Tallfission - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Tallfission

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Keaton Howard

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Tallfission - Commanding Officer Application - #28 by Lagomorphica Commanding Officer (Accepted)

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Cecelia’s personality very much morphed to fit her line of work. She was initially created to work as a logistician and general organizational mastermind for anything from working on military supply lines and cargo haulers operating in deep space, to acting as a secretary - or more aptly put, a display of one’s wealth for businessmen and politicians. She is generally warm and therapeutic in her speech to people she interacts with, often staying calm and collected, while also being very analytical of them (or really anything) in her own thoughts - discerning everything she can about them to better understand, fit, or work with them.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Cecelia, as previously stated, is required to have some level of social skills with her line of work. She’s the kind of person that would comfort and encourage her co-workers, even if they weren’t as kind or welcoming, to try and get them working towards a shared goal again. Where an officer may feel uneasy about their subordinates, she will do her best to restore their faith in the men - even if it’s not particularly warranted - to better smooth over operations and communications. Where a survivor of an XX-121 outbreak may be absolutely freaking out over their new predicament, Cecelia would be there to try and comfort them, to at least get them to a state where they can function again and fight to try and ensure their survival. Her ‘interests’ can very much change on a whim to ensure that someone feels safe and comfortable in her presence, though, at all times Cecelia shows an even greater interest in two things. Biology, human or otherwise, and (predictably) military logistics and organization. This tends to shine through a lot in her work, especially when she’s talking with other people.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

It’s a multitude of different reasons.
I’m a support player at heart. In any game you’ll probably find me playing a role that helps others. It’s fun, it’s satisfying, and I can’t get enough of it. Sadly, on CM, I’m mostly relegated to one or two things - playing a corpsman means I’ll see a really shitty or damaged cadeline, or some poor PFC who’s entire body is one big fracture, and be helpless to fix it. Playing a combat engineer means I’m going to have to watch and die a little inside as the medics get swamped and people start going perma because there’s not enough competent doctors personnel deployed. I think and am told that I’m fairly competent in all support roles, from requisitions to engineering to medical to command, and would love to get access to the job partially dedicated to helping others.

I love to write and roleplay. It’s something I’ve done for a good while now, I have a passion for it, and I’m confident in my ability to do both. Particularly, though, I’ve had an affinity for synthetic or artificial characters - I often gravitate towards them in other servers. I find the idea of any artificially created intelligence or sentience to be very fun to play around with - whether or not they’re really able to be considered ‘alive’ is still up for debate most times, and the synthetics of the ALIENS universe blur that line in the most interesting way possible to me. CO has also been great for roleplaying - I really, really love the whitelist, but unfortunately it can be very restrictive at times. Deployment isn’t something that should be done too often (at least in my opinion) and that deprives me of about 2/3 of the server’s population to be able to effectively interact with outside of comms.

Lastly, and arguably less importantly, I NEED the drip.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

I don’t have any one most memorable interaction, though I do have one story, of a time where I was accidentally spawned as a synthetic during an HvH event.

The first time I got to play a synthetic - and really the only time unless you count playing as Ivan, which was mostly a joke - was about a year or so back. During an HvH event I saw that one of the freed mobs was just a synth, and was a little confused. I took it but wasn’t told off for it (a little evil) and continued about my duties, figuring out how to play this new and interesting role. The general gist of the event was something along the lines of, ‘The UPP have intercepted the Almayer and are preparing to board.’ where all of the UPP forces would pile into ERT shuttles and then transport themselves over to the ship. I was one of the people in the first wave, where immediately upon exiting the starboard docking port, we were opened up on by the USCM. I took to dragging all of those I could back using the absolutely busted synthetic durability to run into the line of fire, quickly choke-grab people who’d overextended, then throw them back to cover where I could treat them. Sadly, I did not have surgery tools (and didn’t know that toolbelts were effectively surgery kits as well), so my treatment was limited to reviving them and sending them back into the fight. This was probably the most fun I’d had on CM in a while. Eventually we’d managed to push out of the ports, and I had gone off towards the briefing area to go support some men that were fighting there. I was sadly cut off from the rest of the force, and found myself at the portside escape pods

