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Bring Back moth marines.

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What is tgmc and how can i play it. I heard about it a bit. Its like pulp fiction version of cm. Hopefully there is nowhere near as much erp as this thread would imply.

terragov marine corps (find on server browser)

A server like CM where everyone can play synth without whitelist, and where guns can actually kill. About guns, they also have fifty guns per category which all have the same stats (Imagine drawing fifty assault-rifle sprites) and everyone can take a flamer, one of the three aviable grenade launchers, or one of the two sniper rifles. Oh, and they have different revolvers, maybe six or seven, which clearly are not the same.

So whats it like being a xeno. Do you play as a xeno. I think i recall you being able too.

Turns out i was think of corporate marines this entire time. Which i know little about.

I have never played as xeno on TGMC, I even here have only twenty xeno hours and it is not needed to join as xeno on TGMC when you are dead and want to play again, every dead marine can respawn after five minutes, like on bay. Because of that, marine lifes also don’t matter there, you have vendors which automatically disperse the loadout you configured, and droppods where there is always a paper sheet with the FOB coordinates, so you don’t even have to wait for the Alamo (There is no Normandy in TGMC).

Guys i tried to do roll play it did not go well. Some people talked but not much happened.

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I was stuck in a cyro bed and i was talking over the radio as the aliens where invading the ship. I assuemd other people here alive and could hear me. I just assumed they where not talking due to hiding from the aliens or that i could not hear them. Eventually i asked in ooc if i was the last one. i was told i was the last one alive. Eventually they found me and killed me. So i roleplayed talking to none for like i think at least 5 minuets straight.

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Bill Torres did not say hi to me. Immersion ruined.


we love grenades

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