Tell Xenos When Marine Second Drop Has Occured

See title.

The current rules state Xenos should refrain from sending T3s (or attacking??) the LZ until the second drop. But there is no in-game mechanic telling xenos when the second drop has occurred.

If the game simply told the Xenos when the primary dropship has landed twice, it’d clear up all confusion. Even if it is a bit meta.

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I’d rather see the xenos having some timelock (maybe five minutes after first drop?) that has to pass before attacking the FOB, to not make it reliant on the xenos having to see second drop or the retarded PO feeling like metaing xeno rules holding planetside.

This is a really bad rule, needs to be removed, if marines can’t protect the dropship thats on them.

→ Marine Main.


I agree with this. Less hand holding will improve skill.


How about we just set it to like 40-45 minutes?

The first drop can happen around 20-21 minutes into a round, even if there’s some rp thing going on. Or if the first DS rotation gets delayed. If they can’t secure the LZ within 20 minutes, that’s on them.

I would prefer some mechanical solution but if that is not forthcoming at least having some automated way of telling the Xenos when its time to go ham would be fine.

Heya! Since this rule is often a bit misunderstood I think it would be a good thing if I clarified it a bit.

As a general rule of thumb this is correct, dont attack the LZ with T3s until second drop. However this is more of an example to follow instead of a hard line in the sand.
The spirit of the rule kinda goes like this: “Dont attack the FOB with T3s/Queen until marines have gotten a chance to at least try and setup a bit of defences. Exception being if it is a natural push back to the LZ.”
Now to untangle that a bit, basically for the health of the round we want marines to have a chance to at least try and get some cades up so they have something to hold planetside and at least have the option to defend in a siege a bit.
But we also acknowledge that sometimes rounds can just be stomps for the xenos and it would be silly to make a magic line that T3s cant cross when marines are in a full scale rout back to the LZ early into the round.

As a general rule of thumb the two drop rule thing is correct. But there can be cases where it would be fine to attack FOB after one drop, or sometimes where its not really ok to attack FOB until three drops. It depends on the round really.
Basically just give marines a fair chance groundside that is what the rule is for metarushing.

So yeah when it comes to adding some message after second drop I’d say probably a bad idea, since it might lead to xenos being too apprehensive in attacking the LZ after a full scale rout or xenos saying “Our metarush was ok, the second drop message showed up!”.


This doesn’t really seem true? Recently, I’ve been in a round where this happened (marines just absolutely collapsed) and we hijacked at 00:40 (or earlier?) and admins spawned MARSOC due to how much the marines were steamrolled. You can guess the outcome with MARSOC.

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During that round round MARSOC was kinda unrelated to any rules being possibly broken. While I wasn’t the one that spawned MARSOC the idea was to give xenos some resistance during hijack to make the round more fun for both sides, although in the end the person spawning MARSOC didnt seem aware of just how extremely OP MARSOC was and yeah xenos ended up getting rolled shipside.

HOWEVER. The round you’re talking about is actually a perfect example of the rule being upheld as more flexible. There was at least one ahelp about a possible xeno metarush IIRC and the staff member that handled it determined, correctly, that no rules were broken as marines broke at the front almost instantly and the push back to the LZ was organic enough to not be considered a metarush.
So in that round it was the case that xenos pushed the LZ pre second drop (I think? I got there a bit late and wasnt 100% invested in the round) but due to the rounds unique circumstances it wasn’t a metarush that broke any rules.

Like I said in my earlier reply the two drop guideline is extremely useful and correct to follow in most situations, but its not an actual hard line. Metarushing will always be looked at on a case by case basis instead of ruling something as a metarush or not soley because of how often the dropship landed.

I see, thank you for the explanation. Would’ve been nice to have it during/after that round.

was the rule heavily rewritten into something else at some point or is this just some modern extremely loose interpretation of it? afaik any rules regarding metarushing like what you described were abolished when devs added weed restrictions and any interference regarding metarushes is rule 0 or 0.2 (used to be some rule about preserving server enjoyment being citied for this iirc but its gone now)

you are correct the weed restrictions were implemented to have a mechanical way to stop metarushing, xenos malded about it but it was good for the game

the second drop rule has been in for ages too and second drop being announced to xenos feels reasonable given that again- the place cannot be weeded, and xenos fighting off weeds is stupidly suicidal