it? I think I need to do surgery but I’m not sure where at.
Usually have liver damage or kidney damage (sign of it is chest frac or groin frac respectively), first aid is some dylovene for the damage, peridaxon to stop negative effect of organ damage, splint any frac to prevent worsening of damage, and bring to a doctor for surgery ASAP

Hey I just found the synth dead. How do I fix it?
Synth can be fixed with welder for brute damage and wires for burn damage, after all done you can defib the synth to revive it.

This is my first time doing chem. What chemicals should I make for the medics?
My go to chem as medic is MeraBica (MB), KeloDerm (KD), IAmilky (IA), and iron (Fe), but sometimes peopel go for Nitrogen Water (NW)

From my chemline experince people ask for in order of bigger frequency: IA, Fe, KD, MB, NW
Next step after you familiarize them is epinephrine and Dexalin+

Shipside & CAS Questions:

Hey, I’m trying to set up a fire mission. How do I actually set it up to land like how I want it? For example left to right.:
Imagine a cartesian diagram, the Y axis is represented by the boxes, and the X axis is represented by the offset (number in boxes)

  • means not firing at that box
    +number means offset to right
    -numbers means offset to left

Then when you try to fire, pick target, direction (West means the Y is facing west, and others similarly), and offset is offsetting the starting position (note ship is moving positive direction of Y)

I was told to load the OB and fire it. How do I actually do that? How can I send supplies down too?
Load OB: Go to OB room (Foreship lower deck on south side), use the powerloader to put the OB type on tray and add fuel according to the SPECIFIED on the computer (important to get this right), after all on tray you chamber it.
Firing OB: On CIC computers there is OB fire control, input the coords as asked by the spotter and press fire when asked to fire
Send supplies (as CIC): ask the requisition to load supplies on certain squad pad, using CIC computer overwatch on said squad, go to supply drop menu, input coords, and press send
Send supplies (as requisition): Put supplies on middle pad, use the computer on the wall of the supply pad, input coords, press send supplies

How do I get into the secure armories?
Not sure which secure armories, but I’ll list:
Almayer: Red alert and the department head need to press a button to open armory (CIC, Brig, Engi, Research have their own)
Groundside: Try to open the doors, but blast door need C4
LV624 secure storage: There was some button on the corpo dome & research but needs power, easier to C4 it

How do I get blackmarket crates?
As someone who knows engineering, open the computer (use screw, crowbar, wirecutter) until you extract the circuit board, hack the board with multitool and set it to BROAD, then put the circuit board back and build the computer back (just reverse the things you do to open the computer), voila you can access drip

How do I cook a pepperoni pizza?
Not sure how just read the cooking manual and follow it

Research and OT Questions:

How do I make a xeno from a different hive than the normal one?
As researcher when you have things to make a xeno hive, have ciphering level 2 chemicals and inject it to subjects impregnated by xenos (like using royal plasma) about 5u is enough

I have a recipe for a chem, but one of the chems I need to mix to make it isn’t on the wiki how do I get it?
Usually its the custom chem on that round that is randomized, you either get the recipe from research computer or analyze them from chems generated from mutating plants on hydroponics

How do I make formaldehyde? It keeps turning into something else, I’m not really sure how I’m meant to make it into paraformaldehyde too.:
If you follow kryll guide, the order is wrong, follow wiki, easy steps:
-have silver catalyst (reaction on silver beaker or have some like 5u of silver on the container) ← must have and people usually forgot this
-Add the methane
-Add the phoron
-Add the oxygen

There you have it (if its wrong my bad, but if its right I do this from pure muscle and brain memory and wanna flex, no wiki needed for OT stuff)

How do falloff and power work for OT explosives?
Power: Damage right on the center of explosion
Falloff: The power difference per square/meter from the center of explosion

Example: Power 100 falloff 20
Center of explosion got damage 100
1 square beside it got damage 90
2 square beside it got 80 damage

you got the point

How do fire stats for explosives work?
Fire stats are intensity, radius, and time
Intensity: Damage per tick recieved by the one who got on fire
Radius: size of fire generated on the ground
time: time of fire stays aflame

Also not written but too high of intensity (above 30 iirc) makes the fire a weird star shape that is friendly fire hazard

