The ARC is a waste of tech points

I have never seen the ARC used for anything other than an over glorified sentry turret it needs something more because all it is right now is a button to waste 5 tech points. maybe giving it a manned turret that does more damage would be better or an operating table for surgery and larva removal I’m not sure except that it sucks big time.

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arc is pretty lame but it dose have a sick radar command gets to use via tacmap

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I feel the utility of the ARC is heavily determined by how proficient CIC is, and how good its driver is. This is especially true when it comes to exploiting its mini-sensor tower to track the movement of the xenomorphs.

So basically, you need a very competent XO or CO, and a very competent person driving the ARC, which will usually by a Staff Officer or the deployed XO/CO.

The fact there is no dedicated driver role further exacerbates the issue since you are now reliant on a SO/XO/CO to be the driver.


The ARC isn’t a combat vehicle, if you are using it as a combat vehicle you are using it wrong. Its power comes from the Radar on its back that allows command to see Xenos on the TacMap, effectively allowing CIC to report flanks and other moves by the Xenos before they happen. Granted, that requires CIC to be somewhat competent and not just wordlessly stare as marines get flanked, but that’s a CIC issue not an ARC issue.

The turret isn’t meant to kill enemies, it’s meant to ward off enemies. The marines are meant to kill the things attacking the ARC. Having the turret be manned or giving it a dedicated driver role defeats its purpose, as it’s a command vehicle meant to augment the ability of CIC to effectively command. Again, it is not a combat vehicle, it doesn’t need roles dedicated to preparing it for combat.


In addition to this, I think the ARC can make a great back-line defender for Corpsmans and such. It would be much harder for backliners to harrarres marines stacked up next to the 360 degree autogun of the ARC.

I think, as you state, once people appreciate the ARC as a support vehicle and not a frontline combat vehicle, people will come around to it.


I think it should be in just because i can melt the turret in two acider acid pukes, while leaving the rest of the equipment on it at 30% or so.


it’s only value is the bodyblock, whether it’s marines, ERTs, or xenos. everything else is terrible.

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“The ARC sucks because when we use it as an APC it doesn’t work”

Gee whiz, you guys. Who’d have thunk?


Nah ARC is great. Drove it one round and i was abel to always keep a secure spot for the medics at the front. Acting as a wall against boiler shots and crushers, the 360 automated sentry turret warding off any xeno wanting to herass them.
Also it allows for transport of tons of items.

The only complaint i have about it, is that the tower on it is a mini sensor tower. Always thought that was a mini comms tower. That just has me disapointed, still good, but i expected something else you know?

But yeah, people complaining about the ARC are just malding it isnt an APC. Pretty hilarious.

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The ARC is absolutely not meant to be an every-round purchase. It’s built to be a vehicle that allows for a deployed CIC member to command closer to the front lines in (relative) safety while also providing intelligence in the form of the sensor antenna. As such, not every round has a CIC that needs or wants the vehicle. If you try and use it as a frontal assault vehicle, it will most definitely be a waste of points.

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So long as you get comms and/or power online, the ARC is pretty much a free purchase straight after 1st deployment.

Considering the state of intel purchases, there’s not much else to buy.

IMO ARC is must buy unless you have control over sensor tower. Because seeing xenos on tacmap is extremely important for command (if they are competent). Bonus sentry is also nice.

But I really dislike the idea that only CiC members can operate the ARC. You cannot really use overwatch console if you have to constantly looking out the window to make sure you are not getting overwhelmed.

Last I checked the Synth can also use it, but I’d argue a Synth is far better off doing anything else.

Perhaps it may be worth expanding who can crew it to cover IOs and Squad Leaders???

The only CIC members requirment is there because normal APC drivers… how do isay this respectfully… are pretty dumb. Ignoring orders, hugging cades WITH THE APC. And you know, most people think the ARC is an APC. So with the cic restriction, the only people that can drive the ARC have a pretty high RP standart and cant just ignore orders.

I personally think having the driver just have the same RP requirments as command staff would fix it.
Maybe just add a 5th SO slot to a round once the ARC is purchased. Who knows whats best as a solution, but it will definitly need stricter rules then drivers had in the past.

Just let me to choose a trustworthy marine to give them the keys.

Armored RECON Carrier

Gee I wonder why they put RECON there… Maybe its not meant for combat but nah lets go run over that lesser cause fuck him in particular

People will unironically buy the ARC and use it like a giant sentry gun worth 5 intel points thanks to the auto targetting. Unreal

Bruh. The only good thing i would see for it is mini Sensor just staying in FOB or watching frontline like barely but I am kinda tired to be XO and on that marine grind…

let comtechs drive it >:) or maybe just use pamphlets that spawn with the vehicle

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The sensor range of the ARC is busted especially on small maps like LV-624 where if you park it at Containers, you can see everything in caves except the Underground Lake and the western most area. You can’t be flanked with it and it costs five ridiculous points. It’s like fire support except it requires CIC to be good instead of the spotter. Park it near the medics to cover them as a bonus with the autocannon and it’s bueno.

ARC bad = Actual PFC stance