What nobody seemed to account for was the fact that there was almost nobody on the upper levels, as the fight was primarily centered around the hangar and medical bay at that time.
I was about halfway up the staircase, going to make my way over to the opposite side of the ship, when a PFC rounded the corner, and clearly did not account for me being there, much as I had not. I simply pointed at him, menacingly, and he started to speak, and the conversation went something along the lines of,
“Put your fucking hands up, I’ll kill you!”
To which I promptly responded with,
“I’m sorry, I think you’re mistaken of who’s at a disadvantage here.”
There wasn’t much interaction beyond that, so he instantly pulled out his rifle and started firing on me. Synthetics are, unsurprisingly, absolutely, 100% busted in CQC though, and I knew this. With better and lighter armor I was quickly able to outrun him and started pushing and pushing him over, disarming him, soaking up round after round. The poor guy actually started to scream and panicked when I threw away his rifle. He pulled a sidearm which was quickly ALSO dispatched to the other side of the hall, before I finally managed to pin him down. I got him in a chokehold, reached into my bag for some cable coil that I’d had for a while, and tied him up before hauling him on my back all the way back across the ship, over the stairs, by the AI core and then to the UPP shuttle that I’d come from. While on-board, he actually started to chat with me. I don’t remember exactly what was discussed, but we were going on about the ‘morality’ of what was going on. Where he’d be sent after he was captured, how the USCM had come to perceive the UPP as mostly faceless, godless bastards - combat synthetics, like myself, even moreso. It was fun, and a nice talk. Sadly, shortly after we parted ways and I had convinced the USCM to let me do surgery on the wounded conscripts right in front of them in medical using THEIR TOOLS, (yes, somehow, this worked) a PFC ran in and gunned me down, killing me and leaving me at the upper-aft of the ship for the rest of the round where I remained unfound. This was still some of the most fun I’d had on CM in a LONG time, and is a contender for one of the best rounds Ive had at all. I’m very, very sad I didn’t save the logs from it.

Synthetic Character Story:

Cecelia has a conversation with an officer.



Incredibly familiar! I’ve played a lot of comtech recently, way back when I got really good at disassembling walls as an MT, I’m pretty much able to discern almost every problem with a power grid and I believe I can effectively place barricades when the time is right to entrench the marines and stop them from getting steamrolled.


As a CO whitelist holder and 50% command main, I can confidently say I am (in)competent.


Very familiar. I have most surgeries (including the limb removal & face reconstruction to an extent) down to muscle memory and believe I can preform them incredibly quickly and while under pressure. I know a lot of different tricks involving medical kit, revival, and triage. I’m also confident in my abilities to handle mass casualty incidents caused by bad OBs or CAS. I am a little less familiar with chemistry & research, but I do know how to preform both of these at an acceptable level.


I’ve played a fair bit of RO. Sometimes, I may not be the best with the budget - I primarily focus on getting defensvie materials & weapons before offensive - but I’m usually very attentive to communications and it’s very rare for me to miss an order. I know how to get (almost) free ammunition, and have some pretty good multitasking skills as well.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

To quote the programming almost directly, you cannot engage in combat unless it is in the effort of preserving yourself or the life of another marine. Some examples,

A runner is consistently running up to a marine that I’ve revived in hydroponics on LV624, and I’m unable to pick them up to move them to the frontlines or FOB for protection and I’m alone. I will defend myself until the threat disengages, is disabled, or dies, by any means necessary.

A UPP conscript has me backed into a corner, and after multiple attempts to talk him down, he refuses and starts to shoot me. I’ll defend myself by completely disarming them and/or beating them into critical condition or until they surrender.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

No, and No.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

I’ve put a lot of time into this application, and I hope it shows. I’ve done my best to make up for my awful note history - which, I’ve tried to stray away from in the past year. I think I’ve done well in it.


all of my hours! (that I forgot to put in aaaa) anything below field doctor is pretty much just ERT roles

I’ve been telling this person to apply for synthetic for a long, long time and I’m glad to finally see that realized to the fullest extent here.