Moderation Questions:

I was just shot and killed by a guy. Can you do something?
if its griefing case: Then ahelp to admin and they will follow up with approriate response
If its IC reason then not much things to do than pray someone revive you

There’s an MP breaking the law. What should I do?
ahelp (admin help), MP are bound by server rule to follow Marine Law and Standard Operating Procedure

I want to do a mutiny against the CO. Can I?
Yes there are some valid reason to do mutiny, safe bet is to ahelp and ask admin permission first before starting a mutiny

The Captain is griefing right now. Can you do something?
Question written as griefing so I believe its not IC thing, so ahelp and let admin decide, they have the power to decide griefing or IC shenanigans etc or fun thing if its borderline IC thing you can IC report by fax to high command and see some cool events like MP arresting command or there are special MP sent to arrest them

Additional Questions:

Custom 1:
OT rockets/nades exploded on the spot or didnt explode at all, what can I do?

You can check if it has chems container and detonator when examining it, and if you check the lights you’ll know if OT properly make it, example:
Nades: Green light means everything is made
Rocket: Green light on tail means its fueled (wont explode on your face) and green light on head means it will explode on hitting things
Mortar: Same as rocket

As OT you can check whats inside using your cool OT gadget on your pouch when you start which I forgot the name

Custom 2:
A marine with full blood have oxy damage, what do I do?

If oxy damage at 20, means slight lung damage, give peridaxon periodically and make sure all frac are splinted to prevent further damage. Medevaccing someone too quickly can drain manpower from the front so stopgap measure like this can help

If it keeps climbing more than 20 means high lung damage, dexalin to try control oxy damage, peridaxon to prevent negative effect of lung damage, medevac or bring to FOB for organ damage surgery

Custom 3:
How to fix comms, i fixed it and comms is not on?
Welder tools to fix it until you cant
Make sure power is on and there is power APC nearby to power comms
Use multitool and add your faction frequency
IMPORTANT STEP PEOPLE FORGET: Click the comms to turn it on

Final Declaration:

Anything to add:
Human (392.5 hr)
Squad Hospital Corpsman 55.1 hr
Doctor 48.1 hr
Pilot Officer 32.2 hr
Squad Combat Technician 27.6 hr
Intelligence Officer 27.3 hr
Squad Radio Telephone Operator 27.0 hr
Squad Rifleman 24.0 hr
Ordnance Technician 22.6 hr
Military Police 17.8 hr
Squad Smartgunner 16.2 hr
Cargo Technician 14.4 hr
Maintenance Technician 14.3 hr
Chief Medical Officer 12.0 hr
Staff Officer 11.0 hr
Chief MP 10.2 hr
Researcher 8.9 hr
Squad Weapons Specialist 5.7 hr
Military Warden 4.4 hr
Requisitions Officer 3.5 hr
Squad Leader 3.2 hr
Nurse 2.0 hr
Chief Engineer 1.4 hr
Dropship Crew Chief 1.3 hr
Executive Officer 0.9 hr
Corporate Liaison 0.9 hr
Survivor 0.5 hr
Mess Technician 0.4 hr
Riot Control 0.1 hr


Erm after reviewing my mentor app vs others it seems mine is in the old format? Should I make another one?


Please do. I’m not sure how you got the old one but it’s supposedly a problem not limited to you, it works for me just fine but I’ll speak to someone about a solution. I’d also appreciate if you could just walk me through how you applied so I can see where it may have fucked up.


I like your reasoning for becoming a mentor. You have heart. I can +1 this. Lee is a solid player.


Hi yeah I will try to describe my flow as best:

  1. I was on discord and saw the forum post channel, followed one of the links to open the forum
  2. Browsed a bit and decided to start my mentor application
  3. Go to mentor applications
  4. Make new tab to read other people application and the read me section
  5. Top right make new thread button
  6. I got the application and start filling (did not now it was old one because I was only rrading the open applications so the questions dont show up, only noticed the different rrason of application after submitting)
  7. Sumbit my answers, checked my page, notice difference with some others
  8. Tried making new thread and the questions changed to new one

If you havent figured out why, maybe add some notice on the readme page for other people

Also does this means I have to make the new one?


Thank you for your kind words


This is a nice good big old ap.