The CLF is used wrong

The CLF is a so called terrorist organization that is more of an insurgency rather than an army. That means they are poorly equipped and they cannot partake in conventional warfare without getting obliterated. Due to that their tactics cannot be conventional, they need to be guerrilla ones. What does that mean.

They need to rely on numbers for starters since it is certain they will take heavy casualties and they need to rely on ambushes and harassment in order to wear the enemy down. They are better off engaging smaller groups of enemies in situations where they can surprise the enemy and fire first. They need to target the means the enemy uses to sustain themselves like medics, specialists and smartgunners (though for some it is hard due to NVGs) even if that means they will take casualties. They need to set up traps like IEDs that can be triggered from a distance dealing a lot of damage without risking exposing themselves. Explosives in general are a prime way of dealing high damage at minimum cost so grenades, grenade launchers and even rocket launchers need to be more common. They need to stay mobile in order to avoid getting steamrolled. Holding one position must be a last resort as they lack both armour and firepower in a gunfight.

There are some problems however that make these tactics hard and even impossible in game. The worst part is the motion detectors. If a marine has one it is impossible to sneak up on them, which is they only way a CLF can engage a marine or a group of marines and have any chance of dealing damage. So that’s one. NVGs are also the bane of the guerrilla however since only few select marines have them it doesn’t matter that much. As for the numbers I think lots of respawns are a must or it will end the same way the last HvH match ended, with the marines mopping the floor with the CLF that were outnumbered and outgunned at every turn. For that to work there also needs to be less intel on the enemy. At the HvH we knew where the enemy was holding the hostages and we just rolled there stomping on every enemy we faced. Flanks were rare and were usually 1 or 2 enemies that just fired a few shots before getting mowed down. We generally knew where the enemy was and thanks to their low numbers it was impossible for them to do any real damage. Cades were overwhelmed in minutes and CLF were lying on the floor dead every 10-15 blocks. Only reason there were not so many bodies was cause the CLF just didn’t have the numbers. Constant replenishment of CLF is imo the ideal way to go about this, the same way that zombies spawn only there should be more spawn points that are not too far away or too close from the marines. I think that adding combat synths into the mix should also do to balance the odds better. Synths are players that are good at the game to a sufficient extent and can also use actual guerrilla tactics effectively like flanking and ambushing the enemy from the dark with firearms or using explosives while at the same time being able to survive the engagement. Lastly they need to see the enemy before the enemy sees them which means lots and lots of binos. Unfortunately scopes are out of the game in HvH so snipers are also out of the questions, though ranged weaponry is a big must in guerrilla warfare. I think we should revise the no scopes rule.

The CLF must move and attack in ways that make the marines scared of the dark in case there’s a CLF with a rocket waiting to blow their ass up. Or to slowly advance in fear that under that wooden board there’s an IED or a mine. Of course we cannot expect that your average player to use these tactics effectively however if we are to have CLF in events against the marines we must at least help and guide them into the way a guerrilla war is actually fought. So in short, ambushes, lots of explosives and low intel. These are the things that can make the CLF a more powerful opponent in HvH.

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Guerilla warfare is basically impossible in CM.

Our maps are too small, there’s nowhere to hide, nowhere to set up a real ambush, and nowhere to run to.

Our players are too disorganized, guerilla warfare requires you to work together on a plan, most of the people playing CM don’t know that chat exists, so that’s out the window.

Our mechanics are all balanced around a straight up fight between a melee faction and a ranged faction, even with the tweaks we have so far it’ll never really be enough.

And the CLF have shit firearms skill seriously it makes it impossible to shoot anyone even if you heavily outplay marines.


It would be interesting if there was a method to allow hostile factions, mainly the CLF, to appear randomly during a regular round as a sort of of extra threat to both factions.

The game just lacks many real mechanics to play as a non-USCM factions.

The ERT spawns are just a last chance to play the round, and I usually prefer to play as UPP, PMCs or Contractors since they seem cooler to play and are actually well equipped. So I don’t really count hijack for non-USCM gameplay.

HvH is garbage anyway.

And they’re a bunch of ill equipped colonials. Their best attacks against the USCM are done via sabotage. Not straight up warfare. So yes being shit against marines is a given.

I think maybe a good revision of CLF HvH would be a corsat ‘greenshift’ where marines don’t know that colonists are CLF.

This will end up with a pile of burning collie bodies, whether or not all of them were CLF.

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Yes, it sounds like the correct way to put CLF into a round, but as soon as anyone gets seen wearing something looking even remotely CLF-owned everyone not wearing a marine uniform will get mowed down. CM’s playerbase is just too unga for anything even remotely in that direction.