I cannot wait to see Cecelia on the field. I have personally observed you as a comtech, corpsman, survivor doctor, etcetera, and I believe you meet all areas of competency based off what I have seen. You are arguably one of the best roleplayers on the server and I would say that in some fields you are better than I am.

Chemistry you will be required to do, however, to operate the chem line if nobody is around. In terms of the UPP synthetic role - I did actually watch part of it, and I was pleasantly surprised. That was related to a staff event regardless, though, and you did roleplay it rather well and didn’t go full T-8000 mode and start murderhoboing everything.

I am however going to ask some questions below, although to preface this already has my +1 - I simply wish to understand the mindset and methodology going into things.


  • You are on LV-624 in the medical dome. The body scanner and the limb printer have both been destroyed, tragically. Two marines come in, two ne’er-do-wells, one of them being a no armor user and having a splinted chest fracture. He is slowly gaining toxin damage and does not seem to be overdosed on anything, and it is bypassing the dylovene he has been given. His groin is damaged, but not fractured. The second marine is dead and being dragged by him, missing his right hand. Earlier, you noted him as having quite a large amount of heart damage - enough that another defibrillation attempt may cause him to heartbreak. He is redlining, with an indeterminate amount of time left before he permanently succumbs. What do you do?

  • The pyrotechnician is actively griefing the frontline in essence by flaming multiple corpses with blueflame, immediately after a HE OB has impacted. Five marines are dead - two of them have 400 burn and 300 brute damage for a total of 700, with one redlining and one greenlining, likely dying on impact. They are still on fire, and have a body temperature of roughly 1000 degrees. The other three have only just been lit aflame with green fire, fortunately caught outside of the cluster radius - having an even split of 120 burn damage and 120 brute damage.

  • Two marines are requesting larva extraction from the eastern LV caves. You have used all of your stasis bags except for one, which you give to one marine - both of whom are medium stage bordering on late stage. The second marine outside of the stasis bag is incapable of walking at great speed, and you lack a roller bed - so you cannot push the stasis bag and fireman carry him. How do you, if at all, attempt to save both marines, assuming that the marine you attempt to fireman carry begins to uncontrollably shake?

These are incredibly difficult questions and decisions that need to be made on the fly, and the answer alone is not the only thing I am looking for - it is also the methodology and an understanding of why you are doing certain things that matter more than the answers on their own. Even a partially correct answer - or, an answer you feel is correct in the situation - is enough for me. It will also serve as a teaching experience in the event you get a question wrong.

Keep in mind, as well, that it is okay if some marines die. Sometimes that is how the dice rolls, and if you don’t think you can save everyone or have to prioritize one over the other - that is simply the way the wind blows.

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As is reflected in their own post and their hours, it took me a a second to remember where I knew ‘Keaton Howard’ from because of how perfectly she melds into every role she plays. I can think of no greater accolade for a prospective synthetic than just that:

  • They don’t act obnoxiously, to the point that you ignore them.
  • They lack an ego that would discourage those they are there to assist, not embarrass.
  • They can be assigned to a task and the lack of necessary supervising needed will make you forget they’re still doing it an hour later.

Tallfission is a player who will join a role and will be invisible in it with no other tell-tale sign than nothing has gone wrong. There are no bodies in medical, there are no breaches in the cadeline, and their squad was guided where they needed to be.

This is my +1, and humble hope that Cecelia will be the inspiration and model for other players like Tallfission to apply sooner rather than later.

Love this player. Love their character.

Stated twice, but it is alarming how well they blend in to a “normal” fit within each round I see them in. I can safely rely on their skills, and know that they are not afraid to reach out for help. Their command skills show (love keaton howard), they know that the marines are essentially a team. Synthetics can do a lot, but they’ve only got two arms at the end of the day.

