TGUI feedback ideas

I’m currently doing the migration of TGUI from infernojs to react. This is also a good excuse to revisit our existing UIs and touch things up as we go forward.

My general guidelines have been:

  • The UIs should suit the setting - using the film as a reference this would mean Cassette-Punk and 1980s tech
  • Where possible UIs should represent in game items
  • Colour should provide information but needs to respect colour blindness

It’s up to you as to how successful we have been.

I’d like to ideaguys for a few things:

  • Are there examples of things you like in the UIs?
  • What do you not like? Are there particular UIs that need to be revisited?
  • Are there any ideasguys for what should the UIs look like? Cool pictures / screencaps for example.

I do not like it when the new TGUI[or whatever it is] changed how the chat boxes worked.
The old chat boxes are superior because they can stay open with text inside of it.

This is good if you are giving mortar coords and the marines push up all of a sudden, all you do is have a text box open with text signaling to the mortar to stop so that the marines do not get killed.

So if your going to be changing stuff please don’t remove that functionality[or just leave the setting to go back to old chat boxes alone], it makes it way easier to chat that way.

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I will accept any level of tedium if you make all buttons and dials do the clickity clacky 80s computer thinking noises