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i agree with this, also consider the time frame

guerilla campaigns take years, a CM round should take no longer than 3-4 hours

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Generally believe you should be able to detach marine IFF to hide from sensors, however it should only be allowed to CLF.

Motion detectors are extremely bullshit. You can see anyone. However, if you don’t move,
It won’t trigger but not moving is basically all fun and games until you miss all your shots and get tracked by MD again cause it detect range is around 2 screens

Untill Pvt John McFrag decides to wordlessly genocide everyone not in a uscm uniform

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If CLF could build tunnels and blend in with civilians it would actually be a guerilla faction. But a serious hearts and minds type event as warfan wanted to do would be extremely hard to pull off so it’s relegated to mid hvh events and ERT spam.

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The CLF soldiers should be weaker, but a lot of the issues they have stem from problems other than their guns. The god awful CLF hostage HvH event last night I think showcased a lot of the issues that stop them from being competitive. You just have to understand that in the same way that Marines are designed to be weaker than xenos on a 1 to 1 basis, CLF are designed to be weaker than Marines in the same way so the amount of fighters you give them should be considered.

-No squad system
The CLF have no system that makes them organized to begin with. They have no SL, they have no squad medic, engineer, etc. So they just sort of mill about.

-No base
This is sometimes an issue. If you don’t give the CLF a place they can run back to for resupply and healing, then they’re forced to find a toolbox and grab shit from around the colony and set it up somewhere. Once again, organization is harder for them because they don’t have basic things like multiple radio channels and departments and such.

-No prep vendors
Another issue with the CLF is that if I want something really basic like pouches or a backpack or even an ammo belt that goes with my weapon, I have to search the map for it. I also can’t really decide on the weapon I want unless the admins spawn them in specifically.

-Weapons they spawn with are not even designed for HvH
Last night, I spawned in with an MP-5 and the civilian shotgun. This is not going to stand up to even a half braindead marine whose wildy spraying the darkness with their pulse rifle. I’m not saying the CLF should have fully modern weapons, but throw them a bone. If you want them to be weaker than marines but still able to defend themselves, give them a bunch of M-16s and a few MAR-40s. I don’t care that they’re a poor space militia, even they can afford a few milling machines and a steel chunks needed to make guns whose design are hundreds of years old.

-Motion sensors
Almost as bad as scopes. A marine can waltz around in the darkness just like you and know where you are. I think they should consider disabling these for HvH.

-Just being an event faction
I made a thread on this a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to get back to it. This relates to my previous points. The name CLF doesn’t even really mean anything because we haven’t settled on exactly what they’re meant to be. Some people want them to be literally just survivors. Some want them to be CM who use MAR-40s instead of civilian shotguns. Neither are really wrong because the CLF isn’t a unified organization and so you can make them anything. But that being said, I think it would be a waste if they really were basically just another military force. As a faction, the baseline CLF fighter should be weaker than a marine or UPP soldier, but they should still have all the basics in terms of a squad structure, medicine, basic pouches and access to weapons that can fight at longer ranges than 4-5 tiles. Even then, there’s no reason that they can’t be fine tuned for what ever event is being set up. A basic colony militia with crap guns? Cool. The more standardized force? That works too. The small core of dudes that actually resemble a functional military? Those can fit in too.

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CLF Are a faction thats basically shit gear and shit out of luck made to just be a thorn in the USCMC’s side if CLF had actual gear they’d fair a bit better. the main component of CLF is there speed though that doesnt matter much when people just run in a straight line and shoot…

I don’t understand why everyone wants CLF to be destitute punching bags

I think CLF should actually be dangerous and have actually useful tools and weapons. Right now they might as well be a clown ERT.


I always thought of CLF as Vietnamese kind of shit. Traps everywhere and outskills marines in ambushes with explosives more terrifiying.

So maybe give them different type of equipment from different factions. Lore wise they could have raided multiple supply depots of the relevant faction I.E. A TWE response station as a result stolen TWE incendiary grenades. Hostage negotiated high profile political figures for PMC weaponry and etc.

This reminds me. The CLF for that event didn’t have grenades. Not even the potato masher looking ones. Want to make them more dangerous? Give them a couple boxes of HEFA and some grenade rifles.

This has been an event I’ve wanted to see. Throw in like a handful of xenos to distract the marines for awhile and let them “Rescue” the civvies only to let them go CLF apeshit once the marines are done mopping up the easy hive.

wait a minute. Idea. Black hawk down event with the CLF

that’d be neat. A dream situation to be in is a CLF sniper. Just pulling some vietnam tactics on them and picking them off.

A black hawk down event where the marines are scripted to “Fuck up” and have to fight their way to evac would be neat. Might need a different kind of map for it though. Can only imagine the Beach HvH map working because it’s long with urban environment.

CLF do not have rights.

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