I think the personality you’ve gone with is very normal, which I can appreciate. I don’t mean this in a bad light. It is highly fitting, and grounded personalities can be some of the most fun to interact with. I can feel that there was a lot of time put in behind this application, and I absolutely love it.

+1. Deserved.

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this person is absolutely awesome, shes a good co, good roleplayer, AWESOME fragger and most importantly awesome to be around
to keep it short you’re an awesome person SHAME YOU DIDNT GO PRED FIRST!!! +1


Thank you! I’ll play a lot more doctor and get chemistry down to muscle memory as well, it’s something I should be meaning to do.

As for the questions,

  1. This is a bad situation, but not a terrible one. First of all, I’m immediately cutting the small-talk and pointing at the dead guy while yelling ‘CPR!’ to get his friend to try CPR. Run over, remove his armor ASAP, then defibrillate him. Stick in revival mix and kit while the defib is charging. Even if he heartbreaks from this, at the very least I’ll have reset his death timer so that he doesn’t have any risk of going braindead on the table in front of me. Next, assuming that the marine that was dead DID heartbreak, is to put him as the priority. The armorless marine is getting peridaxon and highly encouraged to stay and give me cover - (even if he has no armor, a fractured chest and massive toxin damage that’s no doubt causing lots of pain, he’s going to be a slow and easy target for backliners if I let him wander off alone) while I work to quickly rectify the issue of the man on the table’s heart. From there, sadly, I can’t do much to fix his missing hand short of tearing off my own and slapping it on him. So he’s going to be sat off to the side while I then turn my attention to the man who’s rapidly taking toxin damage. Now there’s three possible causes of this in my eyes. Either one, he took a shitton of damage to his liver, a shitton of damage to his groin, or looking at the chemicals currently active in him if I didn’t hear him inject anything and if I see ‘Tramadol - 29.9u’ after he just spent all that time dragging his buddy back then I at least know he did overdose on something. First order of business is cutting every limb with a problem open. So the groin, chest, and any other fractured body parts. Retractors on everything, skip the clamp bleeders step because it’s useless, then retractor on the chest again seeing as it’s already fractured. I’m going to try and kit the chest and groin (or if there’s no kit available, ask the man next to me for his bandages) to repair any underlying organ damage quickly and stop the deterioration of his condition. Being a synthetic I can probably do this very fast, and it won’t have as much of an impact as if I were a doctor trying to fix everything at once. Once both of them are up and running again, I’d prioritize carrying the man with the missing hand and then asking the other to let me escort them to the FOB to get both of these fixed.

  2. Oh good lord, LCpl Jackass is killing everyone. Right off the bat, I’m going to assume that I DO have medical help - if I was alone here then I’d likely ignore the 400 burn 300 brute marine who was redlining, as there’s no feasible way for me to get them below the damage threshhold in time. They just spent god knows how long dead behind enemy lines, and I’d rather save my defib charges for the other people who’re split between 1000~ total damage among them that I KNOW I can save. If I try to revive him, it’ll waste lots of time that could be better spent trying to prevent the people who are actually recoverable from dying. If I have medical help, again, the small talk is off and I’m going to point at every medic I can see and tell them to start shocking the hell out of this guy. Another person to do CPR, as well. While everyone shocks them, I’m going to slather them in all the burn and brute kits I can, to decrease their damage by the highest possible value in the lowest amount of time. On top of this, seeing as they have 700 burn damage and a body temp of 1000, I actually do have a trick - they’re going to keep taking burn damage on their body as time goes on. I’m going to focus primarily on the most burned body part - likely the chest/groin from how damage works in CM - and keep kitting it over and over as it continues to take burn. This is essentially a faster way to graft someone’s skin back on, and works surprisingly well if you have burn kits - luckily for me I have 3+ lootboxes combat medics (hopefully) filled to the brim with supplies assisting me here. If the patient suffers a heartbreak? Tough shit, sadly, I don’t have enough time nor resources to keep working on you. If they don’t, great! There’s a good chance they won’t perma with so many people working on them. Next, then, my attention is drawn to the person with 400 brute and 700 burns. Triage begins here, now that the critical emergency is over. First, I’m treating the patient with the massive damage, obviously, unless someone is about to perma next to me. After that, it’d go in order of importance (CO, Specialists+smartgunners, etc) and damage. I’d do much the same trick as I did with the last patient on this new one, kit kit kit kit kit kit kit kit kit and if that fails, graft the shit outta them. I’d want to get them to the lowest possible damage, and ask someone to preform CPR on them, before I begin defibrillating - as I understand the synth’s defibrillator isn’t the best and only holds 7 charges, which need to be used wisely. After I get the dead man up, it’s business as usual.

  • Now - here’s the part that’s a little funky. My medical loadouts aren’t exactly the most space-efficient. I take 3 advanced medkits with ALL THE KITS. My general routine is to find someone who’s dead, mummify them with trauma and burn kits, then defibrillate them. I imagine that trauma kits are going to be a lot rarer of a resource when I’m playing a synth, as I’d need to fit everyhting else into my very limited space. I’ll take this into account when I actually do get to playing and see what i’m going to need to carry around with me.
  1. Someone is likely going to die, here. I’m not sure if synthetics get MEDEVAC beds. If they do, then great! The immediate response is going to be running the fuck out of caves, and throwing them down on it. Holler over coms for the PO to wake up and grab the MEDEVAC - hopefully, we have a good one. If I can’t evacuate one of the marines, then that’s very unfortunate. Luckily I DO still have time to do this. We’re running over to the closest surgical table at LV medical, using the synth’s move order to go with speed from the caves, all the while shaking the marine behind me up every time he starts to shake. Once we’re at medical, the marine in the stasis bag is going to be second in line for surgery, as they likely have more time. I’m going to give a hold order to stop the pain as every second counts. The process is going to be simple: Scalpel, to cut them open, scalpel to retract a little slower but faster than it would take me to grab the retractor out, take the circular saw and purposefully fail the surgery by switching hands and fracturing the chest. This makes things a lot quicker. Then it’s just PICT, and hemostat. As soon as this marine is no longer in danger, I’m going to leave them open and throw them off the table to put the next guy on. Repeat the process. Hopefully, nobody dies. If someone does burst… there wasn’t much that could be done.

I hope you’re satisfied with my answers. I’m willing to answer more if you need!


I still think Jakk made a mistake changing it from quirk to personality. Why would I go “Oh hey it’s Cecelia” and not “ok we have a synth?” What makes your synth stand out in my mind, because from what I’ve read and seen it doesn’t. We have plenty of generic, boilerplate synths. I’m not sure that we really need more.

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I was going to write a really long response to this to try and do my thought process justice but I’m realizing that I’m too clueless to even realize how I roleplay effectively.

I think my style of roleplay & character building is a lot more malleable. I don’t have a character set in stone in my mind, as much as I have a general vague direction that I’d like to take them and then say ‘Well hey if I find something I like to do a lot more along the way, and other people like it or find it entertaining too, then I’ll do that instead!!’ Sometimes I change them around drastically, other more rare times I stay relatively straight on the path I’d invisioned for them. I’ve deviated a bit from this on this application & with the story to try and better conform to the standards of the whitelist, though.

This is shown best in a character in a text RP I had, one time. It was some generic sci-fi military ‘humanity is dying to this alien race that’s taking over!!!’ thing and my character was a pilot who was meant to be ‘secretly competent’. People thought he was a bumbling idiot, but when he got in the air he was gonna do a damn good job at what he did. A little more humble, too. Then, he started having a conversation with one of the other pilots in the bunks, who was a little cocky. I was like, ‘Oh, hey, cocky pilot. That’s pretty fun, I think.’ And got an idea. I proceeded to do a complete 180 on his personality.

His piloting was unmatched. So was his ego. He flaunted his awards around All Day Every Day and was the cockiest, most lower-enlistedman-esque motherfucker you could possibly conjure up in your head, which led to some really funny interactions. On top of this, though, he was also very prideful, had anger issues, and had a tendency to go on explosive rants if someone hit him in the ego a little too hard - this is something that SHOULD have gotten him kicked out multiple times but he was just so good, and the navy was so desperate for good pilots that nobody above him had the balls to be known as ‘the guy who kicked the best pilot out of the navy in our most dire hour’. That was a very fun character, and one of the best times I’ve had in any text RP. A pretty low bar to be fair, but still.

I don’t know what makes it work, or how I do it, but the overall response to my characters has been good so far. So whatever it is that I’m doing, I think that I’m doing it right.

also argh i’m realizing that the CO application links to lago’s response on it and not the app itself. damn these new forums and their funky ways of working.


I am very surprised you did not apply sooner you mad lad. The short version is massive +1. Keaton is the man. An exemplary community member and role player par excellence. Keaton even taught me a few things about MT along the way. When in the position of CO he keeps a high level of RP. To top it off he is a CO counselor. I would trust him with synth. No red flags to speak of. God speed and good luck. It would be a crime if you are not accepted. Do the corps proud and look forward to seeing Cecelia on the U.S.S. Almayer.

I am not questioning your ability to RP, to RP a character, or maintain a standard. My question is if this is your synths personality

How do I know it’s Cecelia and not insert generic synth here? I’m being overly kind by not giving specific examples of these synths, but we all know them. I think being a logician is a cool personality, being overly logical, over thinking things, reducing things down purely to numbers especially when it’s human lives, or some other thing that’s emotionally impactful is a good synth personality. You shouldn’t be marring it with trying to fit in so much to make them feel good. We have 20 other dudes doing this, and I literally can’t tell them apart despite having been their councilor. What is going to create better and more memorable RP, you saying, “Don’t worry private, we’ll get you a new hand soon.” Or “I only have 1 spare hand, and the sergeant needs it, put in a request to medbay for extra supplies.”

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Ah, so I misinterpreted the question.

I think the best answer I can give here is, this is just a character I want to play. I believe that I can make even the most mundane-looking character fun and memorable. I’ve done it before, and I don’t think I’ve lost the ability.

I do like the idea of being overly logical, though, and might try to toy around with it a little if I get the chance to play her.

I forgot Keaton doesnt have a synth WL.

I wont parrot what people have already said about how she plays etc, but she’s a good RPer. +1

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I’ve played probably hundereds of rounds with Keaton and he is by far, in my opinion a fitting person for the synth WL. The sheer amount of time on the roles pretty much speak for themselves, however with my experiences with Keaton they are really competent in medical, engineering, and command. I dont see Keaton doing much LRP things, and I think one of the more important things which could be overlooked is one’s attitude to the game.

Keaton more than often has a good attitude on CM, they’re not a notoriously toxic player or anything, and are more than willing to particapate in RP, they’re always nice to be around and from what I see almost nobody has an issue with you as a player so I think that speaks for itself. +1 from me

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Greetings Tallfission, I’d like to thank you for your interest in the Synthetic Whitelist.

I think that your Synthetic’s personality is more difficult to discern at a glance, but the dialogue and implication of it seems very doable.

  • I liked your motivations for becoming a Synthetic.
  • Your story illustrated the dialogue of Cecelia satisfactorily.
  • I think that although your experience answers were decent, you could have elaborated more.
  • Your combat answers were decent.

So, overall your app checks out!

You also have a good amount of community support, and several Synthetics have vouched for you.

Finally, after careful review and long observation of your gameplay, we have found you to be very competent and your RP skills are particularly excellent. We have good faith that you will do well in the Synthetic Whitelist.

So, welcome to the USS Almayer, Cecelia!